Emperor’s Domination summary:

Emperor's Domination is an engaging and exciting novel written by Yan Ni Xiao Sheng. It is currently published in an online version on NovelOnlineFull.com. That's why you can find different interesting details about this book on the website. You can also read some chapters too, however, you have to be a registered user in order to perform that type of action. Fortunately, you can easily create an account on the site if you do not have it already. The procedure is simple and straight forward, the membership is free, so you do not have to pay a penny for the service. 


Emperor's Domination is a mixture of few great genres such as mystery, adventure. martial arts, action, and others. So there is a little for every genre, and the content can satisfy different reading needs and habits. The book is quite popular on the website considering several hundreds of mostly positive votes. The rating is also high thanks to this fact, and that's a good testimony of the novel's quality. It is important to be aware that this is a very long book with almost 2200 chapters, so you have an opportunity to read in the long run. The status is ongoing, and the book still receives frequent updates. It means the story is not finished yet, and that's quite exciting because no one still knows what will happen at the end. 

An imprisoned boy is at the center of the plot in this story. he is in a prison for years but now has a possibility to regain a mortal body. He becomes a disciple of a powerful patriarch who is the head of Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. They are a strong couple together, and a bright future is ahead of these two great individuals. Slowly, they will start returning a former glory the sect had in the past. In recent years the membership notice decline and many other problems but it is going to the end. That is the moment many awaits for quite a long time because different opportunities and positive things can be provided with the sect's growth and development. 

The boy had various problems in prison as well as many of his inmates. He remembered many nasty things, and that's the part of the prison's life. However, he does not want to forget these problems he had because he believes appropriate compensation should be granted to him due to this matter. That's why he is planning a revenge that might include different persons. On his path, the boy will also meet many of his old friends, and he will also meet many new individuals. Some of these will become his new friends while others will stay just casual acquaintances. 

He will move through nine worlds during the story, and he will also have a chance to become a new ruler of the entire Heavens. That's definitely a powerful political position that can pull him up to the sky. Will he take the chance? It is up to you to discover, so you should not miss the opportunity to read the story. 

Emperor’s Domination Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 4045: Maid Nov-28-21
Chapter 4032: Gift Nov-20-21
Chapter 4021: Maid Nov-14-21
Chapter 4017: Easy Nov-12-21
Chapter 3636: Kill May-06-21
Chapter 3622: Toss Apr-29-21
Chapter 3597: Baby Apr-16-21
Chapter 3506: Army Mar-02-21
Chapter 3394: Kill Jan-05-21
Chapter 3302: Bet Nov-20-20
Chapter 3232: War Oct-16-20
Chapter 2823: Rain Mar-27-20
Chapter 2822: Bet Mar-27-20
Chapter 2748: Slap Feb-18-20
Chapter 2746: Feud Feb-18-20
Chapter 2612: Fear Jan-24-20
Chapter 2507: Worm Jan-24-20
Chapter 2477: Qian Jan-24-20
Chapter 2328: Eggs Jan-24-20
Chapter 2160: Fury Jan-24-20
Chapter 2049: 14 Jan-24-20
Chapter 2012: Slap Jan-24-20
Chapter 1952: Slap Jan-24-20
Chapter 1776: Bet Jan-24-20
Chapter 1334: Slap Jan-24-20
Chapter 1080: Deal Jan-24-20
Chapter 976: Deal Jan-24-20
Chapter 966: Deal Jan-24-20
Chapter 854: Golem Jan-24-20
Chapter 848: Kui Jan-24-20
Chapter 798: Bet Jan-24-20
Chapter 425: Ferry Jan-24-20
Chapter 293: Magu Jan-24-20
Chapter 292: Le Yi Jan-24-20
Chapter 247: Jan-24-20


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