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038. Summoning the Dragon

In his flowery girl face, Wild Crane said with a bold and unconstrained juvenile voice: “I like it this way, you control yourself ~”

All of their faces turned ( ̄_  ̄ ), except for Leisure Cloud who was smiling at him, his face full of adoration.

Because there were two more youngsters here, Ah Jin's changed form was nothing in their eyes.

Among the men stood a woman in a lavender skirt, with eyes as attractive as peach blossoms, she looked so beautiful as if she came out of a painting. Usually, someone like this would be first to gain attention, but the female-shaped, male-voiced “Wild Crane” had stolen the spotlight this time. Nine Hall His Highness was pretending to gag when He Jin finally noticed her.

“Fire's…” Flower Yiyi was staring at the small boy as well, but she really couldn't bring herself to say the word “wife”, finally she only smiled softly and said: “I am Flower Yiyi.”

So she is Fire's apprentice, no wonder she looks familiar! He Jin remembered the photos of her he had seen in the gossip post, and gave her a nod, saying, “h.e.l.lo”.

It was the first time they ‘met’ each other in the game using human appearance, previously because He Jin's level was not enough, only Flower Yiyi could one-sidedly see the appearance of his “Tsing Yi Maiden”. Flower Yiyi thought the holographic version would be a good chance for her to look and pick a bit on the other girl's appearance, so she also did not buy nor upgrade her fashion style yet, and only adjusted her face a little to look more like her real face. But who would have thought that this player would actually use the system to change her appearance from that of a young girl to this….What kind of aesthetic is this?

But the previous “ferret” appearance actually looked quite meng… how to cultivate it! >_

He Jin himself did not feel his character's image was bad, anyway Fire also did not say anything bad about it, so he must have liked it.

Lately he mainly played this game, so although he was just a ferret, after honing his skill for about half month, his strength had also greatly enhanced. At this moment, He Jin just wanted to go with these Great G.o.d players to test his strength, practice his claw, and brush his ego slightly.

Nine Hall His Highness unload the bow on his back, and urged them: “Well, let's continue the introductions later, I can’t wait anymore!”

Dead Water shook his fan, and said leisurely: “You sure you want to play this dungeon? Shouldn't we go to a lower grade dungeon first as practice? "

Wild Crane looked at the entrance of the Yan Mountain and thought of the last time they played there. He also said a little doubtfully: "Yes ah, why should we pick such heavy ground?"

Fire changed He Jin back to his white ferret form and hugged him in his bosom: "Come on, team, let's go in to try."

The team mode in holographic version was almost the same as in the keyboard one, but instead of being displayed on the screen, the team members' status would be shown in a translucent light curtain at the upper left corner of the player's line of sight. It was designed that way as to not hinder the player's experience of real scene visual effects.

The team was named as Dead Water's Group. He Jin followed Fire into the team and saw the respective player's name and status emerged over everyone's head. However, the small stroke (丶) at the end of “Leisure Cloud” and “Wild Crane” had disappeared, everyone’s game name had been cleaned.

All of them walked along into the dark tunnel, Fire then started to fly, followed closely by Leisure Clouds and Wild Crane.

Since he had played in here once before, He Jin still had a little impression of it. However, experiencing the difference between the keyboard and hologram version was like watching adventure movies and doing those adventures personally, the difference was between heaven and earth.

As they had imagined before, they started to feel the heat waves after going into the mountains, on the ground a variety of centipede maggots were crawling around, appearing so lifelike and disgusting. All of them were tightly affixed together, no one dared to lag behind. Usually, Nine Hall His Highness would say something from time to time to liven the atmosphere and Wild Crane would also follow it by saying one sentence or two, but now, none of them were talking, they only silently hurried ahead. He Jin was also feeling slightly eerie from the background music, and stayed motionless around Fire's neck.

They finally arrived at the first pa.s.sing point, Fire stopped right outside the attack range of the Night Bamboo. He waited for Nine Hall His Highness to started attacking but the other guy still did not do anything even after a while. He turned around to see him: “Nine?”

Dead Water: “He is vomiting…”

He saw Nine Hall His Highness leaning against the cave wall not far from where they were standing. His upper body was heaving constantly, but since it was only in the game, there was nothing coming out of his mouth, so Nine Hall His Highness was only imitating a vomiting action.

