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The Cold Regent Keeps A Fox As A Consort summary:

Dong Jin’s She Zheng w.a.n.g had icy, jade-like beauty and peerless talent. It’s said his admirers were enough to fill 3 entire cities! Dong Jin’s She Zheng w.a.n.g was only second to the Emperor and temperamental, but rumors are that a young fox entered his bathroom, yet actually didn’t die. Dong Jin’s She Zheng w.a.n.g known for being mysophobic, never touching any females, but he only loved the fox. He even held the fox as he slept! You fake G.o.d! I’m a human, ah! Turning me into a fox and transmigrating only to let some guy take liberties with me every day? Fine! Since its like that, I’ll eat from him, drink from him, use what’s his, play him, and bed him…..

The Cold Regent Keeps A Fox As A Consort Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 94 Feb-17-19
Chapter 93 Feb-03-19
Chapter 92 Jan-25-19
Chapter 91 Jan-17-19
Chapter 89-90 Jan-01-19
Chapter 88 Nov-29-18
Chapter 87 Nov-16-18
Chapter 86 Oct-27-18
Chapter 85 Sep-18-18
Chapter 84 Sep-16-18
Chapter 83 Sep-15-18
Chapter 82 Sep-12-18
Chapter 81 Part2 Sep-10-18
Chapter 81 Part1 Sep-09-18
Chapter 80 Part2 Sep-08-18
Chapter 80 Part1 Sep-07-18
Chapter 79 Part2 Sep-06-18
Chapter 79 Part1 Sep-05-18
Chapter 78 Part2 Sep-04-18
Chapter 78 Part1 Sep-03-18
Chapter 77 Sep-02-18
Chapter 76 Part2 Aug-31-18
Chapter 76 Part1 Aug-30-18
Chapter 75 Part2 Aug-29-18
Chapter 75 Part1 Aug-28-18
Chapter 74 Part2 Aug-27-18
Chapter 74 Part1 Aug-26-18
Chapter 73 Part2 Aug-25-18
Chapter 73 Part1 Aug-24-18
Chapter 72 Part2 Aug-23-18
Chapter 72 Part1 Aug-22-18
Chapter 71 Part2 Aug-21-18
Chapter 71 Part1 Aug-20-18
Chapter 70 Aug-19-18
Chapter 69 Part2 Aug-18-18
Chapter 69 Part1 Aug-17-18
Chapter 68 Part2 Aug-16-18
Chapter 68 Part1 Aug-15-18
Chapter 67 Part2 Aug-14-18
Chapter 67 Part1 Aug-13-18
Chapter 66 Part2 Aug-12-18
Chapter 66 Part1 Aug-11-18
Chapter 65 Part1 Aug-09-18
Chapter 64 Part2 Aug-08-18
Chapter 64 Part1 Aug-07-18
Chapter 63 Part2 Aug-06-18
Chapter 63 Part1 Aug-05-18
Chapter 63 Part1 Aug-05-18
Chapter 62 Aug-04-18
Chapter 61 Part2 Aug-03-18
Chapter 61 Part1 Aug-02-18
Chapter 60 Part2 Aug-02-18
Chapter 60 Part1 Jul-31-18
Chapter 59 Part2 Jul-30-18
Chapter 59 Part1 Jul-29-18
Chapter 58 Part2 Jul-28-18
Chapter 58 Part1 Jul-27-18
Chapter 57 Part2 Jul-26-18
Chapter 57 Part1 Jul-25-18
Chapter 56 Part2 Jul-24-18
Chapter 56 Part1 Jul-23-18
Chapter 55 Part2 Jul-22-18
Chapter 55 Part1 Jul-21-18
Chapter 54 Part2 Jul-20-18
Chapter 54 Part1 Jul-19-18
Chapter 53 Part2 Jul-18-18
Chapter 53 Part1 Jul-17-18
Chapter 52 Part2 Jul-16-18
Chapter 52 Part1 Jul-15-18
Chapter 51 Part2 Jul-14-18
Chapter 51 Part1 Jul-13-18
Chapter 46-50 Jul-12-18
Chapter 45 Jul-11-18
Chapter 44 Part2 Jul-10-18
Chapter 44 Part1 Jul-09-18
Chapter 43 Part2 Jul-08-18
Chapter 43 Part1 Jul-07-18
Chapter 42 Part2 Jul-06-18
Chapter 42 Part1 Jul-05-18
Chapter 41 Part2 Jul-04-18
Chapter 41 Part1 Jul-03-18
Chapter 40 Part2 Jul-02-18
Chapter 40 Part1 Jul-01-18
Chapter 39 Part2 Jun-30-18
Chapter 39 Part1 Jun-29-18
Chapter 38 Part2 Jun-28-18
Chapter 38 Part1 Jun-27-18
Chapter 37 Part2 Jun-26-18
Chapter 37 Part1 Jun-25-18
Chapter 36 Part2 Jun-24-18
Chapter 36 Part1 Jun-23-18
Chapter 35 Part2 Jun-22-18
Chapter 35 Part1 Jun-21-18
Chapter 34 Part2 Jun-20-18
Chapter 34 Part1 Jun-19-18
Chapter 33 Part2 Jun-18-18
Chapter 33 Part1 Jun-17-18
Chapter 32 Part2 Jun-16-18
Chapter 32 Part1 Jun-15-18
Chapter 31 Jun-14-18
Chapter 30 Jun-13-18
Chapter 29 Jun-12-18
Chapter 28 Jun-11-18
Chapter 27 Jun-10-18
Chapter 26 Jun-09-18
Chapter 25 Jun-09-18
Chapter 24 Jun-07-18
Chapter 23 Jun-06-18
Chapter 22 Jun-05-18
Chapter 21 Jun-04-18
Chapter 20 Jun-03-18
Chapter 19 Jun-03-18
Chapter 18 Jun-03-18
Chapter 17 Jun-03-18
Chapter 16 Jun-03-18
Chapter 15 Jun-03-18
Chapter 14 Jun-03-18
Chapter 13 Jun-03-18
Chapter 12 Jun-03-18
Chapter 11 Jun-03-18
Chapter 10 Jun-03-18
Chapter 9 Jun-03-18
Chapter 8 Jun-03-18
Chapter 7 Jun-03-18
Chapter 6 Jun-03-18
Chapter 5 Jun-03-18
Chapter 4 Jun-03-18
Chapter 3 Jun-03-18
Chapter 2 Jun-03-18
Chapter 1 Jun-03-18
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