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Lin Taixu took a step forward, and at the same time, a golden spear transformed into a golden stream of light, piercing towards that invisible figure.

This golden spear emitted an extremely savage and destructive aura. Although the entire shaft and tip of the spear were golden in color, the material of the spear point was clearly different from the body of the spear. There were countless shining points of light, as if they had been compressed into countless tiny specks of gold. There were many wounds on the body of the long spear, but they didn't seem to affect the power of the treasure in the slightest. On the contrary, it gave it an ancient aura.

"Extinguishing Divine Spear!"

"Ah, run!"


The flames emitted by the spear dragged out a tail of flame that was two to three hundred feet long, like a comet.

All the cultivators in front of Lin Taixu fled for their lives like ants.

When the golden streak of light pa.s.sed through the path of the spear, the cultivators who were at a distance of three hundred meters from the spear were all blasted into ashes by the terrifying might of the spear.


This transparent human figure was, of course, Wei Suo.

Wei Suo also did not expect that Feng Wugong would be so tyrannical. While facing two opponents like Lin Taixu and Xu Qianyuan, he was actually able to inflict serious injuries on both of them.

In such a situation, Vesper had calculated the situation in an instant.

He calculated that as the flame light disappeared, he would be able to grab onto the Void Clear Vine and escape. He was at least thousands of feet away from Lin Taixu and Xu Qianyuan.

Even if he was 10,000 feet away from Lin Taixu and Xu Qianyuan, and had been discovered by these two, the surrounding swamps were incomparably chaotic. It should be easy for him to sneak into these scattered cultivators and escape. For a cultivator like Lin Taixu, even if his spiritual sense was slightly stronger than Lin Taixu's spiritual sense, it could only cover an area of 1000 feet.

Moreover, it was one thing for one's spiritual sense to cover an area of ten thousand feet. Under the condition that Wei Suo was concealing his presence and shadow, it was another matter.

As long as he could escape for more than 10,000 feet and blend into the clouds, it would be impossible for Lin Taixu and Xu Qiancai to kill him.

With such calculations, in the moment that Feng Wu Cang, Lin Taixu, and Xu Qianyan were desperately struggling, Wei Suo had grabbed the Green Void Vine, together with the other stones and jades at the base, and brought them all to his side.

At this moment, his calculations were almost exactly the same as Lin Taixu's. The distance between him, Lin Taixu's, and Xu Qianyun's was already more than 1000 feet.

However, Wei Suo would never have thought that in such a chaotic battlefield, under the cover of an invisible magic robe, Xu Qiuhuan would still be able to tell that he was coming.

Furthermore, the attacking range of Lin Taixu's treasure was actually over three thousand feet, and its power was actually this terrifying!

The terrifying might of this golden spear instantly penetrated behind Wei Suo. The formidable might of this spear caused the surrounding s.p.a.ce to seem to produce a violent resonance, causing even the Magic Treasures of the cultivators in the surroundings to be directly turned to ash. This might far surpa.s.sed the middle rank of the Xuan level!

The feeling he gave Wei Suo was at least equal to the combined might of seven to eight semi-profound grade magic tools!

Obviously, there were only two reasons why Lin Taixu hadn't used this treasure before; one was because the treasure couldn't be used that easily, and the other was because of Feng Wancang's status, so Lin Taixu didn't dare to use this treasure lightly.

Feng Wu Cang was a true disciple of the Jade Heaven Sect. Lin Taixu might have killed an ordinary disciple of the Jade Heaven Sect, but it would still be fine. But to kill Feng Wu Cang, he still wasn't qualified.

But even if it was Feng Wancang, after his battle with Lin Taixu, he still didn't dare to take the Green Void Vine for granted. This was because he was well aware that the Green Void Vine was Lin Taixu's bottom line. If he injured Lin Taixu and was not a match for the combined efforts of Lin Taixu and Xu Qianyin, if he still wanted to take the Green Void Vine, even if Lin Taixu didn't kill him, Lin Taixu wouldn't be able to easily let him leave this place.

But at this moment, to Lin Taixu, a cultivator from who knows where actually dared to s.n.a.t.c.h the Void Clear Vine right in front of his eyes.

This method was like pulling out his beard, pulling out his reverse scale. This naturally caused Lin Taixu to be angered.

Originally, to Lin Taixu, there was no one in the entire Profound Sky Continent that he couldn't kill other than Feng Wu Cang!

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Without the slightest hesitation, the moment Lin Taixu's "Extinguishing Divine Spear" appeared, Wei Suo's Jindan rose.

At the same time, the black Blood Devouring Saber appeared.

The might of this "Extinguishing Divine Spear" was too terrifying, it caused Wei Suo to feel the danger of death.

When the Wei Suo Jindan was at its peak, the Jindan was in the form of a multicolored light. In addition to the monstrous power of the Long River, it could at most contain the power of four semi-Xuan grade Magic Treasures.

Furthermore, Wei Suo's Jindan was currently heavily injured. If it were to withstand the impact from the power of the three half-step Mysterious rank Magic Treasures, his Jindan would probably be shaken and his escape would come to a halt.

