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040. Holographic's First Kill

Flower Yiyi was merely taking advantage of the fact that her consciousness went back to reality during her “suspended animation”. Thinking she was lucky, she took off the helmet's shield for just a few seconds and went to the bathroom. Once she sat on the toilet, she hurriedly put the shield back on. The result? She was returned to the landing interface with a system prompt saying: "You are re-logged in!"

At that moment Flower Yiyi's heart sank down, rather than the relief that she should have felt after peeing, her heart was filled with depression instead. Although it was only for a few seconds, this pit-dad's[1] game would not recognize it, and so, once she went online again, she had found herself sent out of the dungeon!

The next second, the World Channel released an announcement of Fire and the others who had successfully defeated Huo Ming.

In the holographic mode, the “text chat channel” position was similar with the teammates information, placed in a light curtain at the lower left corner of the players' line of sight. When Flower Yiyi saw this announcement, the white font appeared particularly dazzling.

〖World〗: Congratulation to holographic players Fire, Ah Jin, Dead Water, Leisure Cloud, and Wild Crane for beating Huo Ming. In addition to finishing the task, you've also got first kill for Yan Mountain Blazing Prison in holographic mode!

Not only this, two seconds later another message appeared on their upper line of sight, saying: “Full Service Bulletin” will now start rolling!

“Full Service Bulletin” was the most antic.i.p.ated news media in Demon G.o.d. Usually, only things like “server upgrade”, “Boss first kill”, “the first change in the ranking list” and other official notices would be announced here, and all players would receive them without exception, it could not be blocked.

Why this announcement appeared in the full service bulletin board, the answer was self-evident -because it was holographic first kill!

After Demon G.o.d's revision, during the past few years the First Kill record of all bosses in Flowers Yiyi's server had long been taken by the Great G.o.ds currently occupying the ranking list. How long had they not seen this kind of announcement?

And today was holographic version's opening day, the three servers were merged and all players above level 50 were all converged together, the world channel was several times more lively than it was before.

Most players in the newly opened holographic mode were still enjoying the scenery for the first time, and yet Fire and his team had managed to complete a level-90 dungeon and gained a first kill! The players were shocked, and the world channel was filled with only exclamations and ellipsis as they were all speechless…

It wasn't until the bulletin disappeared that their ability to talk was gradually restored.

World Channel 'Qing Nine': “Is this the strongest team in the server?” 

World Channel 'Cosette': “Ruthless changed his name! How did it turn into Fire? This Fire is Fire Ruthless, right?"

World Channel 'Levy Rain': “Yes, before the revision, he was called as Fire in Spirit Fairy…”

World Channel 'Mo Xiao Xuan': “Xiao Xian-Jin has also been renamed ah, became Ah Jin.” 

World Channel 'Uncle Dou': "Both cutting their names, do these two people want to match?"

World Channel 'Feather Month Chen': No one is concerned about the ‘holographic first kill'!!! Who can explain this?"

World Channel 'Green Dyed Leaved: “Obviously it's the literal meaning, it seems all bosses in holographic mode are once again free game to tackle for first kill!”

World Channel 'Eve': "Ruthless! I’m a newbie in this server!"

World Channel '泤泤 Cang Xia': “Once again I did not see Flower Yiyi ~[Candle]”

World Channel 'Ali': “Hey, the wife is here so the female apprentice has completely fallen out of favor… [Candle] [Candle]"


Looking at the bulletin board and the discussion going on in the world channel, Flower Yiyi felt like every word was a knife stabbing into her. It was as if they were deliberately and repeatedly reminding of her reason to hide the grievance she was feeling; as long as Ah Jin is in this game, her name would always be firmly tied with them and she would always become a subject of pity… 

At this time, the world channel announced news of the best equipment and advanced materials gained by Ah Jin and the other team members. Unexpectedly, they saw many new items there - lapis lazuli, hidden spells, and Huo Ming's armor!

Although they were unable to view the properties of these items, they all knew that only the best would appear in the world channel's announcement. They did not expect that there would be new things in the holographic mode! These were only first kill's unique rewards, but they were enough to make the players crazy.

For a while after that, the new players in the holographic mode would start teaming up and attacking dungeons and wild bosses!

When the team went out of Yan Mountain, they were surprised to see Flower Yiyi waiting for them at the entrance.

Wild Crane was the first to talk: “Yiyi? Why did you go offline just now?"

All people have need to answer the call of nature, even the beauties. It was unavoidable and shouldn't be an embarra.s.sment to admit when the need to go to the toilet came. However, this elegant beauty how could she let such unruly things out of her mouth, she could only find excuse: “I don't know, suddenly it went offline.” 

Leisure Cloud: “Is the helmet dead?” "

Flowers Yiyi: “Maybe…”

Dead Water said in sympathy: “What a pity, just one step away.” 

