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Meltdown System in Eschatology summary:

It was a world of zombies and human beings were in despair. The magnetic field was changed and everything was back to the beginning. One day, our hero, Chu Han, unconsciously came back ten years before the eschatology came. He was awakened by a loud noise in a dormitory in Minqiu University. He suddenly realised that he had undergone a rebirth. He fought with dozens of zombies and went to the parking lot to steal a G55. He decided to find his parents and his brothers with the G55, which was what he regretted not doing in his previous incarnation. He met a group of people on the petrol station, one of which is included in the top 20 of the eschatology, Chen Shaoye, reknowned for his excellent sniping abilities. They met a vast horde of zombies in the highway and Chen Shaoye used the G55 to crash into the enemies. At that moment, he finally came to realise that this was a meltdown system and he could gain credit points by killing zombies These credit points can then be exchanged for all kinds of talent. Consequently, he started his travels with the melting-down system. This is a story of a meltdown system and he, Chu Han, was on the stage.

Meltdown System in Eschatology Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 73 Dec-13-17
Chapter 72 Dec-13-17
Chapter 59 Dec-13-17
Chapter 58 Dec-13-17
Chapter 71 Dec-12-17
Chapter 70 Dec-12-17
Chapter 69 Dec-11-17
Chapter 68 Dec-11-17
Chapter 67 Dec-10-17
Chapter 66 Dec-10-17
Chapter 65 Dec-10-17
Chapter 64 Dec-09-17
Chapter 63 Dec-09-17
Chapter 62 Dec-09-17
Chapter 61 Dec-08-17
Chapter 60 Dec-08-17
Chapter 59 Dec-07-17
Chapter 58 Dec-07-17
Chapter 57 Dec-06-17
Chapter 56 Dec-06-17
Chapter 55 Dec-05-17
Chapter 54 Dec-05-17
Chapter 52 Dec-04-17
Chapter 53 Dec-04-17
Chapter 51 Dec-03-17
Chapter 50 Dec-03-17
Chapter 49 Dec-03-17
Chapter 48 Dec-02-17
Chapter 47 Dec-02-17
Chapter 46 Dec-02-17
Chapter 45 Dec-01-17
Chapter 44 Dec-01-17
Chapter 43 Nov-30-17
Chapter 42 Nov-30-17
Chapter 41 Nov-29-17
Chapter 40 Nov-29-17
Chapter 39 Nov-28-17
Chapter 38 Nov-28-17
Chapter 37 Nov-27-17
Chapter 36 Nov-27-17
Chapter 35 Nov-26-17
Chapter 34 Nov-26-17
Chapter 33 Nov-26-17
Chapter 32 Nov-25-17
Chapter 31 Nov-25-17
Chapter 30 Nov-25-17
Chapter 29 Nov-24-17
Chapter 28 Nov-24-17
Chapter 27 Nov-23-17
Chapter 26 Nov-23-17
Chapter 25 Nov-22-17
Chapter 24 Nov-22-17
Chapter 23 Nov-21-17
Chapter 22 Nov-21-17
Chapter 21 Nov-20-17
Chapter 20 Nov-20-17
Chapter 19 Nov-19-17
Chapter 18 Nov-18-17
Chapter 17 Nov-17-17
Chapter 16 Nov-13-17
Chapter 15 Nov-13-17
Chapter 14 Nov-13-17
Chapter 13 Nov-13-17
Chapter 12 Nov-13-17
Chapter 11 Nov-13-17
Chapter 10 Nov-13-17
Chapter 9 Nov-13-17
Chapter 8 Nov-13-17
Chapter 7 Nov-13-17
Chapter 6 Nov-13-17
Chapter 5 Nov-13-17
Chapter 4 Nov-13-17
Chapter 3 Nov-13-17
Chapter 2 Nov-13-17
Chapter 1 Nov-13-17
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