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Chapter 75 (Part 2)

As Uncle Lu was about to get on the car, he noticed Qin Shuhan and greeted her on his own accord, "Teacher Qin! Such a coincidence ah!"

"Uncle Lu." Seeing Uncle Lu, Qin Shuhan smiled lightly. Her voice was somewhat astringent.

"Is Teacher Qin feeling unwell? Why are you at the hospital?" Uncle Lu asked.

"It's nothing. I came with a friend." Qin Shuhan felt a little guilty so she shifted the topic and asked, "What about Uncle Lu?"

"Ey…… It's nothing…… Just that Eldest Young Miss was worried about this old man and kept urging me to do a health checkup! I've been tortured from morning until now." Uncle Lu joked.

"It's good to pay more attention to your health." Qin Shuhan smiled and said, "What did the doctor say?"

"Ay……" Uncle Lu sighed lightly, "Nothing much." Only that appearance of having aged 10 years at once really did not look like nothing much ah!

"Oh…… It's good if there's nothing much……" Seeing that Uncle Lu was reluctant to talk about it, Qin Shuhan also did not ask further. Instead, she smiled and said, "So, both of you are going back now?"

"Going to eat something before going back." Uncle Lu grinned. That milk and bread that he ate with Lu Anwei did not fill them up at all, since the torture was finally over, it was time to eat something! Looking at Qin Shuhan, Uncle Lu asked, "Have Teacher Qin eaten? Why don't we go together!"

"I……" Just as Qin Shuhan wanted to tell him that she has eaten, her stomach betrayed her and started growling, "Uh…… I'll go back to school and eat!"

"School? The school canteen would have already run out of food at this time." Uncle Lu smiled and waved Qin Shuhan to get into the car, "Teacher Qin, just come along with us!"

"I drove here myself." Qin Shuhan still intended to gracefully refuse.

"Let's all take the same car!" Uncle Lu said, "It's noon and it will be hard to find a parking lot in front of the restaurant. We will come back to pick up the car."

"Alright then!" Qin Shuhan could only brace herself and nod.

After sitting in the car, Qin Shuhan chatted with Uncle Lu, speaking one minute and remaining silent in the next. After reaching the restaurant and eating the hot food, Qin Shuhan felt as though she was chewing on wax, but she still casually ate a few mouthfuls to pad her stomach and considered it a meal.

After eating, Uncle Lu insisted on taking a cab back while proposing to Lu Anwei to send Qin Shuhan back to the hospital's parking lot to pick up her car. Without giving Qin Shuhan a chance to refuse, he managed to catch a taxi and left, leaving both Qin Shuhan and Lu Anwei alone.

"Uh……" Qin Shuhan stole a glance at Lu Anwei out of the corners of her eyes. Lu Anwei has not said a single word to her ever since he met her at the hospital until now. He had not even met her gaze. Qin Shuhan could not help but feel somewhat disappointed in her heart.

"Get on." Lu Anwei said his first sentence after opening the car door and sitting in the driver seat.

"Mm." Qin Shuhan replied and sat in the front pa.s.senger seat.

Lu Anwei drove while looking straight ahead. Qin Shuhan pretended to look out of the window at the pa.s.sing scenery. Her heart was in a mess. After a long while, she hesitatingly said, "That… Yesterday… That…. About your comrade…… Don't be too sad……"

"……" Lu Anwei's expression visibly stiffened unnaturally for a moment before he replied, "Mm." Originally, he was secretly happy that they could both spend time alone but the words that Qin Shuhan uttered, ruthlessly gave him an unpleasant shock. What was he secretly happy for? Didn't he already make a decision? As long as he could silently gaze at her and protect her carefully from a close distance, he would no longer intrude upon her life, and hurt her again.

In this way, even if he died in the line of duty one day, she probably would not be too sad, and at the same time, it would not impact on her life whatsoever. She would get married and have two or three kids together with a guy that could give her a stable life…… Like this, it is already enough!

When they reached the carpark at the hospital, as soon as Qin Shuhan alighted from the car, the car door was closed from the inside by Lu Anwei who then quickly drove off.

The words of goodbye that was stuck in Qin Shuhan's throat turned into grievances. Tears as large as beans spilled over the rims of her eyes. Step by step she sat into her own car and started sobbing while leaning on the steering wheel.

Wasn't this what she wanted! Hasn't she decided? To not restrict him, not enter his life, not force him to be responsible for herself and the kid. That it was enough to love him silently and independently raise their child…… Child……

"No…… Cannot cry……" Qin Shuhan immediately searched for a tissue to wipe away her tears, "Cannot cry. Crying is bad for the child! I cannot cry…… cannot cry……" Qin Shuhan quickly stopped crying and took a deep breath. After fixing her eye makeup, she started up her car and headed to the school.

Once her car left the hospital carpark, a car that was parked at another corner followed behind her at a reasonable pace. Until Qin Shuhan arrived at the school safely, the car that was following her u-turned at the traffic light, filled the car with gas as it pa.s.sed by the gas station before returning to the Lu Residence.

He was simply unable to rest easy until he was sure that she has reached the school safely.
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