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"How do you find it here in prison, Miss Qi?" Xu Jia Li grinned as she gazed at Qi Xenjin inside the prison. She managed to go inside through the help of Si Weimin's men.

The entire place was full of reporters and furious fans. They were holding banners that condemned Qi Xenjin's actions. They were crying for justice since it was already proven that both women premeditatedly planned to kill Meng Lulu just to put the blame to Xu Jia Li.

"I don't need you here, b.i.t.c.h! It's you who should be here and not me!"

"Tch.. tch.. too bad… the prison seems to like you better… It suits you by the way."

Qi Xenjin's eyes bulged as her nose flared with anger, "It's not the end! I promise you that!"

"I don't plan to hear your barks the whole day, Xenjin. Why don't you start telling me about the force behind you? Since Mr. Lao won't help you now."

"Ha ha ha! You think I'll tell you? You're making me laugh! Even if Bing is in prison, he still has power all over Beijing! He has lots of money! And money is all it takes to kill you!" Qi Xenjin laughed like a crazy woman as she slumped on the cold floor.

"If that's what makes you happy then go on. Don't say I didn't warn you."

Xu Jia Li signaled the officers before she went out of the jail. She needed to dig deeper. She knew that Qi Xenjin had something to do with the attempt abduction to her. It wasn't just any coincidence.

From what Si Weimin had told her, it was Ye Lingling's order to kill her. The men killed by Si Weimin's men were also from Zhou Jiayin's private army. Now, she was starting to strip these people of their masks. All she needed right now was to know if it was also Zhou Jiayin who was behind Qi Xenjin.

The sleeping potion was also found in her room, poured on Si Weimin's boxes of tulips. The culprit knew that she uncovered Qi Xenjin's plan so he or she went with their plan B.

Since she knew that Zhou Jiayin was involved, it clearly pointed out the real culprit. The Zhou family would pay. She would make sure of that.


Later that day…

"Have you seen the news, Li-jie?"

"What's it about?" Xu Jia Li asked Zhen Nian while they ate at their favorite café. She took a bite of strawberry cake before she gazed at her.

"It's Qi Xenjin's scandal. I don't know but it looks like it happened in the prison."

Xu Jia Li looked at what Zhen Nian was talking about. True indeed, a s.e.x scandal of Qi Xenjin was now scattered all over the internet. Xu Jia Li frowned when she saw Qi Xenjin looked to be enjoying it while the four men did immoral things to her.

The netizens all condemned Qi Xenjin while others praised Xu Jia Li for cleaning her name. They started a brigade of acknowledging Xu Jia Li's greatness. They once again supported her and complimented her because of her beauty, talent and wit. However, not once did Xu Jia Li speak.

Zhen Nian also kept her position as Editor in Chief since the companies that returned the copies of the October issue of Fashion and Glamour Magazine procured more copies. The sales increased more than quadruple the amount of the last magazine issue. The chairman of Fashion and Glamour even raised Zhen Nian's salary just so she would not resign. More and more orders were placed. The outpouring of orders was overwhelming that the company hired more people for the October issue.

It was also thanks to what happened that Meng Lulu gained more followers and fans. She was now labeled as the innocent lovely actress beside the G.o.ddess Xu Jia Li. It helped with the movie's popularity since the fans were already antic.i.p.ating Sweet Memories.

"It was her own plan which backfired on her. Those where the men she hired to **** me in prison. I heard they'd been waiting since last night. Looks like the medicine that Qi Xenjin gave to them were effective. I guess she was forced to take it as well."

"She deserves it, Li-jie. After all that she did, it wasn't enough. I was still thinking what could've happened if you didn't uncover her schemes. It gives me the goose b.u.mps."


"Please stop! I don't want it anymore!" Jian Ran cried while the other prisoners beat her to pulp.

"How dare you act all mighty here, huh? You think Lao gang still has power here?!" one of the prisoners yelled as she punched Jian Ran's face.

"I didn't mean to! I'm really sorry. Please! Stop!" Jian Ran looked so pitiful. Her eyes were swollen. Her face was black and blue while her nose and lips were bleeding so bad.

"Your sister is next!"

Jian Ran stifled any sound as she curled up in a fetal position as the prisoners left her. She needed to talk to Qi Xenjin. Lao Bing had to do something to help them out. She won't last another day if the women beat her again.


"Please help me, Beryl! I can't take this anymore."

"I told you. Rot in jail for all I care!"

"B-but you're the only one who can help me and Lao Bing. Lao Gang only functions through Bing and the gang always follows you. Just help us this time!" Qi Xenjin pleaded as she talked to Beryl. She was crying so loud, exhausted of what happened to her. She felt dirty and violated. She couldn't believe that her plan backfired at her. It was supposed to be Xu Jia Li in that horrible scandal. How could it be her?!

"Your gang isn't important. If only you succeeded, then maybe you're living like a queen and laughing at Xu Jia Li's misfortune. But you failed. Don't ever call me again."

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