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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage - Chapter 349

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Translator: Wuw.a.n.g

Editor: Luiswu


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Chapter 349: The Legendary Hero

To elves, the Life Trees were the origin of the entire race. It was unacceptable and unforgivable to lose any of them.

Even if they would spend a thousand years or even ten thousand years, they swore to take the Life Tree back! Even if they would use “A hundred thousand years” to purify the contaminated Life Tree, they would never hesitate to do it.

Twelve was a perfect number, it stood for the rule of the circulation of nature.

And eleven was a misshapen number that was laughing at the elves’ mathematics aesthetic feeling.

It would never be allowed to have only eleven Life Trees in the eyes of the elves. They were really being provoked.

Their hands which only made delicate arts in the past started to make one strong weapon after another.

They cultivated special plants that could increase their strengths, and wore the flowers that stood for their lives, then left the quiet elf forest one by one, stepping onto the battlefield.

Many of them died in the war with Demons, and the elves who could come back all became the most excellent warriors.

Elf Sword Dancer, Phantom Archer, Forest Hunter, Mirage Knight… a lot of new careers were born in the originally peaceful Elf Race, the talent that had been forgotten by them a long time ago was activated again.

Kingfisher was one of the strong elves who walked out of the elf forest and fought shoulder to shoulder with humans. He had almost experienced all the battles together with the strongest force of mankind, greatsword maids.

From a rookie who would shiver and vomit on the battle to a veteran who wouldn’t even wipe away the Demon’s blood that was sputtered on his face, he finally became an excellent warrior, and a ruthless archer.

Once he drew open his green elf bow, the G.o.d weapon “Scindapsus” made of his life flower, he could kill any enemy from ten kilometers away. His arrow was so strong that could smash a mountain giant’s heart accurately.

His career was called “Demon Slayer”, which was very rare even amongst all special careers. Every attack from him could cause a critical hit to Demons, which was a career that never appeared before.

As long as he went to the battlefield, he would become a killer whose arrows never missed. Although the Demons he had killed weren't as much as the Killing Princess had killed, it was also an amazing number that could full up a few gullies.

Undoubtedly, apart from his hatred towards Demons just like all the other elves, he was deeply influenced by the Killing Princess' battle style.

When the war with the Demons was over, he didn’t put down his bow and return to the elf forest, but kept traveling around one G.o.d’s domain after another. Sometimes, he would join an adventure team, and at other times, he preferred to form a team himself and helped newbies to grow up.

Everything he did was for the unfinished war, the Demons who may come back hundreds of years later or thousands of years later.

Although humans didn’t understand his idea, they didn't understand why he wanted to prepare for a war that may come after thousands of years. After all, humans had short lives, most people’s grandsons’ grandsons wouldn’t be likely to see the return of the Demons.

However, as long as humans could keep developing hero ranked bloodlines and inherit these excellent bloodlines from generation to generation, his behavior would be meaningful. He knew someday, the young humans he helped and developed today would become towering trees, supporting their race in the future.

Human beings could only consider a future that wasn’t longer than a hundred years, and elves would consider what would happen after a thousand years. How could their thinking be at the same level!

Who knows what surprises I would meet on my long journey?

Didn’t I just see the inheritor of the person I always longed for on the street of this remote sword domain?

Thank you, great Life Trees. This must be the so-called “fate”.

At this moment, this girl wasn’t the Killing Princess he was familiar with, but they wore the same uniform, which made him feel as if he just went back to that old time.

“Well… do you want to have a drink? My treat.” Kingfisher smiled and stretched out his hand to Yun Xi.

He suddenly remembered that this was the first time he positively invited someone in his long life.

Hundreds of years, he had a lot of teammates in adventure, but he was always the one who was being invited.

It was really a strange feeling to invite someone proactively.

“Are we being treated differently?” Kite still remembered when Kingfisher agreed to let him join his adventure team, this big news caused a sensation in his family.

“Don’t doubt, there is always discrimination amongst different people.” Williams pressed down his hood, hiding his jealous look in the shadows.

Although his family was an old aristocratic family with thousands of years of history, it was just one of the inconspicuous families set up by Kingfisher’s past partners.

If it wasn’t because Kingfisher was always willing to help the families of his past partners, they had no chance to become his teammates.

He was a mysterious elf archer, the hero in the war with Demons, moreover, he looked handsome and was warm and mild in personality, the number of the princes and princesses whose hearts had been captivated by him could even form an army.

When they were chosen by Kingfisher to be his partners, countless people looked at them with envy and cursed them to die quickly.

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