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Chapter 59: Do You Even Know How To Drive?

The car turned around and then moved towards another road. Chu Han frowned since taking a detour would waste a lot of time. It was completely different from before the apocalypse. It now took a day to travel the roads of the city which would only have taken two or three hours during the civilized times. Travelling in a city seemed so slow. Time seemed to stretch boundlessly and it would be hard to escape if they were unlucky.

Since they timely found it out and Chu Han these guys was not in the zombies` range, they were able to escape far away and drove to the other direction in several hours.

Tong City was really a death city since the entrance was blocked by so many zombies and at the same time no longer had any vitality. Chu Han was confused as they were moving forward with a discerning att.i.tude.

Zhi-- --

The car suddenly braked as a skidding sound caused by friction could be heard from the tires.

"f.u.c.k! Are you blind?!" A curse was thrown.

Chu Han was dazed as he stopped. He then opened the side-door and jumped out of the car with his axe. Shang Jiuti took his gun and followed him immediately. Bai Yuner slightly hesitated but she also jumped out of the car.

It was in a corner and two cars nearly crashed with each other. It was so common before the apocalypse but it was so unusual in these situations where there were only a few human beings. The car must have come in search for food since food was the primary reason why people killed each other.

Two cars suddenly popped up. Were they going together or were they moving independently?

Chu Han went off and stood beside the car to wait for the other people to come out. He would not be the first one to fight others.

A person jumped off the car and heavily shut the door. And then he directly walked towards Chu Han as he stared at Chu Han and his group, just like an eagle. It was a well built man who should be 30 years or older. His face was clean and he was wearing a white vest. It should be known that he held a gun.

There was no military base in Tong City. He must have robbed the armory of the policemen or picked up the airdrop bag!

The behavior was so rude and it could be deduced that a fight could break out.

Chu Han frowned and put his left hand into his pocket to load his pistol.

Caka! Shang Jiuti beside him also raised his gun and aimed at towards the man. She had good awareness during times of crisis.

Bai Yuner retreated her foot that had landed on the ground and readied herself.

She then went to get the last rifle in the van`s trunk. She was unusually skillful as she raised her gun and aimed it at the man.

There were a total of five guns and Chu Han took the only pistol and the rest of the guns were given to the four people. He was most used to the axe as his weapon.

The opposite man stopped and there was nothing that changed with his face. He was still very unhappy. He twisted his neck slightly and spat on the ground, "f.u.c.k! Does your driver even know how to drive?"

Chen Shaoye`s face who was nervously staying at the car suddenly filled with color as he suddenly opened the door. Pointing at the man, he said, "You motherf.u.c.ker is the one who has no license! I even have driven a bus before!"

"f.u.c.k!" The opposite man also pointed at him and shouted, "You have driven a bus? I am a f.u.c.king taxi driver!" Chu Han loosened his grip since he saw that the situation could change.

"Being a taxi driver means nothing!" Chen Shaoye quarreled with the man, "Rampaging around, and do you even know the traffic rules? Why did you leave you lane?"

"f.u.c.k you Fatty! How can I do my job if I don’t leave my own lane?!

"Who is the Fatty you`re talking about?"


What was this situation? Shang Jiuti and Bai Yuner were shocked. Two drivers cursing at each other?

Two men carrying guns then jumped out of the car.

"What happened, Yuezi?"

The first man was also very well built as he walked straightly while the other man held no expression, only a light flashed past his eyes occasionally.

The man who was called as Yueze stared at Chen Shaoye and then answered, "We almost crashed into that car."

The two men were shocked as they looked at Chu Han and his group. There were only five people, two men and three women, one of which should be a child. The fat man could be ignored since he was as silly as Yuezi. Two beautiful girls and a child posed no threat to them, but the man in front of them was clearly different.

Nineteen or Twenty? He should only be that young!

"h.e.l.lo." The first man walked ahead and stopped at an appropriate distance from Chu Han. He carried his gun but he did not move, "My mane is Chen Xianguo and he is Ye Chen. Our driver is Yuezi."

Chu Han narrowed his eyes and said calmly, "Chu Han."

Chen Xianguo looked at Chu Han and scanned Chu Han with shocked eyes since Chu Han was carrying a heavy axe but he was not that strong looking. He smiled, "Nice to meet you, Chu Han. You guys are not local residents?"

"No." Chu Han answered honestly and then asked, "Military?"

Chen Xianguo was surprised as he then laughed suddenly, "Hahaha! I have been a soldier half of my life. You have a good taste. Were you a soldier before?"

Soldiers were easy to have good feelings towards another soldier. Especially in the apocalypse, their same experiences would make them treasure each other.

"No, college student." Chu Han was honest. He was a college student as he never joined the military, whether it was this time or during his previous incarnation.

"Oh?: Chen Xianguo felt so strange. Chu Han did not look like a college student. Did he come from a military school?

"What happened here when we were absent for a while?" Chu Han asked about the situation. The man in front of him, Chen Xianguo, looked affable and he should not be an evil person.

"We`ve visited every neighborhood in this area and we have picked up as much survivors as we can. You don`t look like you have enough to eat. Are you from other military group?" Chen Xianguo generously laughed.

"Why are you looking for food if you come from Chengxi`s military groups?" Ye Chen slighted adjusted his gla.s.ses and suddenly asked.


Chu Han was prudent as it seemed that the survivors of Tong City had started to form a base. There should be more than one. No wonder that Tong City became a death city since they built their bases early. Were they luring zombies blatantly? It should be known that a zombie`s thermal induction is a ticking bomb. They would gather in a place where there were a lot of human beings.

How could they fight against the tide of zombiese without the support of the army or powerful equipment? Did they only depend on airdrop bags?

"We came from another city." Chu Han did not say anything more since he thought it was not the right time to talk about thermal induction.

"You are so brave!" Chen Xianguo sighed, "So how about following me? We live in a safe place and we gathered the survivors to build up our own base."

Chu Han looked at the direction of the tide of zombies. Safe? There would be a tide of zombies coming in two days time.

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