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The efficiency of Wei Suo's digging was extremely fast. The flying sword inserted itself into the ground and drew a circle in the air. Then Wei Suo activated his primeval essence and a large amount of the cylindrical soil and rocks were dug up.

"Why are there suddenly such cultivators gathered around the Eagle Mountain?" Many high-level demon beasts have arrived. What exactly has happened? "

"What, you don't even know it while you're here? Are you just pa.s.sing by? In a large swamp area behind the Eagle Mountain, there were quite a few items from the Green City Ruins. There were quite a few medicinal herbs within. These cultivators all received the news and came here to s.n.a.t.c.h them. "

"Then how did you offend Lin Taixu?"

"I just stole a stalk of spiritual medicine from right under his nose."

"Lin Taixu is at the fourth level of the Aurous Core Stage, he is known as the number one cultivator in the younger generation in the Profound Sky Continent. With a treasure like the G.o.d Destroying Spear, you dare to s.n.a.t.c.h Elixir from him?"

"At that time, it just so happened that he was desperately trying to escape, and after I calculated it, I should have grabbed that spiritual medicine, and by the time he realized what was happening, I should have been able to escape thousands of feet away. At that time, the situation was extremely chaotic, and I thought there was a 70 to 80% chance that I would be able to safely escape, but I didn't know that Lin Taixu had such a terrifyingly powerful divine spear like this."

"Feng Wu Cang?" No matter what, he would coincidentally be here. He was also an extraordinary character. If it wasn't for the accident in his first attempt at the Aurous Core stage, his current cultivation might not be any lower than Lin Taixu's. In the battle between him and Lin Taixu, who would win and who would lose? Based on their backgrounds and ident.i.ties, they shouldn't risk their lives? "

"In a one on one battle, there's still a chance. Lin Taixu was with True Martial Sect's Young Master Xu Qianyuan, and it's impossible for him to win, so he was heavily wounded and escaped. But, his technique that can draw down seven streams of Astral Yuan Qi is also very shocking, and it also managed to injure Lin Taixu and Xu Qianyun."

"Xu Qianyan is all here?" The technique to draw in seven streams of Astral Qi was the Darknorth Douluo technique, the Primordial Flame technique. Feng Wu Cang actually cultivated this technique? The reason why it was only ranked in the middle rank of the Heaven Ranked, but was not able to be ranked in the middle rank of the Heaven Ranked, was because this technique was called the middle rank technique of the Jade Sky Sect, and required one to consume a large amount of vital energy and blood at a time, which was equivalent to the loss of one's lifespan. This technique can only be used by Aurous Core stage cultivators, but ordinary Aurous Core stage cultivators would not dare to use such a suicidal technique. "

"Extinguishing Divine Spear? What rank Magic Treasure is it?"

"The Spearing-Destroying Spear Technique is a high-grade Mysterious treasure."


While he was speaking, Wei Suo had already dug down a thousand feet.

The surroundings of the Eagle Mountain were extremely moist. When they were 200 feet below the ground, they were surrounded by mud, rocks, and even water came out from the walls. However, this was not difficult for Wei Suo. He only ignited the ancient fierce fire and instantly melted the wall of the tunnel. It congealed and formed a thick black rock, through which water couldn't penetrate at all.

"Wei Suo, this person's ident.i.ty is very strange, he's most likely a high level cultivator of a large sect. Otherwise, it's impossible for him to understand so much about Lin Taixu, Feng Wukang, and the rest, and know so much about their methods and treasures." At a depth of one hundred zhang, it was already the safe zone that the female cultivator mentioned. The green-robed old man finally heaved a sigh of relief as he began to regain his clarity.

Wei Suo and the green-robed old man could be said to be a small merchant and an old ghost. Since the green-robed old man said this, Wei Suo had already felt that this female cultivator's ident.i.ty was very different.

However, Wei Suo could also feel it. Although this female cultivator was strange, she did not have any ill intentions towards him. Right now, this female cultivator clearly did not want to reveal her ident.i.ty, so Wei Suo naturally could not force the issue.

"If I'm not wrong, the Profound Wind Sky Palace has at least the defense of a low-grade Profound Rank. Lin Taixu also has high-grade Mysterious rank Magic Treasures like the Broken G.o.d Spear. Could it be that there are a lot of them in the large sects like the Black Wind Sect and the True Martial Sect, like cabbages? " Wei Suo also did not stop, continuing to dig.

Judging from his appearance, even if the distance of one hundred zhang was more or less safe, he would have to dig at least twenty to thirty zhang.

"How could it be cabbage?" It was obvious that no one could talk to the female cultivator in such a relaxed tone. Hearing Wei Suo's words, the female cultivator also found it very interesting and not only was she amused, she said, "True Xuan grade magic treasures are extremely rare in the entire cultivation world. There were only a few sects like the Black Wind Sect and the Zhen Wu Sect. As for why Lin Taixu had such a treasure in his hands, it was because he was the true disciple of the Mysterious Wind Sect and the sect head's first-in-line successor. His status was higher than the law enforcement elders and supreme elders. It is normal for you to have such a treasure on you. "

"Xuan level Magic Treasures? Does the True Martial Sect only have a few?"

