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A yellow robed cultivator with pockmarks all over his face was silently hiding under a few large trees.

Previously, after she had successfully formed her core in the Eagle Mountain, she had immediately fled towards the desolated plains to the left side of the mountain. From the looks of it, this female cultivator wanted to escape from the Eagle Mountain as soon as possible, and because she had been involved in some of the chaotic battlefields in the destruction of the Mystical Valley and Green City Ruins, the further she went, the better.

However, she had only just left the Eagle Mountain area and was not far from the edge of the mountain.

From the looks of it, she seemed to be afraid of being discovered and didn't dare to fly away. She had been hiding here all along.

Now that she looked in the direction of the Eagle Mountain, this female cultivator, whose appearance and aura she could not recognize, muttered softly and prepared to run out again.

However, just as her figure started to move, her face suddenly revealed a very nervous expression before she had even flown fifteen meters away.

"Shua!" 200 feet to the left of her suddenly rushed out. A sallow faced cultivator stepped on a lotus flower shaped magic treasure.

"It's him?"

This yellow faced cultivator clearly used some technique to hide his presence, and when he flew, there was no sound at all, so it was only until both sides saw that this female cultivator discovered that there was actually such a cultivator more than 200 meters away. With a flash of her eyes, this female cultivator immediately froze and immediately recognized who this yellow faced cultivator was.

This sallow faced cultivator who escaped in an extremely sorry state was, of course, Wei Suo.

Originally, Wei Suo was very anxious to escape, and this female cultivator seemed to be able to hide her aura above him. With his spiritual sense, he also discovered that there was a cultivator at the location of his escape. The moment he saw a pock faced cultivator appear, Wei Suo was obviously shocked. He was so scared that his mouth almost fell open and his tongue almost came out of his mouth.

As for the female cultivator, she looked at him blankly. However, she was also unable to escape from Wei Suo's sight, causing a chill to run through his heart.

The key was that with a sweep of Wei Suo w.a.n.g's Qi Method, he discovered that this pock faced cultivator seemed to have a layer of water on his body, making it impossible to determine his cultivation level. Clearly, he had also used some technique to conceal his true cultivation level, and it was far from as simple as this cultivator's cultivation level being merely at the Perception Reaching Realm.

"Who are you!?" Do you know me? " Wei Suo immediately paused and asked sternly.

As soon as something was wrong, Vyeso would act.

"He was. .h.i.t by Flying Flames' spell!" Did he fight with his eldest senior brother? He can actually escape from Eldest Brother's hands? "

"His injuries aren't light. What kind of technique did he use to seal his injuries?"

Just as Wei Suo was speaking, the female cultivator's gaze swept over him. A look of shock flashed through her eyes.

"Oh, that's right. I recognize him, so it's impossible for him to recognize me. Right now, he must have thought that my expression was weird and that I had some sort of malicious intent. If my words were wrong, he would definitely attack me."

At this moment, when she heard Wei Suo's stern voice, the female cultivator's body trembled and she came back to her senses after suddenly recognizing Wei Suo.

"Don't do anything, I have no ill intentions."

This female cultivator usually didn't interact much with other people. Back in the city, she wasn't very eloquent. Now that she was in such a rush, the female cultivator didn't know what to say. She could only say this.

After saying this, the female cultivator felt that she wasn't speaking very well. Her face blushed slightly, and she immediately added softly, "I was just surprised to see that you were trapped by the Black Wind Sect's restrictions."

"Inhibition of the Black Wind Sect?" Wei Suo didn't even know that this female cultivator was the 'Zhang Fengyi' that he had met in the City of Ten Thousand Lives. Hearing her say this, Wei Suo was immediately frightened.

"Did you just fight with someone from the Mysterious Wind Sect? Furthermore, the opponent was an Aurous Core stage cultivator or above, and he used a magic treasure to attack you. " However, the female cultivator already expected that Wei Suo wouldn't be able to detect anything unusual. Without waiting for Wei Suo to say anything, she quickly looked at him and said, "This kind of restriction uses a unique technique to make your aura carry a trace of his magic treasure's unique aura. It's impossible for you to detect it."

"How do you expect me to believe you? Since even I am unable to detect it myself, how can you possibly know? " Wei Suo immediately frowned. Looking at the female cultivator, he said nothing.

"Believe it or not, just let me remove this restriction for you." The female cultivator looked into Wei Suo's eyes and said, "I know because I had a grudge with the Mysterious Wind Sect. I was hiding here because I'm hiding from the people of the Mysterious Wind Sect."

