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Chapter 74 Part 1 — 

Yun Shaofu's red eyes glared at Xiao Xi, "You're only a dancer, even if you changed clothes, you're still a dancer, what qualifications do you have to laugh at me?"

When Xiao Xi saw Yun Shaofu come out crying, she wasn't laughing at her, instead she was happy that Feng Lingran did not touch her. His actions had made her uncontrollably smile.

But her grin was seen as a ridicule, Xiao Xi slowly said, "Miss Yun, even if you had been wronged, why take it out on me? Always saying I'm a dancer, which eye of yours saw me as one?"

"Presumptuous!" Yun Shaofu was already irritated at Feng Lingran, how could she keep calm when Xiao Xi ridiculed her? She raised her hand while saying, "Why don't you go take a look at your own ident.i.ty first before talking to this Miss," before slapping Xiao Xi in the face.

Xiao Xi dodged Yun shaofu's slap, and glared at her, "Hey, if you raise your hand at me, then don't blame me for not being polite."

"You dare?" Yun Shaofu's father was a powerful figure in Nanling, so why would she take Xiao Xi seriously?

Xiao Xi saw Yun Shaofu raise her hand again, as if saying if she didn't hit her, she wouldn't be happy. Angered, Xiao Xi retailated and she slapped Yun Shaofu back.



The sound of two slaps resounded, Yun Shaofu and Xiao Xi's faces were both red with a handprint.

Yun Shaofu glared at Xiao Xi with disbelief, "You… you… dare hit me?"

Xiao Xi chillingly smiled at Yun Shaofu, "Just who do you think you are? You can slap people, but others can't?"

Yun Shaofu's tears flowed down, her fingers trembled as she pointed at Xiao Xi, "You're going to regret this, my father is Nanling's prime minister. You dare hit me, don't think about wanting your hands anymore."

The guard had also noticed situation and quickly came over. Seeing this, Yun Shaofu confidence rose, and pointing to Xiao Xi she ordered the guard.

"Capture that dancer! She dares to hurt me, hurry and chop her right hand off!"

When Xiao Xi saw the guard rushing to capture her, her heart shook as she stared at him before hurriedly saying, "I'm warning you, don't touch me. I know Feng Lingran. If you chop off my right hand, he'll chop off your head."

Yun Shaofu almost cried laughing, she sneered at Xiao Xi with disdain, "You're saying you know the Regent? Well then, this Miss shall give you a chance, enter his courtyard for this Miss right now."

Yun Shaofu remembered when she was waiting in his courtyard for about two sichen. After seeing her when he returned, his cold yet handsome face told her to scram. Yun Shaofu was a n.o.blewoman, also Nanling's number one maiden, if she was driven out, wouldn't she be a laughingstock? She thickened her skin, and wanted to stay, but never did she expect him to insult her, causing her to leave in shame.

Yun Shaofu was humiliated by Feng Lingran, so she also wanted Xiao Xi to be humiliated as well.

That way, her heart would feel better.

Xiao Xi frowned, she didn't want to meet Feng Lingran.

Yun Shaofu saw Xiao Xi's difficult expression and sneered, "What? You don't dare? Truly, you are just a lowly dancer, when you try to enter, maybe the Regent would kick you out instead."

Thinking of the moment Feng Lingran using his foot to kick Xiao Xi out, Yun Shaofu's heart instantly felt better.

"Lady Yun, coming from this lowly one's point of view, why don't we just cut this dancer's hand off? With just her status alone, she couldn't even be compared to the Regent's shoe, what qualifications does she have to enter the Regent's sleeping quarters?"

The guard didn't want Xiao Xi to go. The Regent is currently in a bad mood, if they allowed this dancer to enter, wouldn't they be looking for death?

At that moment, Feng Lingran exited the courtyard, His eyebrows were knitted eyebrows and his face was cold, detached from people.

Xiao Xi saw Feng Lingran walking out of the courtyard and her heart trembled. She wanted to leave but was caught by the guard.

"Want to leave after offending Miss Yun? Leave a hand behind."

Yun Shaofu was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence, the guard was actually on her side. Xiao Xi's life and death was not something they need to consider. On the contrary, even when she dies, not one would care. In this Palace, was it still lacking a poor soul like Xiao Xi?

The glint from the guard's knife scared Xiao Xi to death, forcefully pushing the guard's hand, she ran for her life, disregarding direction.

Suddenly, Xiao Xi slammed into a broad chest. Lifting her head, she was shocked to see Feng Lingran's beautiful face. Xiao Xi audibly gasped and her heart seemed to have stop beating.

Feng Lingran's eyebrows were knitted, as if something was on his mind. His gaze lowered and saw a delicate girl in his arms with seemingly familiar eyes like the little fox. He narrowed his eyes and stared into Xiao Xi's eyes, piercing her soul.

Yun Shaofu watched as Xiao Xi slam into Feng Lingran's chest. She was shocked, never expected to see Feng Lingran at this moment. Her eyes flashed with envy, such a lowly dancer did not even qualify to b.u.mp into Feng Lingran!

You dancer, your guts are really big ah! Do you know who you had just b.u.mped into? Why aren't you apologizing yet?

The guard lashed out the moment he saw her b.u.mping into Feng Lingran. Full of menace, the only thing missing from this scene was him rushing over to force her to kneel.

Xiao Xi became fl.u.s.tered after recalling the tail at her waist, and swiftly moved away from Feng Lingran .

"Apolo-… apologies… I-it wasn't on purpose."

Who knew that Feng Lingran would suddenly grap her arm and stare intensely at her with his dark eyes.

"I… I…"

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