Hearing this female cultivator's words, Wei Suo heaved a sigh of relief. Otherwise, if a cultivator of the Aurous Core stage had one or two Xuan grade magic treasures in his hands in a super sect like the True Martial Sect, then Wei Suo really wouldn't be able to survive.

"Does the Black Wind Sect and the True Martial Sect have any Immortal-ranked magic treasures?" Suddenly, Wei Suo thought of another serious problem and asked.

The power of an Immortal-ranked magic treasure was many times greater than a high-grade Darkrank magic treasure. If the Zhen Wu sect had an Immortal-ranked magic treasure, then not just any cultivator with an Immortal-ranked magic treasure could have aimed it at Wei Suo and instantly killed him.

"As far as I know, as far as I know." The female cultivator used to play with her fingers again, "Currently, in all of the sects in the Tian Xuan Land, there doesn't seem to be any sect that has a genuine Immortal-ranked magic treasure."

"No Immortal-ranked magic treasure?" Wei Suo heaved a sigh of relief, "It's said that the Sect Master of the True Martial Sect is a Divine Profound Realm cultivator? "How many True Martial Sect cultivators have a cultivation level above the Golden Core Stage?"

"It is said that the True Martial Sect's Sect Master, Xu Lingyu, broke through to the Divine Profound Realm in these ten to twenty years. I only know four people who are at the third level of the Aurous Core stage or higher: Adept Coiling Dragon, Adept Ancient Martial, Adept Silvermoon, and Adept White-Feather. "No, there should be five of them and Xu Qianyun."

"So many? A super sect was indeed a super big sect. Even an ordinary sect with a third level Aurous Core stage cultivator leading it could be considered one of the big sects. In the southern part of the Tian Xuan Land, the number of cultivators in the big sects only added up to a dozen or so. "True Martial Sect is such a great sect, and has more than the third level of the Aurous Core stage. To think that there would be so many of them." The old man in green sucked in a breath of cold air when he heard this. "A sect with hundreds of thousands of disciples like this is indeed a super giant."

"Of all the cultivators above the third level of the Aurous Core stage, who are the most powerful?" Wei Suo couldn't help but roll his eyes and ask again.

"Why are you asking so many questions about the True Martial Sect?" The female cultivator looked at Wei Suo strangely.

"To tell you the truth, I have a grudge with the True Martial Sect. And, this conflict is because I stole something from under Xu Qiuhuan's nose." Wei Suo looked at the female cultivator and said.

"If Xu Qianyuan is present this time, then wouldn't you have s.n.a.t.c.hed something away from him twice?" The female cultivator was suddenly speechless, "It seems that you have really provoked a lot of people."

"You don't have to worry about debts. You'll get used to provoking others." Wei Suo waved his hand and continued digging.

"Pfft!" "" The female cultivator couldn't help but laugh. Amongst the few cultivators I mentioned, Spiritual Master Bai Yu is in the fourth level of the Aurous Core stage while the rest are in the third level. As for the specific sacred art, I don't know which one of them is the most powerful. "Also, I don't know whether Xu Qianyuan is at the third or fourth level of the Aurous Core stage, but he is the same as Lin Taixu. His status is different, and there are definitely more powerful things than these Highest Elder level characters."

"You know so much, I'm afraid your ident.i.ty is extraordinary as well?" Wei Suo looked at the female cultivator and asked, "Then between you and the Mysterious Wind Sect, what conflict do you have with them?"

"I have something that the Mysterious Wind Gate wants on me." The female cultivator hesitated for a moment before saying, "As for the reason why I know all this, it's because I'm a cultivator from the center of the Profound Sky Continent, so I have a lot of contact with these sects. As for the cultivators and sects in the other places, I do not know anything about them. "


Wei Suo didn't ask any further. At this moment, he had already dug down at least three hundred feet. Seeing that it was about time, he started digging horizontally again and dug out a few rooms as if he was familiar with the place.

"Why are you so familiar with digging?" The female cultivator was dumbstruck again.

"I've built my own Immortal's cave before. I'm the best at digging and stuff like that." Wei Suo chuckled.

"How are your injuries?" The female cultivator seemed to have thought of something, and suddenly looked at Wei Suo and asked.

"You can see me hurt?" Wei Suo's eyebrows suddenly jumped.

"I've cultivated an arcane skill, I can probably feel it." The female cultivator nodded and said.

"Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!"

At this moment, before Wei Suo could say anything, a series of deep rumbling sounds could be heard from underground.

"It's the sound of the Mystic Wind Heavenly Palace's flight! The Mystic Wind Heavenly Palace is currently in the vicinity of the mountain forest above us!" "From now on, you definitely can't use any arcane skills!" Hearing this voice, the female cultivator suddenly became nervous and whispered to Wei Suo.

"Err …"

At this moment, Wei Suo felt gooseb.u.mps rise all over his body.

Because he was very close now, he could smell the delicate fragrance coming from this female cultivator.

In his eyes, this female cultivator was a pock faced man. However, this male had the fragrance of a woman on him, which made Wei Suo feel a little cold. At this moment, Wei Suo realized that something was not quite right. So this pock faced cultivator seemed to be a bit sissy.

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