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049. Sending Roses

After going offline that night, Qin Yu took off his helmet and took out the recording chip. He connected the chip to his computer and imported the video of himself and Ah Jin practicing PK in the arena into it.

The holographic helmet allowed players to record gaming videos, but the chip in the helmet could only record from the character’s perspective, downloading a corresponding software on the computer was needed to record from other perspectives.

Qin Hao brought together two videos with different perspectives, presenting the sight of ferret Ah Jin being tortured up to 36 times vividly. After that, Qin Yu edited the video–cutting off all possible disclosure of Ah Jin’s game name and personal information and deleted his voice–He also recorded his own commentary, before finally sending the finished result to Peng Yuhao.

Peng Yuhao: “Next week’s video?”

Qin Yu: “Yes.”

Peng Yuhao gave him a thumbs-up: “I like your speed!”

In the holographic version, doing “live” broadcast to explain the game was temporarily unable to be done, it was estimated that the official company wanted to monopolize the market before the release of the team compet.i.tion, but the Fly Tour Network had thought about this. They could still continue to broadcast recorded videos, and with Fire Ruthless’s popularity, even if it was a mere recording of a video, some people would still come to watch it.

Peng Yuhao started the video. After watching the first few minutes, he wondered: “This, what is this? A spiritual pet?”

Qin Yu: “Yes.”

Peng Yuhao watched for a while: “Blimey! The whole video is only about you killing and murdering, your enemy couldn’t even counterattack once. Who is this spirit pet ah? Isn’t this too pitiable?”

Qin Yu: “My wife.”

Peng Yuhao spurted. Dear G.o.d, don’t tell me after finding out his wife is a man this guy now becomes crazy. I can feel his grudge coming off the screen!

Qin Yu: “But I have deleted his account information from the video. Not many people know his ident.i.ty, you also keep it confidential, I’m planning to use him as a secret weapon in the tournament.”

Peng Yuhao narrowed his eyes and looked down for a few minutes, before finally looking up with a smile: “Ah, yes, the ferret speed is fast and will be getting faster.”

Qin Yu: “Yes, he has potential.”

Peng Yuhao: “OK! Leave it to me, you go to sleep.”

After hanging up, Peng Yuhao watched the video patiently. He felt a little worried that this video would arouse the rage of some female viewers, after all, such a cute little animal was tortured so ruthlessly…

Especially this scene–Peng Yuhao watched as the Fire on the screen grabbed onto the ferret’s neck and carried it over. The white ferret’s appearance filled the whole screen (because at that time He Jin was forced to look at Fire), so at that moment his two silky eyes were also facing the “audience”. They were shiny, revealing endless fear and appeared to be begging for mercy, before finally closing in resigned defeat…

…… Ah Ah ~ Ruthless, you demon ~! Even a tough man like Peng Yuhao had his heart broken! QAQ

But next second, the scene on the video changed. The furry ferret finally woke up in Fire’s hands. Fire used his fingers to stroke the small animal gently, the picture looked extremely warm. The end of the video showed the ferret laying down on his back, showing his belly up and selling meng to his domesticated master. The scene played in slow motion, Qin Yu had also added a pink halo and piano dubbing effect, creating a warm and lovely atmosphere.

After seeing so much abuse, although this sweet moment was really short, it was enough to move Peng Yuhao to tears. He felt completely healed!

Ruthless, you pervert… TAT

While still cursing in his heart, Peng Yuhao edited the video name to–“Ruthless Great G.o.d teaches you how to domesticate the spiritual pet.”

Meanwhile, He Jin was still ignorant about all of this. At the moment, he was lying in bed thinking about the relationship between Leisure Cloud and Wild Crane. Although he had only seen them a few times in the game, their natural intimacy with each other made him yearn a litte. If he were to compare it with the failure of his own first love… He Jin suddenly felt that his understanding of feelings may not be as good as the two h.o.m.os.e.xual men. He also thought about Fire’s description of his “s.e.xuality”, and Qin Yu’s view of “liking” someone. All of it seemed to make him realize just how shallow his own view was.

……What does it feel like to love someone? Is it really going to happen involuntarily?

He Jin slipped into dreamland with this thought in his mind.

The next day, the helmet bought by Hou Dongyan also arrived. He jumped up and down excitedly, truly resembling a monkey.

But Hou Dongyan’s version was different from He Jin’s. His helmet was silvery gray with no collector’s logo, but it still looked really cool.

Hou Dongyan was unable to concentrate during cla.s.ses in the day, his heart itching to put on the helmet he had saved into the cupboard. On the way to the teaching building, he suddenly thought of something and asked He Jin: “Jin Ge, what’s your in game name? You are above level 50, right?”

He Jin: “…”

What’s destined to come could not be avoided. A thunderclap went off in He Jin’s heart. Inwardly, he told himself that trying to cover the truth would only result in evident guilty conscience, so he must remain calm, calm, and calm.

