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Chapter 58: A Tide of Zombies Again

In the downtown of Tong City, several people left the orphanage by car.

They stayed the night at the orphanage since walking at night was more dangerous than during daytime.

Chen Shaoye had a complete nightmare. He was seriously traumatized of Bai Yuner and he was almost at that stage where he would run away just by seeing her.

Even after a night, Bai Yuner`s emotion was still unstable. Chu Han, Shang Jiuti and Bai Yuner was sitting at the rear. Someone had to look after her and only Chu Han was able to control her.

Chen Shaoye would prefer to die rather than staying with Bai Yuner, so he sat in the driving position to drive the car.

Luo Xiaoxiao directly jumped besides Chen Shaoye. She fastened the safe belt tightly to show her determination .

At the rear, Bai Yuner still wore the white dress but her hands were now clean. She was sitting quietly while her hair draped down to cover her face. Only her straight and little nose could be seen. She looked just like a harmless rabbit.

Chu Han and Shang Jiuti in the trunk knew that the little girl could not be judged by her appearance.

"Where are we going?" Shang Jiuti tried to say something since she could not bear the weird and silent atmosphere at the rear that had already lasted for three hours. Bai Yuner sat beside her, just like a sculpture, which made her crazy.

"We`ll go back to get the G55 and then we`ll leave the city." Chu Han casually answered as he bit onto a beef jerky he was holding.

Half of the s.p.a.ce inside the van was filled with food. This was Chu Han`s first time in Tong City, so he did some ample preparation. They must carry food with them at all times since what would happen next could not be foretold. For him, the value of this van was much more than the G55 since this van could carry more food.

"Boss." Suddenly, there was the voice of Chen Shaoye.

Chu Han was at a daze since Chen Shaoye had not talked with him for hours. The guy was really scared of Bai Yuner, it even stopped him from saying anything.

What would he say?

Shoot-- -

Chu Han quickly asked him, "Something wrong?"

Chen Shaoye tried to keep his eyes straight as he said, "I want to pee."

"Puff-Cough! Cough!" Luo Xiaoxiao suddenly laughed but she was back to common. She looked at the window as she seemed to see a flower outside.

"Stop and pee." Chu Han also could not help laughing himself. Chen Shaoye was frequently dilatory and it was hard for him to bear it for hours.

Bai Yuner in the car perked her ears but she did not raise her head. Her cold eyes flashed as she clearly felt unhappy.

Shoot-- -

Chu Han then sat back to continue to bite into the cookies they had. He just ignored Bai Yuner filled with killing intent.

Shang Jiuti looked at Bai Yuner and Chu Han for several times as she doubted how the a.s.shole was not able to feel the weird atmosphere.

She then glanced at the front seat. G.o.d! She should have taken the front seat or the driver`s seat but she was not able to compete against Lou Xiaoxiao!

She glanced at Bai Yuner, this fellow-- -


Suddenly, Shang Jiuti screamed and shook the entire car.

"What are you yelling for?" Chu Han looked at her strangely.

"No! No!" Shang Jiuti moved her eyes as her heart collapsed.


At this moment, white clothes dropped down to her little feet. Bai Yuner was turning her back against this two people. Her legs were so straight and she was curling her hair. Her round shoulder and white neck was enough to tempt people to bite it.

How could she undress herself?

Her hair was so long and her front could not be seen because she was turning her back against them, but her shadow alone was enough to make people gulp their saliva and daydream.

Shang Jiuti`s heart collapsed. Bai Yuner, didn`t you know that there were men here? Besides, you should tell everyone you were goi

ng to strip off your clothes. No. Why were you stripping off your clothes?

Chu Han was at daze as he then frowned, looking at the Bai Yuner who stood there unmoving, "What, what are you doing?"

"Change clothes." Bai Yuner`s voice was so faint and her next words made Shang Jiuti even had a breakdown.

She said, "I want to change my clothes but I have nothing to change into."

Great! This girl was totally crazy!

Shang Jiuti quickly turned her face as she then pressed his forehead.


Chu Han stood up and found a bag from the corner, ignoring Shang Jiuti`s strange eyes. Then, he carefully picked some clothes inside.

He took clothes! Shang Jiuti suddenly understood something.

"Let me do it—" Shang Jiuti wanted to say that let me give it to her.

But her voice was stopped as she scarily looked at Chu Han. What the man did almost made her jump out of the car.

Shoot-- --

Chu Han threw the clothes towards Bai Yuner and it covered her head, so the girl was shaking slightly.

"Are you crazy?" Shang Jiuti turned around and shouted at Chu Han.

However, she was frozen at the next moment as it was shocking enough to reverse her outlook of life.

"Thank you." Bai Yuner sounded calm and then put on the clothes in front of the two people.

Shang Jiuti was scared to look at Chu Han and she seemed to tell him that he should not look at Bai Yuner, otherwise; she would kill you!

However, Chu Han did not raise her head as he was clearly devoted with eating the cooked beef.

b.u.mp! Shang Jiuti crashed into a pack of food. Why did she always get to meet with weird guys?!

Zhi-- --

The car suddenly stopped!


Chu Han opened the screen as he tightly held his axe, "Fatty Chen!"

"Yes!" Chen Shaoye at the front was sweating profusely, "Boss, it`s a tide zombies!"

A tide of zombies?!

Chu Han looked ahead through the screen. His pupils shrank as he looked towards the front. It was the only road towards the supermarket but the street was now filled with zombies.

It could be judged that the road had been jammed from far and it was impossible to go through.

"Go! Turn around!" Chu Han said calmly but he was slightly worried as he thought of a solution.

The thing that he was worried about suddenly came true. They were trapped in here!

The urban layout of Tong City was very special and this was the only place you had to pa.s.s through to be able to go to Anluo City, and the road towards the supermarket just happened to be the road they need to go through, because, the road in front of them was Tong City`s exit road.

However, only one day had pa.s.sed yet there was already a zombie tide. What had happened before?

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