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039. Natural Born Killer

In this chaotic state, the once “rice weevil” He Jin could not continue to shrink in Fire's neck. He jumped down and stretched his front claw straight at the eyes of one of the Night Bamboo, doing a simple melee attack- scratching!

As a physical-attack based Spiritual Pet, He Jin did not need to recite some spells like Leisure Cloud, he just had to directly think of his intended pose and the system would cooperate to let him complete the corresponding action.

A Level Nine Spiritual Pet's attack strength was extraordinary, just by scratching one time, the insect's blood bar had gone down by one-third!

The insects in level-90 dungeon were no weaklings though; the Night Bamboo opened its mouth, and aimed to shoot flames in He Jin's direction.

As a ferret, He Jin has limited methods of fighting, but one of his characteristics was having an ability to dodge particularly fast. With a tail flick, he quickly ran behind the insect, then clawed at it; Night Bamboo’s blood bar fell another one-third!

Night bamboo turned around, intending to counterattack, but He Jin was still faster than it, and already launched his clawing attack for the third time- the insect's belly burst, dead.

Having successfully killed the Night Bamboo, He Jin was so excited. He immediately ran toward another insect, and killed it again within three shots. He ran and ran, killing every insect he met with three attacks until the ground was starting to be filled with insects' body pieces!

Dead Water saw all of it from afar and couldn't help saying, "Ruthless, your wife is very powerful ah!"

Fire was also paying attention to He Jin so he could recover his blood at anytime, so of course, he also saw this insecticidal heroic action of his… He did not expect that He Jin's operation skills in holographic state would be so good, even Great G.o.ds like Dead Water and Leisure Cloud still had difficulty to adapt to fighting and killing for the first time, but He Jin actually played very casually.

As a real-life controlled Pet, He Jin's consciousness was very clear, and his moves were flexible and adjustable, really commendable. Although his lethality was not on par with Blazing Soul Rosefinch, his other aspects far exceeded the system pets.

Anyhow, things like lethality actually depend on the quality of equipment and gems, later he would spend some money to help him build it. The smile on Fire's face was full of pride, he said jokingly back to Dead Water: “Of course, who do you think taught him.”

Dead Water: “I want to play with a Spirit Pet too ah.”

He Jin did not hear Dead Water's praise for him, and continued to slaughter the insects, striving to contribute some strength to the team.

The other team members were Great G.o.d players, so even if it was their first time, their confusion would not last long. Nine Hall His Highness was the only one who still felt miserable, his psychological discomfort often made him frustrated, and finally when Leisure Cloud failed to pay attention to his blood once, he ended up dead.

However, his and Wild Crane's out of control helmet had also returned to normal during this chaos.

And the originally weakest member He Jin not only did not die this time, but also had received praise for his great effort to contribute to the team. When He Jin seemed to have finished his killing spree, he fled back to Fire's side and looked up at him as if he was waiting for something. Fire smiled at him and said: “Intimacy.”

He Jin: “…”

The uncontrolled white ferret began climbing until he was once again nestled against Fire's neck…

Everyone's mouth twitched: this must be on the top list of 100 Ways to show your love- this picture is too beautiful, they dare not to look!

Fire didn't care about what others thought, he touched the ferret's head in a very good mood, then whispered the command to recover his blood. He Jin immediately felt refreshed, feeling like fighting against 100 night bamboos might not be that many.

They took a break for a while before continuing to advance. On the road, Nine Hall His Highness said: “I think playing this dungeon will make my body thin…”

Wild Crane: “Why ah?”

Your highness: “This place is disgusting, I think after this I will have no appet.i.te for some time.”

“Hahaha, you’re weak!” Wild Crane remembered that he had just died once and asked, “What does it feel like to die?”

Nine Hall His Highness: “My heart skipped a bit and then disconnected.”

Wild Crane: “Disconnected?” "

Your highness: “Yes, it’s disconnected from the helmet, back to reality. My consciousness only went back to the game after my resurrection.”

Flower Yiyi listened to this and thought, death equals disconnection? Then you can take the opportunity to go to the bathroom.

Wild Crane: “So interesting? I really want to try ah…"

Everyone: “…”

They soon arrived at the second pa.s.s point–the Witch Snake Monster.

The Witch Snake Monster, as the name suggests, was a group of black snakes. Nine Hall His Highness looked at the group of squirming snakes on the ground, and clutched at his abdomen to dry vomit a bit: “Sorry everybody, I can’t…”

System Voice: “The player Nine Hall His Highness has withdrawn from the team.”

When that voice finished talking, Nine Hall His Highness had disappeared from the dungeon.

Dead Water: "He’s offline."

Everyone: “…”

Wild Crane: “Poor Nine…”

Fire looked at the people around him, finally began to feel worried about their psychological condition: “How are you guys, uncomfortable?”

“It looks really disgusting, but I just keep thinking that it’s not real and I feel OK afterwards.” The Flower Yiyi in the game really did feel ok, but in reality she did not feel very good, because right now she really wanted to go to the bathroom. However, holographic state has one fatal bug: if the players wanted to go to the toilet and take off their helmet, it would be equivalent to going offline… She was planning to save Ruthless at the last moment to make Ah Jin realize her importance to Ruthless though, so she tried to endure it for now.

