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  • Loving Asia's Multi-Talented Queen: The Path To Stardom

  • Author(s): Bibliophile_Anna
  • GENRES: Romance
  • STATUS : ongoing
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  • LAST UPDATED : 01-Aug-2020 04:42
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Loving Asia's Multi-Talented Queen: The Path To Stardom summary:

Xu Jia Li grew up in the countryside where she enjoyed the calm and serene landscape of Xhuan Jin Province. The beautiful scenery gave her hope that one day, she will achieve everything that she wants.In her young mind, she knew that once she worked hard for it, the Path to Idoldom will be within her reach. And there, in her favorite hill, where all her childhood dreams and aspirations were...

Loving Asia's Multi-Talented Queen: The Path To Stardom Chapters

Time uploaded
168 The Viles Aug-01-20
167 Backfired Aug-01-20
166 Ruthless Aug-01-20
163 Zjy Aug-01-20
161 Keep An Eye Aug-01-20
160 Exposed Aug-01-20
153 Surprise Jul-13-20
150 Lack Of Skills Jul-13-20
149 I'm Innocen Jul-13-20
148 Petty Things Jul-13-20
147 Symbols Jul-13-20
146 Flaws Jul-13-20
145 Promiscuous Jul-13-20
144 Try Your Luck Jul-13-20
143 Give It A Try Jul-13-20
139 Who Are You? Jul-09-20
137 Out Of Luck Jul-03-20
135 Speak Now Jul-02-20
134 Madonna Jul-02-20
128 Pout Or Kiss Jun-29-20
127 Venus Et Fleur Jun-29-20
125 Goddess Xu Jun-24-20
122 Famous Jun-24-20
121 Tricked Jun-22-20
120 Stalker Jun-22-20
119 Stop Gawking Jun-22-20
117 Feel Burdened Jun-22-20
116 Week Of Love Jun-18-20
113 Like Sisters Jun-16-20
112 Love Starved Jun-16-20
110 An Angel Jun-12-20
109 So Weak Jun-12-20
108 520 Jun-12-20
105 Nice Try Jun-06-20
102 Honey Trap May-31-20
99 Vivid Dream May-31-20
95 Mr. Arrogant Si May-25-20
94 You Got Me May-25-20
92 Bow My Head May-16-20
83 Tit For Tat 3 May-07-20
82 Tit For Tat 2 May-07-20
81 Tit For Tat 1 May-07-20
79 Her Funny Side Apr-28-20
74 Barefoo Apr-26-20
73 The Brawl Apr-26-20
72 Wrong Girl Apr-26-20
71 That Voice Apr-26-20
69 Timeless Beauty Apr-26-20
68 The Audition Apr-26-20
67 Los Apr-26-20
66 My Fiancé Apr-26-20
65 Si Cosmetics Apr-26-20
64 I Love You! Apr-26-20
63 She's Not Fi Apr-26-20
59 Clueless Apr-26-20
58 Lost In Though Apr-26-20
57 Preposterous Apr-26-20
56 I Will Stay Apr-26-20
55 The Goddess Apr-26-20
54 Most Beautiful Apr-26-20
52 I Want You Apr-26-20
51 I'm Not Jealous Apr-26-20
50 Jealousy Apr-26-20
48 Out Now Apr-26-20
47 Creating Hype Apr-26-20
44 Gold Digger Apr-26-20
43 Mistaken Apr-26-20
42 The Same Blood Apr-26-20
41 The Painting Apr-26-20
37 Red Button Apr-26-20
34 Get Los Apr-26-20
30 I'm Always Here Apr-26-20
29 The Carcass Apr-26-20
28 How Dare You Apr-26-20
26 Trust Me Apr-26-20
25 Be Careful Apr-26-20
24 Crazy For You Apr-26-20
21 It Is You Apr-26-20
20 He Is Mine Apr-26-20
18 How Shameless Apr-26-20
16 Only Loving Her Apr-26-20
14 Undying Love Apr-26-20
10 Asian Tour Apr-26-20
8 A Thousand Fold Apr-26-20
7 The Red Box Apr-26-20
6 Promise Me Apr-26-20
5 Application Form Apr-26-20
3 Point Made Clear Apr-26-20
2 So Silly! Apr-26-20
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