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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage - Chapter 432

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Translator: Wuw.a.n.g

Editor: Luiswu

Chapter 432: G.o.d Match (6)

“Cyber Elf Alpha” vs “A Cloud in the Sky”.

The 48th round.

For a moment, Alpha thought that she had seen the dawn of victory.

She successfully accomplished the first three processes of the “Sea of Chaos Plan”, and was going to strike a deadly blow to the opponent that was already trapped.

Until the 47th round, when she was going to detonate the trap, she suddenly found that it was just a delusion!

After powering on over 1/2 of her Planet Quadrant Computers, Cyber Elf Alpha confirmed that her winning probability had been raised to 50%.

Code name: Cloud.

State: the plan of Sea of Chaos has entered the third phase. There are still 36 rounds before I can activate the ultimate trap.

Current winning probability: 53%.

Draw probability: 1%.

Lose probability: 48%.

Nearly 50% of Alpha's Planet Quadrant Computers were running, increasing her computing power to a brand new phase.

It wasn't an easy work to coordinate amongst hundreds of Planet Computers. Before this game started, the limit test of the entire system only ran 30% of the Planet Computers at the same time.

Before Alpha totally woke up, 30% was the limit of scientific theory.

At this time, over 50 sets of Planet Computers were running at the same time!

The computing power Alpha was using now was already 3 times more than when she played with Norn the G.o.d of Wisdom, and 1000 times more than any common legend ranked being!

Finally, my winning probability is over 50%. Cyber Elf Alpha let out a sigh of relief. Although she still didn't understand how he could still resist her attack at this time, since her computing power was already 1000 times more than the standard.

His computing power couldn't be above the average of the legend rank, because Alpha still didn't find anything special from his moves on the chessboard. He was 100 percent newbie.

However, Alpha finally noticed a thing, which no one found before.

Yes, his moves on the chessboard were random, and looked meaningless sometimes.

However, he didn't make any mistake till now. Maybe his moves weren't perfect, but none of them were wrong!

After comparing his style with all the styles in her database, Alpha finally found this incredible truth.

No one dared to say that they wouldn't make any mistake on the chessboard, because the star map on the chessboard was changing, just like the real starry sky in the real world.

Gravitational forces, magnetic forces, ether, mana, void forces, all star maps had their unique styles.

The star map on the chessboard would change from time to time, therefore, the chess players must put down their chess pieces following the rules of the changes, so that they could take an advantage and overwhelm their opponents.

Generally, put 60% of one's chess pieces onto the right places was the basic of pa.s.sing the entrance examination, even so, 99% of legend ranked beings couldn't pa.s.s it.

Even though they had reached the legend rank, most legend ranked beings knew nothing about the properties of stars. Even if they obtained the right chess pieces, they wouldn't know the right times and places to put down their chess pieces.

Strong computing power was just one requirement of playing Star Go, the other requirement was one's understanding of stars.

Why could “A Cloud in the Sky” defeat so many strong chess players easily?

Because he never made any mistake, each of his moves was “right”.

In Alpha's database, over 80% of Norn's chess pieces and over 85% of Orfina's chess pieces were being put onto the most suitable places.

As for Alpha herself, according to her calculation, her correct rate was over 90%.

Undoubtedly, only Alpha could achieve this with the support of the Planet Computers, and stay the same throughout the game.

Common legend ranked beings would feel tired after playing too many rounds, and their correct rates would also reduce after that.

For example, after 60 successive victories, because of excessive consumption, Norn couldn't maintain their 80% correct rate any longer, so they were defeated by Orfina.

However, Alpha didn't need to worry about her energy consumption, so she could maintain her 90% correct rate from beginning to end.

Now, she saw a more terrible “monster”.

Over 95% of his chess pieces were put onto the most suitable places, and none of them was put onto the wrong place!

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