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048. Hidden h.o.m.os.e.xuality

After exiting the Heavenly Music Stage, the two of them went to a clothes store. Fire finally replaced his clothes, which design had been stolen by the game company. He made a black robe with golden fire pattern and used it with his usual black cape.

Cladded in black from head to toe, Fire seemed even more dark and imposing than before. It suited his First Ranking Demon Player t.i.tle, but..

“Isn’t your favorite colour blue? Why do you always wear red or black clothes?” After asking this, He Jin suddenly thought of Nine Hall His Highness. From the few times he had seen him, that man always wore different colored clothes–one time it was bright blue, other times it was flamboyant purple…This made He Jin feel that Fire’s combination of red and black was actually quite normal and suited him.

However, Fire soon explained his real reason: “I’m already so eye-catching, I need to wear clothes of inconspicuous colors to stay low-key. Black is a very good choice for this purpose.”

From this statement one could hear that modesty did not exist in this ‘Great G.o.d’… If you want to keep a low profile, isn’t it better to wear a grey civilian outfit? Just like me. (=_=)

Soon after that, Fire extended his fingers to Ah Jin, putting him into new clothes – an ivory satin robe with white fur outer coat. His originally shabby “small valet” look instantly morphed into the image of a young master.

Indeed, even in the game, the “people rely on clothes to set their images” truth still prevailed…

The characters in the game couldn’t feel the weight of the clothes, so they wouldn’t feel heavy or uncomfortable. He Jin looked at the thick fur on his shoulder and felt his mouth twitched – giving me this white fur coat… it’s as if you are afraid other people won’t be able to know that I’m a “white ferret”.

Fire touched the fur on He Jin’s shoulder and said in satisfaction: “Good.”

Ah Jin: “….” Fire is not a pedophile, but someone with a furry fetish, isn’t he? ( ̄_ ̄)

The game world also had a sunrise and sunset time. In these two hours, Fire and Ah Jin had experienced the full prosperity offered in the Imperial City, whether it was the chariots in daytime or the singing and dancing performance in the evening, the place stayed crowded and lively.

While strolling around, He Jin suddenly caught sight of two familiar figures on the Hua Di Liu sh.o.r.e. He tugged at Fire’s hand and whispered: “Hey, look over there, isn’t that Leisure Cloud and Wild Crane?”

[T/N: Hua Di Liu sh.o.r.e, idk how to translate it, so just imagine something like this]

The two young teenagers had bright smiles on their faces as they were putting lanterns on the river bank. A tabby cat followed behind them, the same kind as Wild Crane’s pet.

Fire: “It seems so.”

He Jin was about to ask Fire to go over and greet them, but stopped at the sight before him. Amidst the view of firework and lanterns, the white-clothed young boy suddenly grabbed the shoulder of the girl in yellow robe and kissed her… If their mouths were merely touching, He Jin could pretend it was an accident. But, they were hugging each other tightly, and kissing deeply for quite a long time!

Looking at this scene, He Jin felt his heart thumping…

He remembered being suddenly kissed by Fire before. The holographic game effect was still somewhat limited in this respect. Even if the players did this, they wouldn’t feel much in term of realistic physical simulation. However looking at the two teenagers hugging so “tightly”, an unknown feeling was suddenly brewing in He Jin’s heart.

Although the image in front of him now seemed very normal, but in reality Leisure Cloud and Wild Crane were both men…

Fire and Ah Jin stopped walking, but He Jin was the only one stunned. Fire didn’t seem to think anything was strange, instead he actually looked cheerful.

After more than 10 seconds, He Jin finally turned around and scurried away, pulling Fire with him.

“What are you hiding from? Have you never seen someone kissing before?” Fire asked shamelessly.

Indeed, the world was more open nowadays. Even in reality He Jin often saw young couples kissing on campus, let alone in the game. It was normal for men and women to want to experience these things but, they were both men…He Jin knew of h.o.m.os.e.xuality, but this was the first time he saw real h.o.m.os.e.xuals around him. He recalled their previous conversation in the game, both Leisure Cloud and Wild Crane had made it clear that they were men in their thirties and lived together. So, they were certainly in that kind of relationship!

After calming down a bit, He Jin felt that his reaction might be too “exaggerated”. In Fire’s eyes, his appearance right now was of a young boy, so didn’t that mean that he and Fire were also in that kind of relationship?

No, no, they are different. They’re just role-playing, like children playing house. It was the opposite of Leisure Cloud and Wild Crane’s situation—they appeared real here, but not in reality.

He Jin repeated this in his mind, trying to hypnotize himself, but he was still feeling confused. He wanted to know what was Fire’s thought about this, wanted to know his view of h.o.m.os.e.xuality. Judging from his reaction just now, he didn’t seem bothered by it? Or was it possible that Fire was also gay? That’s why he was so into He Jin himself. 囧。

After walking for a while, He Jin finally couldn’t resist his urge anymore. He summoned up his courage to ask Fire: “Do you think Leisure Cloud and Wild Crane are a couple?”

Fire: “Obviously, all of us think so, but no one asked.”

Ah Jin: “Then you…What do you think about it?”

Fire: “They look very good together.”

He Jin nervously clenched his small hands and asked tentatively: “Then how about you?”

Fire: “You want to ask whether I’m gay or not?”

Ah Jin: “Yeah…”

Fire: “What I see is the person.”

Ah Jin: “Ah?”

Fire: “If the one I like is a man, then so be it. If the one I like is a woman, then it’s fine too.”

Ah Jin: “….” Is this OK? (=_=)

What Fire didn’t say was, even if in reality his wife was actually a dog, he wouldn’t care. For him even “race” was not a problem, not to mention “gender”… People like him are rare!

“Do you resent them for being like that?”

He Jin shook his head. He did not dislike h.o.m.os.e.xuality, he just felt confused and shocked.

Fire nodded: “In this online game, how they want to play is their business. What are you nervous about? You yourself have chosen the image of a minor, haven’t you?”

Ah Jin: “…”

As long as he knew that He Jin did not feel disgusted, Qin Yu’s heart was still at ease. Although he was curious about He Jin’s s.e.xuality, he also had speculated that He Jin might be a hidden h.o.m.os.e.xual. He subconsciously enjoyed being taken care of by a man, otherwise how to explain his willingness to play as someone else’s wife even after knowing his husband is a man? This was also the reason why Qin Yu insisted to be called “husband” in the game.

“Honestly, you get shy way too easy ah. Look, your face has turned red again.” Fire continued to tease him, stretching out one hand to stroke the young boy’s face.

The young Ah Jin lifted his hand to cover his face and turned back in annoyance.

Fire: “…” So sensitive. I wonder, does He Jin also have such a lovely reaction in reality?

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