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Translator: Wuw.a.n.g

Editor: b.o.l.l.o.c.kz

Chapter 153: Tiger's Power

"Little Mu, give me some of your hair." Yun Xi turned back and caught the white tiger's ear, stopping it from running away.

"Awwoo!" The white tiger sobbed. It reluctantly lowered down its body to let Yun Xi pluck its precious hair.

Whooooooh! It had been the Mountain Lord for so many years. It had never thought that it would be plucked someday.


"Good boy. Good Little Mu." Yun Xi praised the white tiger and stroked its head.

"Awwoo!" The white tiger immediately wagged its tail excitedly.

You want some of my hair? Take as much as you can!

It raised its paw and plucked off dozens of its hairs with its mouth, then picked them to Yun Xi.

"Good boy!" Although Little Mu was ten times bigger than Yun Xi, Yun Xi still felt that it was just an innocent child in his mind.

In some sense, its character was really similar to Mumu. As long as you treated it nicely, it would totally open its mind to you.

"Thank you, your great apostle!" Lu Lu made a stealthy glance at Yun Xi's mask, then joyfully took out various herbs from her room.

In the legends, the Mountain Lord's hair contained a special power. Its white hair could be used to make a potion that could greatly increase the drinker's strength. As the sole pharmacist in the village, Lu Lu was only a step away from becoming a third-ranked pharmacist. As long as she could make the potion called "Tiger's Power", she could register her name in the city as a third-ranked pharmacist.

If so, she could wear a third-ranked white leaf emblem on her chest, and the ordinary village would also have its special local product. To her, it was already one of her most luxurious dreams. However, it was hard to obtain even a hair from the Mountain Lord. As a hero-ranked animal, its hair would never fall off naturally.

In that case, "Tiger's Power" had become a watershed to divide the pharmacists in Water G.o.d's world.

It was said that one needed to pay a great price to obtain a white tiger's hair from the priests in the city. Naturally, the small village didn't have that much money.


"There are too many!" After obtaining the white tiger's hairs, Lu Lu finally realized what a great amount of power there was in the strands of hair.

Her hand was stung even though she just touched the hairs lightly. Water G.o.d's apostle was too great. He could order the strong Mountain Lord to offer its hair so easily!

"Don't worry. Little Mu still has a lot of hair." Yun Xi looked at Lu Lu kindly.  

In the outside world, she was just an ordinary female swordsman, but after becoming a pharmacist in this world, her talent was greatly released. It seemed that her hidden talent was finally blomming in this world.

Yun Xi could feel her natural talent from her skilled actions when she made the potion.

Obviously, she was more worthy to be a pharmacist than to be a swordsman, but her sword skill talent was also good. As a civilian, she didn't have much choice in the outside world, because in Sky Sword G.o.d's Domain, "sword" is the most excellent thing. Parents would do their best to support their child to learn sword skills rather than anything.

Apparently, no one discovered Lu Lu's talent as a pharmacist till she came to this world.

"No, no! That's enough!" Lu Lu waved her hands. Mountain Lord's hair was very valuable.

Even if the apostle said "ok", she didn't dare to ask for more. After all, Lu Lu wasn't a greedy girl. A few strands of hair were sufficient.

"Lu Lu, don't worry. You can do whatever you like." Yun Xi looked at Lu Lu with curiosity, because she was so different from her past appearance in Yun Xi's mind.

Girls were really a mysterious presence. Even though they were linked through the seeds, he still didn't know what she was thinking.

If he was still "Mei", perhaps he wouldn't see Lu Lu's shy look.

Lu Lu lost her past memories and became a native in Water G.o.d's world. However, she also exposed something she tried to hide in the outside world. Perhaps it was because this was just a dream world. In dreams, people always truly expressed themselves.

"Thank you!" Lu Lu forced herself to focus on pounding medicine in the mortar.

Her actions were light and nimble, just like her sword skill, containing a special talent. Yun Xi remembered her performance in the past and finally confirmed that this was her talent. Maybe other girls had also awakened their hidden talents in this world.

"Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!" As Lu Lu pounded the medicine, the white tiger's strands of hair started to melt in the water mixed with various of herbs.

Milky white liquid deposit in the mortar. Lu Lu had used up almost all the herbs she had collected, then made a bowl of the potion "Tiger's Power".

"Your great apostle, do you want to have a try? It isn't effective on hero-ranked people like you, but it tastes good!" Lu Lu nervously looked at Yun Xi. In order to prove that the potion was harmless, she licked it with her small tongue.

Yun Xi blushed looking at the white liquid on the corner of the girl's mouth. Then, he took over the bowl and took a sip.

"Ah!" Yun Xi suddenly realized that his mouth just touched the place where the girl's lips touched the bowl.

Was it a coincidence? Was it an… indirect kiss?

"Gee… Whoooa!" Lu Lu also realized it. Her face blushed like a ripe apple.

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