“It’s Ah Jin.”

“When I’m free, I’ll come find you to play together!”

“…” He Jin could only pray in his heart that Hou Dongyan would never be “free.” (=_=)

After cla.s.s, Hou Dongyan couldn’t wait for He Jin to buy his meal, and ran back first to the dormitory to play the game. He Jin returned with his meal and ate together with Big Head and Qi Ge in the common room. After eating, Big Head said to him: “Jin Ge, you don’t follow Monkey’s bad example ah. I felt so strange and terrible when I saw you wearing that helmet!”

“…” Sure enough, Monkey was blamed for him playing the game. He Jin thought of Monkey’s guilty expression when they discussed this topic some time ago and hurriedly explained: “It is not his fault. I feel a little stressed recently, so I started playing games to relax myself.”

After dinner, He Jin went back to his room and saw Hou Dongyan had put on his helmet. The man who was usually so lively when playing games, was now sitting still and extremely quiet there, just like a puppet.

He Jin put his lunch box on the desk and took time to clean up the room. A complete lap done and Hou Dongyan was still motionless…

Am I also usually like this when playing the game? He Jin thought it looked funny. No wonder Big Head said it was terrible, looking at it as an outsider was strange .

He Jin did not feel like reading, so he also put on his helmet.

When he landed in the game, a beautiful woman appeared before He Jin. The woman’s red dress looked a bit like those worn by NPC service staffs. She was holding a large bouquet of roses, behind her stood a pegasus with its wings fluttering slowly in the wind.

The service staff smiled: “Ah Jin, these are roses given by your husband, Fire. Please accept it.”

He Jin: “…”

The service staff put the heavy bundle of flowers into his hands without any explanation and then said, “I wish you and your husband a sweet, happy life!” before hopping onto the Pegasus and flying away.

He Jin didn’t know that a message flashed in the world channel the moment he picked up the flowers.

〖World〗“Magic Flower Shop”: Player Ah Jin received 999 roses from Fire, and gained the “Everlasting” couple cultivation!

The holographic were different from the keyboard version. These interfaces would not appear unless the player looked deliberately at the channel information, so He Jin didn’t see this message.

But unlike him, some people did see it. For example, the people who loved gossips, such as Hou Dongyan.

Hou Dongyan was a level 70 demon. Among many demon players, level 70 could be considered as high-rank. He had his own friends and fixed groups in the game, so although he and He Jin played the same game, his previous statement of “when I’m free, I’ll find you” was in fact only a mere casual remark.

Currently Hou Dongyan was doing dungeon with his friends. They had a woman in the team who had been staring at the world channel watching gossip. Level 50 and above players in the three servers were merged, so there were a lot more news in the world channel. Sometimes news would even disappear in just a few seconds, but this sister had keen eyes. She was able to capture any news about the Great G.o.d and then filled her teammates about them.

Right now was no different: “Oh, Great G.o.d Ruthless is flaunting his love for his wife!”

Someone asked: “That Fire is Fire Ruthless?”

Sister: “Yes ah, the day before yesterday I told you about that while talking about the holographic’s first boss kill done by the team he led, did you forget? Hey, Ruthless seems to be more capable than the Haagen-Dazs from our server.”

Someone: “Ruthless is powerful, he has been first in the whole game ranking list for about two or three years now.”

While listening to them, Hou Dongyan randomly aimed his gaze at the world Channel and frowned upon seeing the name “Ah Jin”. This name- Ah Jin? Why does it feel so familiar? ……Ah Jin! What the, is it He Jin?

Hou Dongyan shook his head, feeling sure that he must be wrong. This “Ah Jin” is the wife of the first Great G.o.d, she must have played the game for long. He Jin has just started playing, how can he become Great G.o.d’s wife…

But he soon thought of some details that happened before– He Jin looking at the ranking list; He Jin talking to him about meeting an old friend who misunderstood his gender and was apparently still waiting for him in the game… The more he thought about it… Come on, isn’t this He Jin! (=_=)

At that moment, He Jin was still holding a large bunch of roses bigger than his game character like a fool… Although it was in the game, the fidelity of the holographic game made the flowers feel delicate and tender, they also exuded a thick fragrance.

He Jin felt almost dizzy by the floral scent. He was going to see his friends list when a black clothed guy suddenly appeared before him!

Fire landed in front of him with a smile adorning his handsome face. He held a single rose in his hand, showcasing his evil charm as he asked: “Do you like my gift?”

He Jin: “Why did you give me flowers…?”

Fire inserted the last flower in his hand into the large bouquet and answered him: “Look at the message bar.”

He Jin turned his gaze to the lower left corner. After a while, the private message box appeared, showing two new system messages.

〖System〗: You received 999 roses, your couple index with Fire increased by 499.5 points!

〖System〗: You received 1 rose, your couple index with Fire increased by 0.5 points!

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