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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage summary:

Not everyone wants to live a life filled with fame, riches, glory, and honor. Some, just want the easy life. To live a life that simply plays itself over and over, with a hint of spice here and there.
To our young hero Yun Xi, he felt his calling for bread. He did not want to be the G.o.dly Swordsman of old, nor the Majestic Immortal Emperor. He just wanted to be a plain-old breadmaker.
Yet, his dreams are crushed when he is given a revelation of the stars. From now on, how will his life change?

Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 938 Nov-29-23
Chapter 937 Nov-28-23
Chapter 936 Nov-27-23
Chapter 935 Nov-27-23
Chapter 934 Nov-27-23
Chapter 933 Nov-24-23
Chapter 932 Nov-23-23
Chapter 931 Nov-22-23
Chapter 930 Nov-21-23
Chapter 929 Nov-20-23
Chapter 928 Nov-19-23
Chapter 927 Nov-18-23
Chapter 926 Nov-17-23
Chapter 925 Nov-17-23
Chapter 924 Nov-15-23
Chapter 923 Nov-15-23
Chapter 922 Nov-13-23
Chapter 921 Nov-12-23
Chapter 920 Nov-11-23
Chapter 919 Nov-11-23
Chapter 918 Nov-09-23
Chapter 917 Nov-09-23
Chapter 916 Nov-09-23
Chapter 915 Nov-06-23
Chapter 914 Nov-05-23
Chapter 913 Nov-04-23
Chapter 912 Nov-03-23
Chapter 911 Nov-02-23
Chapter 910 Nov-01-23
Chapter 909 Oct-31-23
Chapter 908 Oct-30-23
Chapter 907 Oct-29-23
Chapter 906 Oct-29-23
Chapter 905 Oct-29-23
Chapter 904 Oct-29-23
Chapter 903 Oct-25-23
Chapter 902 Oct-24-23
Chapter 901 Oct-24-23
Chapter 900 Oct-23-23
Chapter 899 Oct-23-23
Chapter 898 Oct-20-23
Chapter 897 Oct-19-23
Chapter 896 Oct-18-23
Chapter 895 Oct-17-23
Chapter 894 Oct-16-23
Chapter 893 Oct-16-23
Chapter 892 Oct-14-23
Chapter 891 Oct-14-23
Chapter 890 Oct-14-23
Chapter 836: Epic Sep-21-22
Chapter 811 Oct-21-21
Chapter 810 Oct-21-21
Chapter 788 Apr-15-21
Chapter 787 Apr-10-21
Chapter 786 Apr-04-21
Chapter 785 Mar-29-21
Chapter 784 Mar-24-21
Chapter 783 Mar-20-21
Chapter 782 Mar-16-21
Chapter 781 Mar-13-21
Chapter 744: Ring Dec-15-20
Chapter 707: Sword Dec-15-20
Chapter 695 Dec-15-20
Chapter 693: Dowry Dec-15-20
Chapter 676: Trial Dec-15-20
Chapter 656: King Dec-15-20
Chapter 652: Booty Dec-15-20
Chapter 651: Fall Dec-15-20
Chapter 639 Dec-15-20
Chapter 624: Witch Dec-15-20
Chapter 576: Hope Dec-15-20
Chapter 471: Secre Dec-15-20
Chapter 468: Urge Dec-15-20
Chapter 448: White Dec-15-20
Chapter 424 Dec-15-20
Chapter 404: 1+1 Dec-15-20
Chapter 397 Dec-15-20
Chapter 152: Lu Lu Dec-15-20
Chapter 147: Fake Dec-15-20
Chapter 146: Mask Dec-15-20
Chapter 118: Bite Dec-15-20
Chapter 45: Kill! Dec-15-20
Chapter 40: Exit Dec-15-20


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