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051. Reappearance of the Roses

While playing PK against Ah Jin, Fire was as brutal as ever.

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051. Reappearance of Roses

The war against the Ajin PK or as always, even if He Jin repeatedly used “sell Meng” and “transient” these two new skills also difficult to escape death. le-Wen-

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After the practice, was devastated several times the Ferret Jin all over the powerless to lie on the fire hand, even spit the strength of the trough did not …

“What’s the matter?” “Not to this time, the fire is particularly gentle, smile is also exceptionally bright, but in He Jin view, this smile is the successful smile, is the evil laugh, is the capitalist exploiting cla.s.s laugh!”

If there is no Hou Dongyan contrast is just, but he thought of the war treat two people different att.i.tude, feel particularly heart plug.

“Depressed again?” “The fire still have to reach out fingers to dial snow marten nose, full of irritable He Jin can’t help but mouth bite the fire fingers!”

The fire: “…”

Not only did not hide, but also smiling to look at him, because it is holographic, is a ferret bite will not bleed, not to mention the pain, this kind of bite is like a spiritual pet and domestication between the small taste, no harm value.

It is He Jin himself, in the impulse to bite the moment of embarra.s.sment, if it is in the reality of such things, he is the most he is depressed, how could it be to bite people …

And now, how do you like to bite the fire in disguise?



Qin Yu One leng: “Who said?” I don’t know. "

Dead water: “Just saw the world ice cream to send her flowers, players are talking about, looks very messy.” "

Qin Yu immediately looked to the world channel, and sure enough, just a minute ago, there was a Copenhagen rose to send the petals yiyi 999 roses, and their own send Ajin exactly the same.

System Mall in the Rose can buy a single, can also be a bundle to buy, although the price is the same, but only “999” this one can be on TV.

It is not said that this flower only war a person can send, but because the price is expensive, will not have a lot of people to buy, but Haagen-Dazs got, and the fire that a bundle before and after the difference less than one hours, no wonder caused sensation.

And because of the fire ruthless and fallen flower Yiyi that section was eight rotten “rape Love”, but also triggered the player’s message frenzy–

World Dimple June: “Horizontal groove, Haagen-Dazs is to dig ruthless corner?” "

The World Qi 鈅: What is called the heartless corner? Others ruthless have a wife’s good felling, the fallen flower Yiyi calculate what thing! "

World Swallow Snow: I just want to say … Good ice cream! ~ (≧▽≦)/~ “

World Chanel: “How did not see the little fairy Ah Jin out squeak, rob someone else’s sweetheart, will only be a coward!” "

World Little Deer Girl: “Is there a reason upstairs?” How can you say that someone else is a sweetheart? When the other is glorious? Deteriorating! "

The World Yu Qi: is! "

The white ta.s.sel of the World Moon: “The upstairs several so said may be to have not seen the recent forum of that exposure post?” "

The World Han Bin: “In fact, I quite like Yiyi ah, once in the wild play blame her see also helped a … Wish her a good home. "

The world comes from Amen: “What posts?” Seek popular science for gossip! (⊙o⊙) “

World Month White ta.s.sel: “G.o.d Demon official Forum Love area most recent most fire a post!” "

The World Cloud Light: “Hey, the circle of the great G.o.ds, really messy!” "


Forum posts? Qin Yu’s brow wrinkled.

Of course, it’s obviously not the gossip that caused the dead water, but

Dead water: “You want to let Yiyi join the team?” Ice cream is obviously to make a stand on their own, I also saw in the Flat peach Forest yesterday, yiyi and ice cream together to see the scenery, they are coming too close, we should pay attention to it? "

Yes, is because of the fall of their own people, so they will not defend her, you can say, these two years to get along, the fall of each one of their strengths and weaknesses, and team cooperation tactics are very understanding. Now, the fallen flowers and other forces of people go near, also not to say that they can not continue to be friends, but some of the interests of the team will be cautious, even if necessary, they will choose to circ.u.mvent.

“It is not good to say, now only see ice cream to send her flowers, there is nothing abnormal, in not knowing the specific situation before or not too early to conclude, after all, the fallen flower and we play a long time.” “Qin Yu rare for falling flower Yiyi said a sentence.

The dead water: “You mean yiyi to make the beauty set the enemy?” "

Qin Yu did not think so, but meaning’re far off, to his understanding of falling petals, always feel that this girl will not be so frivolous, depression may have, but not long ago just with their own confession at the moment with other male players to engage in ambiguous, not her style, in Qin Yu, the heart of the fallen flower is always biased to play for years old friends, even without their own, And the dead water, the Nine Royal Highness and others. Of course, anyone has the right to pursue her, if Haagen-Dazs is really treat her, he will sincerely bless them.

The fire: “Look again, or you will come to ask.” "

The dead water: “I feel that you ask is better?” "

The fallen flower with oneself vindicate matter Qin Yu who didn’t say, considering the girl’s self-esteem, now also bad with the dead water, only vaguely should a sentence, but in the mind but want to make nine His Highness to ask, so casually way: “Nine recently doing, better?” "

Dead water: “During the day, it is said that the fragrance building in the Imperial Palace with a group of NPC Green

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