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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage - Chapter 564

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Translator: Wuw.a.n.g

Editor: Luiswu

Chapter 564: Breakthrough

“One!” It looked as if she was waking up monsters who should not appear in the world, there was a glowing fluorescence in Hua Huo's eyes.

Green flames burst into the sky and the black halo that surrounded the green monster's body broke apart little by little, gradually exposing the monster's real face.

It had six strange eyes and a face that was quite similar to a lizard. On its forehead, there was a strange flame imprint, which could give any ordinary people a shivering feeling.

“Two!” Hua Huo didn't look at the green monster's real body.

Because, in her eyes, the green monster was already a corpse.

“Boom!” In the huge green pillar of fire, the monster's size suddenly tripled, turning into a giant lizard over six meters tall with black diamond armor bursting out from its spine and a triangular tail wagging behind.

“Three!” Hua Huo held the broken sword in her both hands. A terrible aura spread around her body.

“Sky Flying!”

The next second, Hua Huo disappeared from in front of the giant lizard, and then the world began to shine.

They were the lights of the sword. Seven sword-shaped lights cut open the sky and earth and instantly locked on the giant lizard's body.

Before the giant lizard elevated its fighting power to the sixth rank, its body had been torn into pieces.

The first sword cut off the lizard's head.

The second sword cut off the lizard's right hand.

The third sword tore up the lizard's left hand and left shoulder.

The fourth sword cut off the lizard's waist.

The fifth sword cut tore open the lizard's body from the center.

The sixth sword cut off the lizard's two legs.

The seventh sword cut minced all the remains of the body, turning into blood spraying all over the sky.

This was the special killing skill in the Sky Flying Sword – Seven Killing Sword.

Only the swordsman who soared freely in the sky could perform this killing skill, which was essentially against the rules of human sword skill.

The giant lizard crushed into a pool of blood, leaving only a dozen green gems still tenaciously trying to piece together the blood and flesh on the ground.

“This is…” Hua Huo stared at the green gems and finally found what they were.

They were slimes that had never been seen before.

The giant lizard-like monster was a mere delusion, essentially a bunch of flesh and blood pieced together by these slimes.

When her Seven Killing Sword tore the giant lizard's body apart, it also cut the slimes up into more than a dozen pieces. However, these slimes had strong, tenacious vitality. Even if they were cut into more than a dozen pieces, they were still alive and trying to revive the giant lizard.

“Shaya Longnis?” Hua Huo stepped on a creeping green slime, showing a doubtful expression in her eyes.

She thought about it and found out that only Shaya Longnis had the ability to create these slimes as a machine of battle.

“…” The moment Hua Huo uttered this name, all the green gem slimes suddenly stagnated and exploded.

In the magnificent mushroom clouds, Hua Huo flashed left and right by stepping on the transparent halos she created and finally escaped from the continuous explosions, looking at the devastated land from a height of 10,000 meters.

“Well, Shaya Longnis, I remember you!” Although Shaya Longnis was a legend ranked opponent and the tenth Sky Sword, Hua Huo showed no fear in her eyes.

Sky Flying Sword contained unlimited possibility, even if the opponent was a G.o.d, she wouldn't be scared.

However, the most important thing now for Hua Huo was not that d.a.m.n Sky Sword, Shaya Longnis, but her childhood sweetheart!

That strand of hair on her head rotated at a high speed, and Hua Huo's perceived a huge red world.

She had never felt such a huge red alarm. She closed her eyes and felt as if she was in a red ocean.

Up, down, left, right, as far as she could see, the world was covered in a dazzling red.

“I see you!”

Hua Huo held the broken sword in her hands. If she hadn't had such a sensitive jealousy radar, she would never have noticed that there were other red units in this strange world full of red.

Little Xi is absolutely there!

This instinct will never go wrong!

“If the world wants to stop me, then the world must be wrong!” Hua Huo shouted at the sky:

“The sky can't cover my eyes!”

“The earth can't bury my heart!”

“This Childhood sweetheart will be the final winner!”

A column of sword-shaped light crazily bombarded on a barrier between heaven and earth with astonishing momentum.

Her Little Xi was there!

In Hydra's wine store.

“Well, the last step.”

Casina moved her hands back and inadvertently brushed the “rising part” of Yun Xi's body with a gentle tremor on her fingertips.

“Ah!” Yun Xi's body shook suddenly and his breath became disordered, which made Ouroboros' body also trembled.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! ”

It was such a spectacular scene. As if the sky and earth were reversed, the whole world was making an unbearable roar.

Ouroboros' giant body rolled, convulsed, trembled and twisted continuously on the ground. She looked painful and joyful at the same time.

After a series of giant earthquakes and landslides, Ouroboros' eyes became empty as if she had comprehended the truth of the universe. Both her real body and the human incarnation were paralyzed on the ground.

A great deal of blood gushed out like a tsunami from the wound on the tip of Ouroboros' tail, and then was absorbed by Casina's hands.

“Whoa… Woo… I… I am defiled…” Realizing what just happened, Ouroboros looked into the void, feeling empty. She didn't even mind what Yun Xi was doing and would do now.

The aroma of the wine between their lips and tongues had also become stronger and thicker.

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Translator: Wuw.a.n.g Editor: Luiswu

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