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Chapter 839: Her Wishes

The girl had a dream, a very old dream.

Even she herself has forgotten that the time that disappeared in the long river of history, the country called "a.s.syria", when she was a princess with extraordinary power from the beginning of her birth.

The princess grew up day by day, inherited the throne of the queen, and became the Queen of a.s.syria blessed by people.

She once thought she was the happiest person in the world, and she also hoped to share this happiness with others.

At that time, she was simpler and kinder than anyone else.

The world in her eyes was so vibrant that she firmly believed that she could lead this country to higher glory.

She did it. The millennium kingdom, as people call it, was ruled by the Queen of a.s.syria.

Except that she didn't find a dreamy lover, everything was as she wished.

Until the blood moon came, she suffered the greatest betrayal, losing her life as a human being and her own country.

Without the protection of the queen, the kingdome was destroyed on the night of the blood moon.

All those who betrayed her also fell in a pool of blood.

Only the will from the abyss stared at her.

From that day on, she no longer trusted anyone.

Wearing a b.l.o.o.d.y wedding dress, she lost hope for mankind.

She wrote such a diary and told herself not to make the same mistake again.

"Things in the world can be seen at a glance as long as they are uncovered. They are all boring, unpleasant, and chaotic."

"How to describe this mood? I still can't give an answer today."

"After discovering it, I realized that I was a mean person."

"However, I hate being eliminated. If I can't be the most respected existence, it will be unbearable."

"After all, I hate losing."

"So even if I am ugly, filthy and dirty, if I can't look down on sentient beings from a high place, I will lose the meaning of existence."

"I can't treat everyone equally and gently."

"I can't sincerely pray for the people who matter to me.

"I think it's good for important people to feel bad for me and cry for me."

She no longer trusted anyone except herself.

She no longer liked anyone, only liked others sad for her, crying, being played by her.

Rather than love others, she prefers to be loved by others and eat others happily.

The innocent and kind-hearted Queen of a.s.syria has long become such an indescribable thing. The memory of being human collapsed on the night when the blood moon came.

Why do I dream like this?

The girl lay on the throne of the giant spider, meditating, her bare snow-white feet swaying gently, and she frowned only in her green pajamas.

Unlike the Queen of a.s.syria in the dream, she has long green hair in the real world, but her appearance is surprisingly similar to that of the Queen of a.s.syria in the dream world - probably the Queen's appearance at the age of 12.

At her fingertips, a small light spot was emitting a faint glow, which seemed to disappear anytime, anywhere.

"What are you…?" The girl touched this small light spot, and there came a gentle breath.

However, no matter whether in her time as the Queen of a.s.syria or now, she has never had close contact with any man.

As a human being, her bloodline, even her kingdom, had long been destroyed in the blood moon, and there was not even a survivor.

So, where does this little dot of light come from?

The answer is almost impossible.

"In my dream, can I get pregnant? Have a baby?" The girl held this small light spot in her hands and always felt that she had forgotten some of the most important things in her dream.

This incredible dream left her a child, who was favored by the power of ancient G.o.ds and was born a child of G.o.d.

The feeling of blood connection can't be wrong.

"Open the door." After repeatedly confirming that this was not her illusion, the girl's eyes became gentle.

She forgot a lot about what happened in the dream, but the child was in her palm now, and she could even feel the information left by herself in the dream.

"Create a body for this child."

"Her body must be the most perfect doll in the world."

In addition, it is the material needed to create the body of the doll.

"Open the door!" The girl closed her eyes and stepped into the beach between illusion and reality with this small light spot.

On the golden beach, the lonely and cold guardian was also guarding in front of the door, as usual, today, in front of which were piles of ghost debris that couldn't see what they were.

"Welcome to the Sky Tower, the 10th Sky Sword." Lilibet, the guardian of the Sky Tower and the oldest Sky Sword in the Sky Sword G.o.d's Domain, nodded gently to the girl.

Shaya Longnis is the girl's real name.

In the past, when she was human, she was also called the queen of the millennium.

Sitting on a giant spider, Shaya Longnis found that she seemed to like this way of moving a little. Is this also the influence of that dream?

As the Sky Sword, she naturally went directly to the altar without being limited by the number of trials, ignoring the restrictions of trials, and directly entered the world of the doll city.

This is a world full of chaos and disorder. There are discarded ragged dolls everywhere. Many of them are still wearing gorgeous clothes and brooches pinned with gemstones, but their eyes are all dead, which means that they are all failed works discarded by puppet masters.

The puppet masters in the city of puppets are all paranoid and don't allow their works to have even the slightest flaw.

The failed doll will all be discarded here.

"You are all the best puppet masters of the endless G.o.d's domains." Sitting on the throne of the giant spider, Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword made a sound to the most reclusive puppet masters in the whole city, showing the light spot at her fingertips.

"Here, there is a task!"

"I need a perfect doll body that fits my lovely daughter."

"Anyone who can complete this task can make a wish to me. In the name of Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword, as long as it is a wish that I can complete, it can be achieved."

"This is the material needed to make her body. The doll must be made with these materials. The higher the quality, the better."

This sentence quickly caused a commotion in the doll city.

Silent puppet masters are excited about the reward of Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword, but more puppet masters focus on the little light spot in Shaya Longnis' hand.


"How possible!"

"Someone has completed the ultimate project!"

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