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Chapter 54 Part 1 — A little Peck

Who was vulgar?

The little fox's eyes widen, its line of sight not daring look down again. Feng Lingran's handsome face was very close, his scent -unique to handsome males, splayed across little fox's face, it was faint, chilling and somewhat fragrant.

The little fox's heartbeat accelerated faster and faster. Feng Lingran, are you seducing Fox?

Fox doesn't have will power…

If you keep staring at Fox…

Fox will have to kiss you ah~

The little fox pushed against her hind leg, and her pointy fox mouth pecked at Feng Lingran's soft lips…

Feng Lingran's body stiffened in shock. He probably would never had thought that this little fox could be so arrogant to make move on him.

When the deed was done, the little fox jumped out of Feng Lingran's arms and ran inside its nest, her face blushing red.

Fox couldn't control herself ah! 1

Feng Lingran watched as the little fox escape after the kiss, his obsidian eyes darkened…

The little fox's head was buried in the nest, her heart was beating continuously. She was scared that Feng Lingran would find her to settle her 'debts'. After all, she had disrespected him, but you couldn't blame Fox ah! Who asked him to draw his face so close that you could kiss him?

However, Feng Lingran's lips, felt really good~ It was soft and cool, like… delicious cold pudding…

Feng Ling's tall figure stood in front of the little fox's nest. He stared down, seeing the little fox act as if it did something wrong. Its face was buried in the nest, unmoving. Feng Lingran licked his lips, it really was a spiritual beast, and also a pervert.

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