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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage - Chapter 352

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Translator: Wuw.a.n.g

Editor: Luiswu

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Chapter 352: Black Dog

“Woof!” With a pitiful barking, Mei’er rushed to her master from the corner of the street.

“Boom!” A beast which should never appear on such a street was chasing after her.

It was a black beast that was as tall as a man and as strong as a bull. Its four limbs were covered by thick bones and had sword shaped protrusions on its head, shoulders and hind legs. The most frightening thing was that it had four blood red eyes.

Hunger, ferocity, the desire of hunting and a primeval instinct flooded inside its eyes.

“Master, help!” Mei’er was going to cry. Its body toppled down to the ground after running to Yun Xi’s feet.

“A Golden Fairy?” Kingfisher looked at Mei’er in surprise. Even the elf race also liked this animal very much, because it was a full blooded golden dog that could bring good luck to its master.

“Golden Fairy” was a rare imperial golden retriever. Moreover, this dog obviously had the purest bloodline. Even in the entire Western G.o.d’s Domain, it was a kind of favourite endangered animal.

In order to stop this kind of dog from dying out, people tried all sorts of methods.

To put it bluntly, even one of its paws was more valuable than a small city.

“No, it’s just a common golden dog fed by me!” Yun Xi quickly shook his head.

Don’t lie!

How can it not be a Golden Fairy?

Kite didn’t know what the Golden Fairy was, but as a knowledgeable mage, Williams saw through Yun Xi’s lie at a glance.

How could any common golden dog have its pure golden fur, wise big eyes and a pair of black obsidian like pupils?

Williams once saw the real Golden Fairy with his own eyes, so he was sure that it was the best Golden Fairy, a Golden Princess!

Although it was just a dog, but it was actually more valuable than most princesses of the kingdoms in the Western G.o.d’s Domain.

However, since she was the real “princess” that was recognized by Kingfisher, it wasn’t surprising to see that she had a Golden Princess.

It was the highest token of ident.i.ty that was more distinguished than diamonds or gold, because proud Golden Fairies would only accept the oldest, most excellent royals as their masters.

Kingfisher was right, this maid really had the bloodline of the oldest kingdom in the Western G.o.d’s Domain!

“Ululu… ululu…” Looking at Mei’er running to Yun Xi, the black beast roared. Its four paws firmly caught to in soil like an eagle’s talons, and the sword shaped protrusions lightly fluttered on its body.

“Black Demon Dog…” Kingfisher realized what this black beast was.

It was an avatar of disaster.

No one knew where the first Black Demon Dog came from, but these nightmare creatures indeed appeared in the Western G.o.d’s Domain together with Demons. Their four eyes were the symbols of them, a single Black Demon Dog could even rout an army of 1000 mortals.

They could also obtain different abilities after evolving into different higher forms. They were the favorite war machines of the Demons.

It seemed that the Black Demon Dog on the street was still in its initial form, but even a Black Demon Dog that hadn’t evolved could be equal in force with a common hero ranked human.

This kind of dark creatures had twisted the rules of the world since the beginning of their birth. Just like the blood thirsty Demons, they belonged to “that side”.

It was said that even a G.o.d was killed by the strongest Black Demon Dog. It was the ultimate war machine of the Demons.

“Roar!” Being suppressed by Kingfisher’s aura, the Black Demon Dog emitted a sharp roar. The bones on its body started to spread and covered its whole body as blood lines appeared on the bones.

Suddenly, sunlight disappeared… no, it was the aura of the Black Demon Dog spreading and covered the entire street.

“Dark Skyfall?” Kingfisher frowned. It was too strong to be a Black Demon Dog's ability, since it was still in its initial form. Maybe the Demons had developed some new technologies.

The fact that a Black Demon Dog appeared in the mortal world itself had indicated that the seal had become unstable. Maybe the Demons still couldn’t go to this world, but their low-level war machines like the Black Demon Dog were already able to pa.s.s through the seal.

“Roar!” Being covered by thick black mists, the Black Demon Dog rushed towards Yun Xi, like a nightmare ran out of the deepest darkness.

The look in its blood red eyes, was unbearably thirsty for blood!

As the Demons’ war machine, Black Demon Dogs wouldn’t feel fear. It would attack its enemy till it killed its enemy or was killed, no matter how strong its enemy was.

“Ding!” The Crane Wings Twin Sword drew two mysterious traces in the air, blocking the dog’s paws precisely, but the strong power still made Yun Xi take a step back.

This monster dog is strong! Although Yun Xi wasn’t wearing the White Emperor Mask, common hero ranked beings couldn’t force him to step back now. The monster dog’s strength was stronger than most common hero ranked beings.

If taking green hippo as a reference, this black monster dog’s strength was dozens of times stronger than a common green hippo.

“Hiss!” The attack was just a try to figure out how strong Yun Xi was. The Black Demon Dog roared and increased its strength again.

“Master, be careful, it can keep evolving in battle.” Mei’er’s voice appeared inside Yun Xi’s mind.

She was too unlucky. She suddenly met the big black dog and was being “loved” by it. In order to obtain Mei’er’s heart, it had started its wild “pursuit”.

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