Everyone was speechless, who was it that said that they are not afraid of these insects, but feared the heat instead? (=_=)

His Highness couldn't be counted on, the remaining people could only be self-reliant.

Leisure Cloud did a tai chi posture, and shouted: “Summon Azure Dragon–!!!" (Leisure Cloud: d.a.m.n it, this way of summoning is so shameful!)

Just as he finished saying this, a huge dragon suddenly appeared out in thin air. Its body twisting in the air, and its presence was accompanied by sizzling hot air, the players who witnessed its appearance were so scared they almost p.i.s.sed themselves!

Wild Crane: “Holy f.u.c.k! This is a real dragon!"

Dead water also took a step back unconsciously out of fear: “So big…”

Meanwhile, Nine Hall His Highness who was just slowly began to recover was about to run back to them, however when he turned the first thing he saw was the twisting monster. His eyes turned black, and he turned back to continue vomiting…

Dead Water looked at the circling, drifting dragon and said: “Fortunately you are only a dragon, if you were a snake, long, thick, and so big, I guess no one would dare to come near you.”

“No, no, don't say anything anymore ah! *vomit*” said His Highness weakly in the distance.

-He hated all squirming mollusks! (兀o兀)

Flower Yiyi was still fairly calm, but she instinctively stood behind Fire, looking a little pale.

Fortunately, however vivid he looked, the Azure Dragon was only a system pet, merely a written data. Without Leisure Cloud's control and instructions, it would not make any redundant action, or he would be even scarier than when he first came out.

“Scared this baby to death…” Wild Crane patted his chest then said, “This game is too absurd ah, even the women’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s feel so real… gezz , what else?” He timidly bypa.s.sed the dragon, shrinking into Leisure Cloud's side, “Ge, you have to protect me ah, I am a little scared of this ghost place…”

Leisure Cloud patted his head in comfort, “You have me here, don’t be afraid.”

Wild Crane: “My helmet seems strange …”

Leisure Cloud: “Strange how?”

Before Wild Crane could explain, Nine Hall His Highness who had been vomiting on the side suddenly said resentfully : “Hey, when this more than 30-years-old uncle is in pain he gets comfort, even a ferret still gets some love, but why does such a handsome man like me get no love? I threw up but n.o.body seemed to care… Oh! Bugs are so scary… Why am I soo poor…" The more he talked, the more Nine Hall His Highness felt wronged, his shoulders actually began to shake, and he fell on the ground crying. He also took out his arrows, and started drawing them to the mountain's wall, all the while wailing, “Why, why, even the helmet is bullying me! I was just thinking that, I didn't want to say it out loud…”

Everyone: “…” (=_=)

Hearing him say so, He Jin immediately reacted and came over, he feared that Nine Hall His Highness was experiencing the same thing as him before: he was frightened for the first time in the game, so the helmet temporarily lost control!

Wild Crane looked to Nine Hall His Highness: “Nine, your helmet is also out of control?”

His Highness looked back, and cried, “Yes, all the words I thought of came out, dammit…”

Wild Crane's expression turned twisted for a while, before he suddenly said: “I originally wanted to comfort, but hahaha… But I can’t help laughing when I see you like this… I’m sorry my helmet is out of control, I really can’t help it hahaha…"

Nine Hall His Highness angrily threw one of his arrow at Wild Crane: “You are wearing this woman's outfit, and changed your appearance into a girl's image, but I never once laughed at you!"

Wild Crane pulled out his sword and “Clank clank” blocked off Nine Hall His Highness’s arrow: “Come ah, I'm not afraid of you!”

Everyone: “…”

The sight of the two out-of-control players fighting openly, and of Nine Hall His Highness' previous arrow shooting spree had attracted the Night Bamboo… Night Bamboo's nature was to attack in a group, so during this time, all of them suddenly rushed and attacked the players, the scene instantly turned into chaos!

Nine Hall His Highness and Wild Crane hurriedly ceased their fighting, and while still in an out-of-control state, they scrambled to start dealing with swarms of insects.

“I want to go, I don't want to do this ah, I just vomited, still very weak ah… Whoa, f.u.c.k! This Night Bamboo will burst out some kind of plasma when they die ah, too disgusting… Someone help me, I can’t do this! Want to vomit… Vomit… Help, Help! Leisure Cloud… Add my blood…"

Leisure Cloud: “Healing G.o.d – target: Nine Hall His Highness!” (=_=)

Proof-read by: Eileen

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