Therefore, the magic treasures and techniques that Wei Suo had instantly brought out had to be equivalent to at least five semi-Xuan level magic treasures in order for Wei Suo to have a chance to escape.

The speed of Lin Taixu's Spearing-Destroying Spear Technique was also extremely terrifying, so Wei Suo didn't have the time to use more than two of his skills.

Therefore, at this moment, the only thing that Wei Suo could possibly withstand was the Blood Devouring Saber, which could not even withstand the remaining Extinguishing Gold Pill. If the might of the explosion did not converge at one place, then not only would it pierce through, but the might of the explosion at such a close distance would also injure Wei Suo.


A purple ancient dragon and a huge wave collided with the golden flames like a b.l.o.o.d.y light. At the same time, an extremely sharp sound rang out, and all the other sounds in the huge swamp seemed to have disappeared.


Lin Taixu's eyebrows jumped.

The golden Spear-Destroying Spear Technique unexpectedly jumped up into the air and then flew back.


The power of this strike from Wei Suo was about the same as the power of the Spears of G.o.d.

As the green-robed old man shrieked, Wei s...o...b..rrowed the strength of the astral winds coming from the impact to speed himself.


However, beside Lin Taixu, Xu Qianyuan coldly extended her hand.

A transparent ancient symbol appeared in front of his palm, instantly turning into powder.


A transparent claw instantly struck the aurous core that Wei Suo didn't have the time to retrieve.

Wei Suo's body shook violently, and blood spurted out of his mouth. Like a meteorite, he fell into the dark clouds above as he exploded forward.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The methods of these two were so terrifying. "Wei Suo, how are you?" The green-robed old man cried out in horror.

"He won't die!" The chaotic Qi on Wei Suo's body immediately calmed down, and he continued to fly out of the swamp. At this moment, it was obvious that Wei Suo had used the Demon Sealing Body Technique to seal his injuries.

"Everyone, listen up. You are not allowed to leave the vicinity of this swamp. Otherwise, you will be killed without exception!"

At the same time, Xu Qiuhuan's figure shot straight into the sky like a bullet, pa.s.sing through the layers of dark clouds above the swamp. Looking down at the entire swamp, her thunderous voice rumbled.

"In the northern part of the Profound Sky Continent, since when did Young Master Xu take charge?"

A voice rang out from the northeast corner. The power of this voice seemed to be in no way inferior to Xu Qiuhuan's.

"Adept Yunfan?" A cold light flashed across Xu Qianyan's eyes as if she wanted to fall out with this person.

"Young master Xu, there's no need to worry. There's no benefit in falling out with this Daoist Master Yunfan." Lin Taixu, whose entire body was emitting a majestic aura, stood at the entrance of the hall with his hands behind his back, and said with a calm expression, "Although this person has blocked one of my attacks, he has already been set up with our Mystic Wind Sect's Illusionary treasure, so he will not be able to escape. He will not be able to leave any traces behind."


The killing intent in Xu Qiuyi's eyes vanished as he said coldly, "Taoist Yunfan, this is an enemy that our True Martial Sect is pursuing. I don't want to make you an enemy today, but we will remember this matter."

"If this is a threat, then that's it."

"However, you two fellow Daoists, when you are handling this matter, you must be careful. Just now, a disciple of our sect was already lying on the ground and was also being cut down by Fellow Daoist Lin's Spearing-Destroying Spear Technique."

"Did I mistakenly kill a disciple of the Spiritual Master?" Lin Taixu lightly said, "Regarding this matter, in the future I will definitely send disciples to the Daoist Master's door to give him a satisfactory explanation."

… ….

Just as Lin Taixu and Daoist Master Yunfan were conversing, Wei Suo was already standing behind a cultivator carrying a jade boat like flying magic treasure. He was mixed in with the scattered cultivators, dashing into the Eagle Mountain Range.

This cultivator was in the Perception Realm and his face was deathly pale. It was Wei Suo who had coerced this cultivator into stopping him when he was trying to escape and had him bring Wei Suo out of this place.

In fact, there were many cultivators who would immediately escape from this chaotic battlefield where countless cultivators, cultivators, and demon beasts were killing each other the moment they obtained something good.

Right now, Wei Suo was mixed in with the group of cultivators that had escaped. With just his naked eyes and spiritual sense, it was impossible for anyone to discover him.


After pa.s.sing through the mountain range of the Eagle Mountain Range, Wei Suo immediately left the cultivator and directly took out the Pure Flower Flying Lotus. He then immediately used the Pure Flower Flying Lotus to move as close to the ground as possible and quickly pa.s.sed through the dense forest.

"Run!" "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" As long as you are able to escape, even if you cannot find the Great Sage Fruit, it would be equivalent to having two more spiritual roots.

Although they had escaped into the forest, the green-robed old man still kept on shouting. This was because he and Wei Suo were both very clear that they had to escape at least 10,000 miles away in order to face off against an opponent like Lin Taixu or Xu Qiancai.

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