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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage - Chapter 431

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Translator: Wuw.a.n.g

Editor: Luiswu

5/5, 1/1

Chapter 431: G.o.d Match (5)

“Confirm that he chose to enter the second battlefield.”

“Code name, Sea of Chaos, start!”

Cyber Elf Alpha stared at the chessboard and her metallic antennas tightly locked on Yun Xi.

For the first time, she was down in the game.

His moves weren't a formalized series of moves, but were far stronger than any formalized series of moves. These moves didn't exist in Alpha's databases.

It also proved one thing that even though her computing power was 1000 times stronger than any legend ranked being, she wasn't still “omniscient”.

The changes on the Starry Sky Chessboard was far more complicated than the computing power limit of the legend rank, even Alpha's computing power wasn't sufficient to let her take over the situation.

After all, her battle power didn't only base on her computing power, but also based on her database.

She had all the data on any chess player, and knew over ten thousand mathematical models.

However, they were useless in the face of Yun Xi, because none of the data could be used to build Yun Xi's model of style.

He played like a newbie, but he wasn't a newbie at all! She failed to calculate and predict any of his moves.

Therefore, she chose to leave the battlefield around tengen and opened a second battlefield.

Draw on the advantages and avoid disadvantages, as long as the tactics could help her win, she would choose them without hesitation.

She changed her style and decided to force her opponent to match his computing power with her, this was her new tactic.

In some sense, they both weren't the people that would be bound by rules.

The difference was that Alpha's style was building on her computing power and Yun Xi's style was building on his instinct.





They played around the corner. Quickly, The Sea of Chaos formed as Alpha expected.

“Code name, Sea of Chaos, succeeded.”

“Current winning probability: 43%. Draw probability: 5%. Loss probability: 52. The tactic is effective!”

When she confirmed that her tactic was actually working, both of Alpha's avatar and her true body felt excited.

“Yeah! The winning probability is raising!”

“It almost scared me to death! I never expected that anyone would be able to force Alpha to that degree!”

“Hum, it seems that he is good at playing around tengen. If we mastered his information early, we wouldn't compete with him around tengen, but started from the corners.”

“Keep increasing the number of the Planet Computers! Launch the 36th Planet Quadrant Computer!”

Looking at the increasing winning probability, the alchemists and engineers were even a hundred times more excited than Alpha!

Finally, they reversed the situation.

Humph, when it comes to the compet.i.tion of computing power, no one will be match for our Alpha!

“Hum? Her new style…” Yun Xi suddenly felt that the style of “Cyber Elf Alpha” became familiar.

Yes, it is the same style as Black Mage!

The difference was that Black Mage would also make a few mistakes on the chessboard, but Alpha wouldn't make any mistake. It was another proof of the wide gap between 5 star points and 7 star points.

Of course, it had nothing to do with Yun Xi.

He didn't expect to defeat his opponents by finding their mistakes from the beginning. He just put down his chess pieces following the orbits of stars.

In the eyes of everyone, including Cyber Eld Alpha, the Starry Sky Chessboard was a mysterious world that was difficult to be calculated.

However, in Yun Xi's eyes, the orbits of stars were close enough to touch.

Every time he put down his chess piece, he could hear the sounds of the stars.

They were praises and gratifications, they were the blessings for the child of stars.

The chess pieces on the chessboard were like spirits that were dancing on his hands, shouted and jumped for joy as his fingers moved.

Yun Xi could clearly see the influence Alpha's chess pieces would bring onto the chessboard, because it was an answer that the star map was telling him.

In some sense, the Starry Sky Chessboard was no difference than the real starry sky.

If this was an examination, Alpha's examination questions were a great number of complicated computations that could give any legend ranked player a headache.

And Yun Xi's examination questions were as simple as below:



Yun Xi filled in the perfect answer with pleasure.


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Translator: Wuw.a.n.g Editor: Luiswu

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