Rebirth Of The Rich And Wealthy summary:

When she was three, her father went missing. When she was 15, the muscle in her hand snapped. When she was 16, her mother pa.s.sed away in a car accident. When she was 19, she was framed by her father’s brother. When she was 22, she was burned alive by her newly- wedded husband and her best friend. Perhaps it was G.o.d’s sympathy that allowed her to return to the time when she was 15 years old to re-live once more. The previous lifetime of being low- key and having forbearance resulted in betrayal and misery. In this lifetime, she must be lofty and domineering to let those who have bullied her suffer a terrible end!

Rebirth Of The Rich And Wealthy Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 79 Part1 Apr-22-19
Chapter 78 Part2 Apr-18-19
Chapter 78 Part1 Apr-15-19
Chapter 77 Part2 Apr-10-19
Chapter 77 Part1 Apr-07-19
Chapter 76 Part2 Apr-03-19
Chapter 76 Part1 Mar-31-19
Chapter 75 Part2 Mar-30-19
Chapter 75 Part1 Mar-30-19
Chapter 74 Part2 Mar-30-19
Chapter 74 Part1 Mar-30-19
Chapter 73 Mar-30-19
Chapter 72 Part2 Mar-30-19
Chapter 72 Part1 Mar-19-19
Chapter 71 Part2 Mar-16-19
Chapter 71 Part1 Mar-14-19
Chapter 70 Part2 Mar-13-19
Chapter 70 Part1 Mar-12-19
Chapter 69 Part2 Mar-10-19
Chapter 68 Part2 Mar-10-19
Chapter 68 Part1 Jan-11-19
Chapter 67 Part2 Jan-01-19
Chapter 67 Part1 Dec-24-18
Chapter 66 Part2 Dec-24-18
Chapter 66 Part1 Dec-23-18
Chapter 65 Dec-23-18
Chapter 64 Part2 Nov-27-18
Chapter 64 Part1 Nov-22-18
Chapter 63 Part1 Nov-14-18
Chapter 62 Part2 Nov-02-18
Chapter 62 Part1 Oct-26-18
Chapter 61 Part2 Oct-24-18
Chapter 61 Part1 Oct-22-18
Chapter 60 Part2 Oct-21-18
Chapter 60 Part1 Oct-17-18
Chapter 59 Part2 Oct-15-18
Chapter 59 Part1 Oct-10-18
Chapter 58 Part2 Oct-08-18
Chapter 58 Part1 Oct-08-18
Chapter 57 Part2 Oct-05-18
Chapter 57 Part1 Oct-04-18
Chapter 56 Part2 Oct-02-18
Chapter 56 Part1 Sep-30-18
Chapter 55 Part2 Sep-28-18
Chapter 55 Part1 Sep-27-18
Chapter 54 Part2 Sep-24-18
Chapter 54 Part1 Sep-24-18
Chapter 53 Part2 Sep-21-18
Chapter 53 Part1 Sep-20-18
Chapter 52 Part2 Sep-17-18
Chapter 52 Part1 Sep-17-18
Chapter 51 Part2 Sep-13-18
Chapter 51 Part1 Sep-11-18
Chapter 50 Part2 Sep-10-18
Chapter 50 Part1 Sep-06-18
Chapter 49 Part2 Sep-03-18
Chapter 49 Part1 Aug-29-18
Chapter 48 Part2 Aug-27-18
Chapter 48 Part1 Aug-24-18
Chapter 47 Part2 Aug-23-18
Chapter 47 Part1 Aug-21-18
Chapter 46 Part2 Aug-20-18
Chapter 46 Part1 Aug-15-18
Chapter 45 Part2 Aug-12-18
