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/ / Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage - Chapter 430
Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage - Chapter 430

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Translator: Wuw.a.n.g

Editor: Luiswu

5/5, 0/1

Chapter 430: G.o.d Match (4)

In the Mecha.n.u.s G.o.d’s Domain, in the secret starfield which was named using Alpha’s name, in the holy land that stood for the future of the entire Mecha.n.u.s G.o.d’s Domain.

Countless engineers and alchemists were working just for Alpha, just like the worker bees who were servicing their queen.

“Launch the 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd Planet Quadrant Computers!”

“Preheat the engines of the Planet Computers from the 24th through the 30th!”

“Activate all satellites, listen, I’m saying ‘all satellites’!”

“Awaken all alternate engine sets!”

“Strengthen Alpha’s programs, we must prepare for more optimization programs for our Alpha!”

Countless macroscopic light flows flowed at great speed on the planet where Alpha was born, they were the data sets transmitted back to the G.o.d Crystal from the Planet Computers nearby.

More Planet Computers were being booted and connected to Alpha’s quantum network.

Over 1/3 of the super-quantum network specifically made for Alpha had been activated.

After 10 rounds, Alpha was already forced to use 1/3 of her power. The energies and cool liquids the Planet Computers were consuming were beyond any normal person’s imagination.

Code name: Cloud.

Updating the information…

Current winning probability: 37%.

Draw probability: 1%.

Loss probability: 62%.

Judgement: infeasible. All moves around tengen should be avoided.

Data deficient, unable to calculate the opponent’s style of play.

Warning! Warning! Modify the tactic as soon as possible!

“I must… modify the tactic… I must… reverse the situation…”

“Failure to calculate the style of this opponent…”

“Avoid playing around tengen…”

In the G.o.d Crystal, the newborn G.o.d pressed her forehead and sent orders to her avatar in the Starry Sky Chessboard.

Alpha finally changed her style to “Sea of Chaos”, which was invented by Black Mage.

Black Mage’s tactic was a rare genre that could be used by the weak to overcome the strong. Apart from Norn, almost all Star Go players were defeated by his “Sea of Chaos” before.

Also, “Sea of Chaos” required a high computing power from the player.

“Sea of Chaos” was used to muddle the situation on the chessboard, then Black Mage could form his “Black Death Hexagram” to defeat his opponent.

After learning from Black Mage, Cyber Elf Alpha’s “Sea of Chaos” was much stronger than Black Mage’s. With her terrible computing power that was a thousand times stronger than any legend ranked being, even Norn the G.o.d of Wisdom couldn’t predict her moves after 5 rounds.

Therefore, Alpha determinedly left the battlefield around tengen, putting her 11th chess piece onto one of the corners.

For the first time, she gave up the battlefield on the chessboard, opening up the second battlefield.

In some sense, it was also the first frustration Alpha had ever met. She was forced to look for “change”.

It was destined to be a distinctive duel.

For the first time, she met a real “opponent”.

For the first time, she realized that there were still bugs in her programs.

Even her creators wouldn’t know what this duel meant to Alpha.

There were too many “first times” she had experienced in this game, the newborn G.o.d had firmly remembered this special opponent in her program kernel.

Who is the person hiding behind the code name “A Cloud in the Sky”?

Why could he force me to this degree?

With curiosity, nervousness, and unshakeable will, Cyber Elf Alpha experienced a brand new emotion named “excitement”.

I need more computing power, I need stronger computing formulas.

My people, please lend me more power! Please trust me!

The newborn G.o.d hadn’t realized what the impulse, pleasure, and excitement were.

She only knew that she started to love this battlefield, love this stage that was making her Planet Computers become hotter.

Thank you, everyone. Thank you for letting me come here.

I come.

I see.

I win!

“Hum? Did she change her tactic?” Yun Xi looked at the chessboard in surprise.

Did she notice something? Looking at the changes on the chessboard, Yun Xi admitted that he was indeed taking the upper hand currently.

If they kept playing around tengen, it was still hard to affirm who would be the final winner.

She was the strongest Star Go player he had met, since she did this option, maybe she just found a chance he didn’t realize.

Staring at the chessboard for a minute, Yun Xi chose to respond to her challenge.

It doesn’t matter if you chose to open a second or even a third battlefield.

Let’s have a good play.

At any rate, I’m just a newbie. Even if I lost, it wouldn’t cause the end of the world, would it?

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