Wild Crane: "Yes ah, yes, we took a lot of system's rewards! "

Yes, the moment they killed Huo Ming, in addition to the full service bulletin and the world channel notice, everyone also received a separate system message congratulating them on their completion of the first kill. As the reward, they each got a pile of high-grade Dan Medicine.

Hearing this, Flowers Yiyi felt so regretful her intestines turned green, but she could not say the real reason and had to pretend to smile: “It's fine, there are still opportunities next time ~o (n_n) o~”

Wild Crane: “Hey, you guys know, I've been holding the urge to pee for half an hour all for the sake of completing the dungeon, so I'll go first ah!”

After saying this, Wild Crane disappeared. Dead Water shook his fan and said to Leisure Cloud: “Your younger brother is more than 30 years old, how is it he still acts the same as a child?”

Leisure Cloud laugh dryly: “Hehe, that's his character…”

Dead Water: “Say, this is really a bug in holographic mode ah- in the middle of playing we can't go offline without being disconnected, and we also can't give notice to anyone.” 

Fire nodded: “You can leave feedback to the officials about it, see if there is a solution.” 

He Jin laughed: “That's why I specially drank water and went to the toilet before the game, just in case.” 

Fire looked at him: “You are quite prescient.” "

Flower Yiyi listened to them talking about these issues. It was tantamount to sprinkling salt on her exposed wound, especially Ah Jin's last words which seemed as if contrasting her stupidity. At that moment, her whole self suddenly shrouded with a surge of negative energy.

During this, the expression on Leisure Cloud's face suddenly changed: “You… Little … “

Several people looked at him: “What?” 

Leisure Cloud's expression became twisted: “Wild Crane is tickling me after coming back from toilet, I'm going offline first.” 

Everyone: “…”

Leisure Cloud gone, leaving only four people there. Dead water asked about their plan, Fire said naturally: “Since we have nothing else to do here, me and Ah Jin will go to our own world,” he then turned to Ah Jin and said, “let Poor Flame out, we'll go to see the scenery.” 

Flower Yiyi was stunned– Ruthless unexpectedly gave Poor Flames to Ah Jin?

She watched as Ah Jin asked his Xiao Xin about how some tips, then summoned Poor Flame. In this real-life simulation, Poor Flame appeared even more majestic, more cool and domineering than before!

The two players went on to sit on Poor Flame with the gray-dressed juvenile taken to lean into the bosom of the tall young man. Fire pulled at the rein, two of them said “good-bye” just as Poor Flame began to fly away…

Flower Yiyi looked at them until they disappeared among the clouds without concealing the envy in her eyes.

Dead Water seemed to see that, and asked her: “Troubled?”

Finally having someone who realized her loneliness, Flower Yiyi felt so moved she almost cried. The holographic helmet could not conceal her emotions, so she looked tearfully at the Dead Water: “Ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

Dead water: “…" Did he open a door to something that shouldn't be opened? (=_=)

Flower Yiyi while twirling her hair with her fingers said aggrievedly: “I am not in a good mood…”

Dead Water: “Because of Ruthless?” 

Flower Yiyi sighed, said “ah” in a wronged voice, then continued faintly: “Master seemed to be ignoring me lately…”

Dead Water: “Oh, it's because his wife came back.” 

Flower Yiyi: “Ah Jin is his real girlfriend?” 

“No, they seemed to meet each other in the game,” so many years had pa.s.sed, Dead Water had already forgotten his promise of "secrecy" to Fire. In order to cheer up Flower Yiyi, he simply told her about Fire's story, “They met when they were very young, but then for some reason his wife stopped coming online for many years. She left without telling Ruthless, and Ruthless has been waiting for her for all these years, until now Ah Jin finally came back."

Flower Yiyi was shocked: “So many years they did not meet, why is he unable to forget about it?”

Dead Water shrugged: “You must ask Ruthless himself about that. I also asked him before, but he did not tell me the reason, maybe he is obsessed..”

Flower Yiyi bowed her head, feeling more and more sympathy for Fire. After being gone for so long, why did that person get to have him once she came back?

Dead Water patted Flower Yiyi’s shoulder lightly, his wings flapping: “I want to look at the spirit pet market, so I have to go first… Yiyi, it's just a game, don’t think too much."

Dead Water then also flew away, and despite the gust of hot wind blowing in his wake, Flower Yiyi felt as lonely as falling snow.

During this time, a group of people appeared at the cave's entrance. They were holographic players, so their names weren't shown. Flowers Yiyi did not recognize them, but as a well-known demon player in Demon G.o.d, those people of course knew Flower Yiyi's image in real life-“Yo, isn't this Demon G.o.d's first beauty!” 

Hearing his voice, Flower Yiyi finally recalled… “Copenhagen Dazs?”


[1] Pit’s father is just another way to translate 坑-爹 (Father-trapped) which meaning I’ve explained in ch 34

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