Leisure Cloud: “I'm fine. I was. .h.i.t with flames by the night bamboo, it wasn't really painful but it was hot, it left a bit of a shock to my psychological…” He then looked at Wild Crane, “Are you OK?”

Wild Crane face was pale and he did not look very good, he said from beside Leisure Cloud: “OK, anyway just be prepared because I won't leave you alone.”

Dead Water was still shaking his fan calmly, and said something unrelated to Fire's question: “Nine at this state, we also don’t know whether he can really adapt to holography state or not.”

Yes, these people were ready to fight in Fire's team, they had known each other well enough, so if Nine Hall His Highness was unable to adapt, he couldn't occupy the official member place in the team..

Fire said: "He is just afraid of insects and snakes, he should be fine if the dungeon is changed."

Dead water: “True … Well, come on, let's continue."

Even without Nine Hall His Highness, they could still play in the dungeon. Dead Water let out his red fox in advance, and Flower Yiyi also put out her own rabbit; five people and four pets, attack or fail.

The snake also looked terribly disgusting but it was no more difficult than the Night Bamboo to kill. He Jin sprang out once again, attacking with his claws faster and faster.

Dead Water stared at the small creature among the group of snakes and said: “Ruthless, your wife reminds me of an animal…”

Fire calmly used his skills, killing these things to him was like cutting vegetables: “He is an animal called a ferret.”

Obviously, Dead Water was also feeling very relaxed as he was chatting with Fire while fighting: “Cough, I'm actually thinking of another animal.”

Fire: “What?”

Dead Water: “Weasel.”

Fire: “What's the difference?”

Leisure Cloud who was busy on the side suddenly explained scientifically: "Weasel or also known as Snow Weasel, is an animal which looks kind of similar with ferret, but while ferrets are pets, the weasel is a natural killer.”

Dead Water: “Yeah, Ah Jin looks so joyful killing those monsters.”

Fire narrowed his eyes to look at the actively moving ferret, trying to link the characteristic from Dead Water's a.n.a.lysis to the He Jin in reality.

He thought of He Jin doing English lectures very calmly and maturely, of He Jin's serious focus when trying to learn tennis, thought of his full of strength penmanship…

But he also thought of He Jin's melancholy depression while they were at the lake, of him fleeing away out of cowardice just because one sentence from him, the Ah Jin who came online once again but still concealed the truth while also wanting to continue being his wife… Which one is the real Ah Jin?

“Pfft… You speak as if Ah Jin is really an animal, she is human ah. “Flower Yiyi smiled and interrupted their dialogue. She looked to the ferret among the snakes, originally she felt that appearance looked Meng, but now she only felt it was unsightly. Why is everyone concerned about her, because she is Ruthless' wife? Flower Yiyi raised her hand, and couldn't help but launch an attack at a snake near the ferret…

He Jin was busy killing and suddenly found himself about to be pounced on by a snake, however, before he had the chance to dodge, the snake was suddenly frozen into ice, becoming more convenient for him to kill! He looked up and saw that the one who helped him was Flower Yiyi. Although the other player was a Demon Clan's healer, she also had some attack skills of ice attribute.

He gave a smile to Flower Yiyi, however his “smile” would not appear on the ferret's face, the system automatically turned his thanks into body action—he lifted his front paws slightly up, then clasped them together in a show of grat.i.tude.

He Jin: “…”

Flower Yiyi: “…” Selling Meng is useless! This girl doesn’t like you! >_

Fire glanced at Flower Yiyi and said: “Do not help him, let him practice.”

Flower Yiyi: “…”

Finally they advanced to the last point: the boss. They took some medicine and recovered their blood, adjusting their condition to the best state. Wild Crane also finally released his baby- a tabby cat.

The cat summoned by Wild Crane happened to appear in front of He Jin. He Jin's current vision was that of a ferret, so looking at this big-eyed cat which was similar-sized to him , he really did not find it cute!

The tabby cat pawed at its face and said to He Jin: “Meow ~” in greeting.

Ah Jin: “… Hi, “

The crowd burst into laughter, and with a relaxed mood they ushered in to fight Ruthless's brother!

Without Nine Your Highness’s lion, the task of attracting the rage of Huo Ming fell to Leisure Cloud's azure dragon and Wild Crane's tabby cat. However, the tabby cat has limited physical strength, and after being attacked for a few rounds, the azure dragon's energy was also depleting. After both the system pets were finally lying fluttering on the ground, the rage was transferred to the one with the highest attack power: Fire.

At this moment, the boss's blood bar only remained half! Huo MIng summoned countless demons, and just as last time, after doing suspended animation, Leisure Cloud went back into the circle to revive Dead Water and Wild Crane; as long as Leisure Cloud did not die, basically they would be able to gain victory in this dungeon. However, during the boss's second big attack, something happened. Flowers Yiyi was supposed to do another suspended animation, but they heard the system voice suddenly said: “Player Flower Yiyi has withdrawn from the team"

Dead Water: “What, Yiyi?”

Wild Crane: “Offline?”

Everyone: “….”

Proof-read by: Eileen

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