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Chapter 39: Hiring killers, how to answer (Part 1)

After knocking the people unconscious, the man took out his phone to call a number. "Locate my position immediate with my GPS, I have just knocked out some killers, bring your men to take care of them!" After saying that, he hung up the phone and cheerfully walked into little wooden hut. He then crouched down in front of Lu Anran, "See? I said it before that you would feel grateful to me! If I didn't appear in time, you and your cla.s.smate would have turned into cooked mushrooms!"

"Thank you." Lu Anran was very generous with her appreciation. "Please help the both of us to loosen our ropes."

On the other hand, Lin Da was momentarily unable to get her head around all the things Lu Anran has just told her, so her expression was a little serious.

Seeing Lu Anran look so calm, and even her cla.s.smate did not yell and burst into tears like he expected, the man seemed a little discontented as he rubbed his nose, and then following Lu Anran request, he untied the ropes around Lu Anran and Lin Da.

"Anran, I want to talk you in private!" Only after 10 minutes Lin Da was able to completely a.s.similate Lu Anran's words and so she wanted to talk to Lu Anran about her thoughts on this. “Follow me." Lin Da walked out the little wooden hut with Lu Anran following closely behind.

Seeing Lu Anran going with Lin Da to a short distance away to speak with each other, the man shook his head. He really cannot understand why girls always have unending secretive conversations, and also just now they were really about to lose their lives ai! But how come their reaction is like they have just dropped a wallet containing $100 ah? So strange!

At this time, the phone in his pocket vibrated, when he picked up, the voice of his sworn brother whom he was playmates with from young came through. "How's it going? Did you find my little sister? You must protect her well ah!"

"It's already over! Who still have the patience to wait for your phone call!" The corners of the man's mouth turned up into a smirk. "There were 7 killers, all are from the Dawn Alliance."

The person on the other side of the phone went silent for a few seconds before speaking. "Give the people to me!" Dawn Alliance only accepts the words of dead people, in other words, Dawn Alliance this killer clique only accepts a.s.signments that take human lives. It looks like there's someone who wants to get rid of Lu Anran, this is totally different from a normal case of kidnapping and blackmailing!

"I can't do that." The man refused. "I have already called the military to come and take away these killers. Recently there is a big investigation on smuggling, and we suspect this has something to do with them."

"Remember to help me investigate who’s the one who hired these killers." The voice on the other side of phone sounded fuming mad.

"I think it's better to ask your little sister." The man glanced at the 2 people who were still deep in discussion, he laughed lightly and said, "I feel as if she knows everything." If not for that, how is it possible for her to be so unruffled? This kind of att.i.tude is not what a 15 years old should have.

"Anran?" the person on the other side paused for a moment and said, "Anran is only a 15 years old child and when she was 3, Uncle disappeared. She has experienced too many things during this period of time, so I'm afraid she's probably more matured mentally than any other people of the same age as her."

But this is not about being matured or not ah! The man gazed at Lu Anran who was standing a short distance away and laughed, he then said into the phone's microphone. "Lu Anming, this time I helped you so much, how are you planning to repay me?"

"I will treat you to a meal another day!" Lu Anming replied.

"Oi! I just saved your little sister's life ay! How you can just pa.s.s it off with just a meal?" The man was obviously very unsatisfied with Lu Anming's method of appreciation.

"Oi! If it wasn't for me how could you have the opportunity to become part of the special force ah! At that time, who was it who accompanied you to kneel at Xue's Family Home for 3 whole days ah!" said Lu Anming. "And also, isn't my little sister also your little sister! You sure got the nerves to ask me to repay you when you are saving your own little sister, be careful I don't break your legs oh!"

"Humph! Fine, you win!" The man also could not be bothered to argue any further with Lu Anming and said, "treating me to a meal will do then! But I want Lu Anran to personally cook!" Today's cooked mushrooms was too delicious!

XUE! DING! AN! Are you feeling itchy ah! You sure got the pluck to want our Lu Family's Eldest Miss to personally cook for you, this boorish person!" Lu Anming’s voice raised by N times.

"What's wrong with that!" Xue Dingan's mouth raised up in a smirk. "Didn't you say that Lu Anran is my little sister? As a brother, I'm letting my little sister cook a few dishes for me, what's the matter!”

"Fine, you win!" Lu Anming grinded his teeth and said. "Later, you have to personally send my sister back! Don't let Lu Anran sit on the school bus or whatever. I will let Old Zhang to go to Wild Nature Reserve to pick all of you up!" Lu Anming could not help but let out a curse. "d.a.m.n it! Anran must be terrified! She's only 15 years old!"

"Ok!" Xue Dingan replied and hung up the phone. After placing the phone back into his pocket, Xue Dingan frowned. Why doesn't he feel as if Lu Anran was terrified!

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