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050. Different Treatment

Couple index!? He Jin reacted immediately.

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050. Differential treatment

The index of empathy!? He Jin immediately reaction come over, the war to send himself flowers will not be for that what … A hidden husband and wife mission?

The fire: “The day was bought the thing divided G.o.d, today just remembered to send rose can also increase the index.” "

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…… Really!

“But we are not built home, later can …” said half, He Jin will bite off his tongue, he rose red face, killing can not say the second half of the “roommate” Word!

The War of fire smiled at him, explained: “Such as home after the completion of a few days, not to mention the roommate can only increase the number of 50-point index, think couples task will have to wait half a month later, or send a bouquet of roses come fast.” "

He Jin No language, this hidden husband and wife mission in the end what is the reward to let the fire so anxious to do?

Although it is for the husband and wife to send flowers, but He Jin at the moment mood is also a bit indescribable.

Reality has also received a flower, it is a speech contest in high school, when the end of a few school sister on the stage to send a bunch of tulips, the stage a booing, but afterwards He Jin learned that the teacher arranged, in order to let the school newspaper members take a few beautiful photos. So in a way, whether it’s a game or a reality, it’s the first time in his life that he has received a gift from someone else.

In addition to surprise, awkward, and a little bit of a shock, he seems to feel very happy …

He Jin: Where do I put this big bouquet of flowers? Always holding? "

The fire: “You can put in the package, there are 15 days of freshness, it is said that the holographic state of carrying will always emit fragrance.” "

“Just smell?” No other effect? “He Jin saw for a long time did not find their personal status on what gain effect appears.

“Of course, when the flower can eat or can be a dart?” "

He Jin: “…”

The flower is actually a device used, not valuable AH!

Also do not know how the war to buy these spent gold coins, see just that beauty still riding on the Pegasus, so big battle, estimated not cheap it?

He Jin quietly opened the mall directory check–1 rose = 5 POINT voucher = 5 cents.

That 999 1 roses = 1000 = 500 Yuan? What!?

From surprise to fright, there is only one p.r.o.nunciation. “The gap, but after learning the true price of this bouquet, He Jin completely spartan!”

–The virtual world of a bouquet of flowers to 500 yuan?

———–You say wait half a month to send a bouquet of roses?

How rich you are! (╯‵-′) ╯︵┻━┻

The feeling of guilt is He Jin again … In his uneasy embrace of flowers, want to talk about the fire can go to return, see information column flash-

Private chat with the last: “Ah Jin?” Is that you? I’m a monkey. "

He Jin: “…”

Hou Dongyan … Or come to the door! Qaq

He Jinben also want to pretend to ignore, but this idea only existed for a second he gave up-ran the monk can not run temple, live in the same dormitory, sooner or later will be cross-examine …

Private chat Ajin: “It’s me.” “Must be calm, be calm!”

Private chat with all the leftovers: “I am the second!” "

He Jin: “…” He tried to breathe deeply, and was Skinner to be questioned by a variety of colored eyes scanning the preparation!

Private chat with the remaining: “Quickly open the friend function!” I want to add you! "

He Jin is full of cold sweat …

Before because of the hara.s.sment of too many people, He Jin the friend function temporarily closed, and every time the line is also and the war, he did not have time to know other friends, so until now have not opened.

Open the Friend function, the ear has issued the “ding” The Sound: “The player has the huge remaining request to add you as the friend.” "

After verifying the message, Qi Tianda left a voice message quickly: “Where are you?” I’m coming for you! "

Ajin: “Where the imperial palace, coordinate x.x.x,x.x.x.” "

Ajin: “I am with the net friend together, he does not know my true news, you do not say the slip of the tongue.” "

Qi-Tian Left: “…” This netizen, should be Ajin husband of the fire! (=_=)

Told finish Hou Dongyan, He Jin also immediately told the war: “I have a friend came to me.” "

The shame of the fire frowned: “Friend?” “He Jin online after playing with their own, where to friends?”

He Jin immediately explained: “Real friends, he also play the game.” "

The fire: Oh. "

He Jin A little nervous, afraid of Hou Dongyan exposed their real information, also afraid of the fire impatient interview, and explained: “He came to see me …”

The fire looks very generous: “Nothing.” "

Hou Dongyan rode his bat beast, from the demon field through, far to see the Imperial street corner a tall two figures, high black, white …The whole body is Mao, hand also holding a large bouquet of fragrant overflowing roses, eye-catching not!

Which one is Abe? Hairy?

“Ajin! “He roared in the direction of the two men, and sure enough to see the child, like a sable rat, raising his head … Waved his hand towards him.

Hou Dongyan: “…”

He Jin watched a burly demon player slowly land in front of them, wearing a dark green turtle armour, rag shorts, and a pair of red boots … This image, and the reality of the diminutive Hou Dongyan completely linked together!

Qi Big left only glanced at his own one eye, enthusiasm to turn to the war: “The Great G.o.d has heard!” I’m Ajin’s friend! Call Zi Tian! Just call me a monkey! "

He Jin: “…”

The fire: “h.e.l.lo.” "

Hou Dongyan One leng: “Qin, Qin Yu?” "

He Jin hurriedly to Hou Dongyan sent a voice “secret word”: “He is not Qin Yu, just sound like.” "

When the fire was not heard just the wrong call, smiled and asked Hou Dongyan: “You are Jin son’s friend?” "

Jin er … Hou Dongyan mouth twitching, a little strained!

He Jin also blushed to die, fortunately just did not rush to throw the roses into the package, now can also take to cover the face.

“Well, I’m the same as him …” he said. Ben, hehe! "

Almost put “dormitory” two words out, Hou Dongyan also nervous almost sweating, but more is excited and excited, so close to see the great G.o.d, he inexplicably kind of meeting the feeling of national leaders, trepidation, now both legs are soft!

Did not expect Jin elder brother unexpectedly is all take the first big G.o.d’s child, oh no, is a woman! (But why the elder brother Jin is a child looks like Ah!) He is derelict!

The shame of the fire politely stretched out his hand and the qi is the remaining grip: “Since it is Jin son’s cla.s.smate, that is my friend, you can call me the fire.” "



He Jin thought the monkey will be the same as himself by the war, but see the end of the tail, only see monkeys like mu Spring breeze feel the fire of friendship guidance, not once died …

To others so gentle, to his wife but three seconds to kill, no one has seen so different treatment! (╯‵-′) ╯︵┻━┻

He Jin silently … Heart Stuffed!

Half an hour of the end of the admiration, burly “big man” with tears in his eyes looked at the war, worship the fire: “Great G.o.d, thank you very much!” "

The War fire laughs: “You are welcome.” "

Ajin See, the Great G.o.d also saw, Hou Dongyan very smart: “That what, I bother to go down on the embarra.s.sed, you play, later have the opportunity to ask the great G.o.d guidance!” “said and toward squatting on the ground to draw the circle of He Jin squeeze Eyes,” Ajin, I go first! "

Qi Tianda left the room soon, the war against the fire He Jin hook finger: “Come here, since here, we first carry out today’s PK practice it.” "

Hearing this sentence, He Jin unconsciously trembling.

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