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Chapter 76: Military training starts, student president (Part 2)

"The criterion of selection is tentatively set as the cla.s.s monitor for each cla.s.s, which is also everyone who is seated here." Feng Lixing looked around everyone and took in the varied expressions of each and every of the eight new cla.s.s monitors. "Once the candidates are appointed, they must start to help the student union in sharing the burden of some simple tasks. It won't take up too much of everyone's time, but you must let us see your sincerity. Perhaps it's nonsense, but I still need to ask, is there anyone who wants to forfeit your right?"

Such a good opportunity was laid before one's eyes, who would want to forfeit their right? The cla.s.s monitors looked at each other with a face full of amus.e.m.e.nt. How could there be anyone who was willing to give up their right? This was indeed nonsense……

"Eh?" Feng Lixing looked at the male and female student who seemed to raise their hands at the same time, "Both of you are?"

"Lu Anran from Cla.s.s D."

"Qin Shumo from Cla.s.s D."

"Is Cla.s.s D forfeiting their right?" Feng Lixing appeared to be fascinated. Hearing Lu Anran reporting her name, he subtly glanced at Long Yuxing, "Reason?"

"No time." Lu Anran considered the fact that she was going to be very busy with the new store. How could she have time to worry about the trivialities of some student union ah! Even being chosen as the cla.s.s monitor was by drawing lots okay?

"Not interested." Qin Shumo also expressed indifference. Student union and whatnots, none of it was useful to him. With his grades, he does not need these perks that the student union were giving out. To simply sum it all up, it was 'Top student with excellent grades, wilful!'

"Interesting……" Feng Lixing narrowed his eyes and his mouth formed an arc.

"……" The other cla.s.s monitors looked at each other…… Someone really forfeited ah! It was clearly such a good opportunity…… Are these two idiots?

"Meeting is over." Feng Lixing rapped on the table rhythmically with his knuckles, "The two vice-presidents stay, the rest can go."

Hearing Feng Lixing's words, everyone got up and left the activity room.

Once the door was closed, Feng Lixing tilted his head and with a hand supporting his chin, he continued to rap the table with his knuckles, "Young Master Long, your little girlfriend is not respectful at all ah!"

"So?" Long Yuxing glanced at his close brother who he played with since childhood. There was a faint smile on his face.

"Come to think of it, which base are the both of you at?" Huang Ying took off the round spectacles on her bridge of her nose, revealing a pair of large lively eyes that kept blinking as she looked at Long Yuxing with a face full of gossip.

"What base could Young Master Long be at ah? He's just a stuffy melon!" Feng Lixing said disdainfully, "I bet he haven't even kissed her!"

"That can't be…… You must be lying right!" Huang Ying was shocked, "How come I remember hearing Young Master Long say that his future wife is Lu Anran when I was young ah! After so many years, he hasn't even kissed her?"

"Of course! You think he always takes the initiative like me ah!" Pulling Huang Ying into his embrace, he gently kissed her mouth, "Right?"

Huang Ying reached out and encircled her hands around Feng Lixing's neck, "It's still Young Master Feng that's better!"

"That's of course!" With a face full of satisfaction, Feng Lixing proudly showed off to Long Yuxing and said, "See that? This is then my wife of choice since childhood!"

About this pair of lovers betrothed since young and liked to publicly display their affection, Long Yuxing has already automatically developed an immune system, "Can't be bothered with the both of you." After saying that, he stood up and intended to leave.

"Che……" Huang Ying leaned on Feng Lixing's chest and rolled her eyes, "Young Master Long, don't say I didn't warn you, that other cla.s.s monitor in Cla.s.s D, Qin Shumo appears to be very interested in your little girlfriend too! Take care that someone does not enter the pavilion closest to the water and enjoys the moonlight first."

Long Yuxing's paused his footsteps and continued walking forward, leaving the activity room. Standing at the corridor and looking towards the drill ground, he happened to see Lu Anran and Lu Anhu talking and laughing while heading towards the carpark.

The wife that he has decided a long time ago, no one should ever think of s.n.a.t.c.hing away……

T/N: Another stalker… ?  HAHA

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