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Chapter 11: Improved Relations with People, A Slap by Linda (Part 2)

Once Chu Yao shouted, the atmosphere turned a little awkward, and everyone's voices decreased bit by bit. The smile on Lu Anran's also gradually disappeared. This Chu Yao really dare to be so obvious? I, myself, must also be stupid to not see the detest Chu Yao have towards me! *Sigh….

Just like that, a whole day's cla.s.s ended. After the bell rang, Lu Anran copied down the a.s.signments and left the cla.s.sroom. This Sunday is Grandpa's birthday, and she still needs to go to Grandpa's house tomorrow. She should take advantage of the fact that school is out and let her mother accompany her to pick out a gift for Grandpa.

Chu Yao took her time to pack her things until most of her cla.s.smates have left. Only a few students who were on duty for the day remained. Chu Yao carried her backpack and said, "students on day duty are originally continuously rotated. Your group, compared to other groups, has one less person. It's really tough!"

"It's alright!" Everyone indicated that they didn't mind, there is not much to be done anyway. The school employs sanitation workers who thoroughly clean the cla.s.sroom on a regular basis. Their 'cleaning' was simply just sweeping, arranging the chairs, wiping the blackboard, etc.

"Ey……" Chu Yao pretended to heave a sigh and complained, "If only Anran was also placed in the schedule for day duty, you would have enough members in your group. But Anran does everything with a brief period of enthusiasm, even if she was scheduled in, she is unlikely to show up after a few times. Moreover, she has yet to touch a mop in her own home!"

"That said, of late, Lu Anran has been studying very seriously!" a female student said while sweeping the floor, "She has been taking notes very conscientiously during cla.s.s, and once cla.s.s is over, she asks Linda questions."

"About this……" Chu Yao rolled her eyes and said, "All of you don't understand Anran. We are childhood friends. She does everything with a brief period of enthusiasm with no perseverance. It won't take long for her to fall back into the habit of sleeping soundly! Also, she has never studied properly in 7th and 8th grade. With only a few months left, it is useless even if she was panicking!" Chu Yao looked towards Linda who was wiping the blackboard, "Linda, speaking of which, you are very likely to get into First High School of S city, don't lag behind in your studies because of Anran!" Chu Yao paused before she continued, "actually, I shouldn't have said so much, but you are, after all, a member of our cla.s.s, it is also for the sake of the cla.s.s average that I'm saying all these."

"You understand Lu Anran that well?" Linda put down the blackboard eraser after cleaning the last bit on the blackboard.

"Of course!" Chu Yao answered, "We are childhood friends."

"Then, does Lu Anran understand you?" Linda looked straight into Chu Yao's eyes.

When Chu Yao met Linda's stare, for a moment, she actually felt a little guilty, "You…. What do you mean!"

"Don't mean anything, I just thought that both of you were friends!" Linda clapped off the dust from her hands.

"……" Chu Yao became speechless, and after being stupefied for a long time, she opened her mouth to explain but was once again interrupted by Linda.

"I am the academic committee member of this cla.s.s. For every student who wants to study, I will always put in my best effort to help them. For each day that she wants to learn is another that I will teach her! Even if she changes back to her previous self next Monday, I will still help her! Because this is my duty and of my own accord! Do you understand?" Linda emphasized every word and each word uttered by Linda was like giving Chu Yao a slap on her face, "GREAT, CHU, CLa.s.s, MONITOR!"

After making that declaration, Linda went back to her seat, and told the rest of the students on day duty, "I have finished erasing the blackboard, I'll leave first! See you on Monday!"

"Ah…… En! See you on Monday!" one after another, the remaining students on day duty also said goodbye to Linda. Today's Linda really went against everyone's expectation, no one has ever thought that Linda who has mediocre looks and only knows how to study, could actually say such words.

"I……" It was as if Chu Yao was brutally slapped several times by Linda across her face, she fiercely tightened her fist. Since there were still several people present, Chu Yao gnashed her teeth and decided that the show must still go on, at the very least she must not let the rest think that she is a selfish, cold and ruthless person.

Chu Yao managed to squeeze out two drops of crocodile tears. She then asked the rest of students who were still on day- duty, "Is it my fault? I… I am really worried that if Anran continues to play, she will become a burden on Linda! Anran has substantial financial means, even if she doesn't study, she is set for life, but we are different! Only a few months left to the High School Entrance Exam…… I……"

"Chu Yao, it's okay. We understand you!" two female students comforted Chu Yao and said, "We know you had good intentions."

"En……" Chu Yao wiped away her tears, feeling "wronged", "I am really worried about Linda!"

"It's alright as long as she, herself, doesn't regret it! You have already warned her!" one of the female student said, "I also think that it is not worth it to ruin my own future for the sake of others!"

"But Linda was really cool just now! I even want to become her biggest fan!" a male student said starry- eyed.

"……" Chu Yao gritted her teeth. Didn't expect that I will have a day that I do something to benefit others instead of myself! In her heart, she silently also pulled Linda's name into her blacklist.

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