Chapter 45 Part1 Aug-08-18
Chapter 44 Part2 Aug-06-18
Chapter 44 Part2 Aug-06-18
Chapter 44 Aug-06-18
Chapter 44 Aug-06-18
Chapter 43 Part2 Jul-30-18
Chapter 43 Part1 Jul-30-18
Chapter 42 Part2 Jul-26-18
Chapter 42 Part1 Jul-25-18
Chapter 41 Part2 Jul-24-18
Chapter 41 Part1 Jul-22-18
Chapter 40 Part2 Jul-19-18
Chapter 40 Part1 Jul-18-18
Chapter 39 Part2 Jul-17-18
Chapter 39 Part1 Jul-15-18
Chapter 38 Part2 Jul-12-18
Chapter 38 Part1 Jul-11-18
Chapter 37 Part2 Jul-09-18
Chapter 37 Part1 Jul-08-18
Chapter 36 Part2 Jul-04-18
Chapter 36 Part1 Jul-01-18
Chapter 35 Part2 Jun-30-18
Chapter 35 Part1 Jun-28-18
Chapter 34 Part2 Jun-27-18
Chapter 34 Part1 Jun-25-18
Chapter 33 Part2 Jun-23-18
Chapter 33 Part1 Jun-20-18
Chapter 32 Part2 Jun-19-18
Chapter 32 Part1 Jun-18-18
Chapter 31 Part2 Jun-17-18
Chapter 31 Part1 May-28-18
Chapter 30 Part2 May-27-18
Chapter 30 Part1 May-26-18
Chapter 29 Part2 May-25-18
Chapter 29 Part1 May-25-18
Chapter 28 Part2 May-13-18
Chapter 28 Part1 May-12-18
Chapter 27 Part2 May-11-18
Chapter 27 Part1 May-10-18
Chapter 26 Part2 May-09-18
Chapter 26 Part1 May-08-18
Chapter 25 Part2 May-04-18
Chapter 25 Part1 May-03-18
Chapter 24 Part3 May-02-18
Chapter 24 Part2 May-01-18
Chapter 24 Part1 Apr-30-18
Chapter 23 Part2 Apr-26-18
Chapter 23 Part1 Apr-26-18
Chapter 22 Part2 Apr-25-18
Chapter 22 Part1 Apr-24-18
Chapter 21 Part2 Apr-24-18
Chapter 21 Part1 Apr-24-18
Chapter 20 Part2 Apr-24-18
Chapter 20 Part1 Apr-24-18
Chapter 19 Part2 Apr-24-18
Chapter 19 Part1 Apr-24-18
Chapter 18 Part2 Apr-24-18
Chapter 18 Part1 Apr-24-18
Chapter 17 Part2 Apr-02-18
Chapter 17 Part1 Apr-01-18
Chapter 16 Part2 Mar-22-18
Chapter 16 Part1 Mar-18-18
Chapter 15 Part2 Mar-17-18
Chapter 15 Part1 Mar-11-18
Chapter 14 Part2 Mar-03-18
Chapter 14 Part1 Mar-01-18
Chapter 13 Part2 Feb-26-18
Chapter 13 Part1 Feb-24-18
Chapter 12 Feb-13-18
Chapter 11 Part2 Feb-08-18
Chapter 11 Part1 Feb-06-18
Chapter 10 Part2 Feb-04-18
Chapter 10 Part1 Feb-03-18
Chapter 9 Part2 Jan-31-18
Chapter 9 Part1 Jan-29-18
Chapter 8 Part2 Jan-27-18
Chapter 8 Part1 Jan-25-18
Chapter 7 Part2 Jan-23-18
Chapter 7 Part1 Apr-12-18
Chapter 6 Part2 Jul-07-18
Chapter 6 Part1 Jan-18-18
Chapter 5 Part2 Apr-12-18
Chapter 5 Part1 Jan-14-18
Chapter 4 Part2 Jan-11-18
Chapter 4 Part1 Jan-09-18
Chapter 3 Part2 Apr-12-18
Chapter 3 Part1 Jan-05-18
Chapter 2 Part2 Nov-04-18
Chapter 2 Part1 Jan-02-18
Chapter 1 Part2 Jan-01-18
Chapter 1 Part1 Jan-01-18
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