"For you to remove the restriction on me?" Wei Suo's eyes lit up as if he was hesitating.

"You have to be faster. Otherwise, if you are caught up, you won't be able to escape." The female cultivator became anxious, she threw a treasure bag on the ground, "I'm now throwing it out. If you suspect that I'm lying to you, when you discover what treasure I want to use, you can immediately make a move, I will only use this one technique. I think with your cultivation, you must be able to determine whether this is a technique to remove restrictions or a technique to attack you."

"Alright, you can cast your spell now." Wei Suo's eyebrows jumped, and he immediately made his decision.


The female cultivator waved her hands and suddenly, tens of azure threads of light shot towards Wei Suo's head. Almost at the same time, a faintly discernable golden light suddenly rose from Wei Suo's body. This golden light first condensed into an extremely tiny talisman before being drawn into the dozens of azure light threads.

Dozens of azure and violet lights wrapped around this faintly discernible little golden talisman, immediately transforming it into the shape of a small golden spear. The appearance of this small golden spear was exactly the same as Lin Taixu's Broken G.o.d Spear.


In the blink of an eye, the small golden spear's light was shattered by dozens of azure lights.

"Big... Lin Taixu's Broken G.o.d Spear! " But as soon as she saw the appearance of the small golden spear, the female cultivator's face turned pale, "Lin Taixu used this treasure to deal with you?"

"That's right. The might of this treasure of his is indeed extremely terrifying. "Many thanks for fellow daoist's help. I wonder what your name is. If there's a chance in the future, I will definitely repay you."

Even if Wei Suo was a fool, he could tell that the other party was helping him remove the restriction. However, he was still a bit surprised and didn't know why the other party would help him.

"My name is …" Thinking back to the time when Wei Suo said, "This gem earth dragon of yours must be extremely constipated," she immediately became a bit mischievous. She couldn't help but want to say, "I'm Zhang Fengyi, and then see what Wei Suo's reaction was, but after saying the two words, she felt a bit embarra.s.sed to joke around with him. After hesitating for a moment, she said," My surname is Lan. "

"Fellow Daoist Lan?" Seeing the hesitating look on the female cultivator's face, Wei s...o...b..came even more suspicious.

"Fellow Daoist Lan, this place is too dangerous. I'll be leaving first." Furthermore, he was too close to the swamp, so Wei Suo didn't want anything to happen to him. After saying that to the female cultivator, he wanted to leave immediately.

"It's too late. If you escape now, he will definitely catch you." However, the female cultivator immediately stopped Wei Suo with a wry smile, "Now if you immediately dig a cave that's over a thousand feet deep, then we will be able to escape his pursuit."

"Dig out a hundred zhang deep cave?" Wei Suo paused for a moment and looked at the female cultivator in confusion.

"That flying shadow restriction just now wasn't something that could sense your aura just by relying on Lin Taixu's skills." The female cultivator snapped her fingers and quickly explained, "Within the flying magic treasure of the Profound Wind Sky Hall, there is a formation. Only by using this formation can he determine the escape location of the cultivator hit by this restriction. But even using this formation, I can only get a rough idea of the general direction. "

"But if you were to desperately fly and flee, it would be different. The formation on the Mysterious Wind Heaven Palace could tell how many cultivators were flying in this direction. It will be easy to catch up with you. According to the magic techniques that we use to conceal our auras, as long as we remain still and remain in the Heavenly Profound Palace, it would be impossible for the Heavenly Profound Palace to detect us even if we fly over the forest. "

"The Mysterious Wind Sect is way too ruthless. Wei Suo, hurry up and dig a hole!" Upon hearing the female cultivator's words, the old man in the green robe immediately cried out.

The more powerful a sect was, the more afraid the green-robed old man was that they would be of him falling into their hands together with the Ghost Cage. This was because such a super large sect might have some sort of Art Art of Soul-Search that could directly extract all the information from his head.

Even without the green-robed old man's shout, Wei Suo immediately stretched out his hand and pointed at the door. He took out his flying sword and started digging down from under a large tree.

"So big? Is this a flying sword? " When this absolute female cultivator saw Wei Suo's flying sword, she was also dumbfounded.

But then, this absolute female cultivator also had some experience. She quickly cooperated with Wei Suo and used her storage pouch to store the soil that Wei Suo dug out. From time to time, she would release a stream of extremely rich water energy and slap the wall that Wei Suo had dug out.

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