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Kim Sung-hyeon looked in the van with surprised eyes. It's because a quite significantly wide s.p.a.ce had appeared once I opened the back door.

It was an amount of s.p.a.ce where a fair amount of luggage could be stored even after ten or so people spread their arms and legs.

"What kind of principle is this……?"

"It's an item."

"I see…… I have heard that there have been many interesting items coming out lately."

"I'm not going to sell it."

"Is that so? Why?"

"It's something that cannot be found anywhere after all."

"Isn't there the Hunter Market in the south?"

The Hunter Market was only operated through direct management. There were only 2 in our country, 5 in China, and about 50 all over the world.

Of course, this place was also part of China but one had to travel at least 1,000 km to the nearest Hunter Market so it was better to go to Seoul.

"It does exist but it's not like the market sells everything."

"Is that so. I thought that everything existed."

Kim Sung-hyeon said as if surprised.

To be honest, I also had a time when I thought so. Handling all items in the world was the market's motto after all. However, it can be known that that's not true by thinking for a bit.

Even without the new items, there is no way to explain the mindblowing abilities of top cla.s.s hunters with existing items.

Arriving at the destination while chatting like that, a half ruined city came into view.

Because the aftermath of the nuke was severe, most of North Korea's population had moved to China.

The population of Pyongyang also surpa.s.sed 2 million had decreased to 500 thousand now.

The past building stayed looking ghastly but they had been left as they were without being able to demolish them.

It was also because of money but they are also leaving them because they also function as natural walls against monsters.

The others besides Kim Sung-hyeon and his daughter were dropped off in downtown Pyongyang.

The two said that they would at least treat us to lunch and invited Edward and I to his house. To be exact, it was Kim Sung-hyeon who invited us.

Either way, since he said that he wouldn't be able to sleep at ease if he didn't reward his life's savior or something so what can I do.

I went in the direction he pointed with the thought of getting treated to lunch.

"Hm. Is that a castle?"

Edward said. It was to the point that a guy that lived in a castle would say so. We were only able to arrive at the enormous mansion after traveling another 10 minutes after pa.s.sing the steel gates.

This kind of house…… What does this guy do?

No, was it the mayor of Pyongyang. However, is it possible to live in this kind of house with just that kind of position?

After eating food that surpa.s.sed being fancy, we sat down in the living room and drank tea.

I didn't know what this guy did for a living to have so much money. At this level it seems he was rich enough for even An Gyu-b.u.m to not be able to compete.

Kim Sung-hyeon opened his mouth.

"Is there anything you want by any chance? Even if I look like this I have quite some power you see. If you wish for something I would like to grant it for you."

"I don't really lack money you see……."

"Certainly, you said you were a hunter. With your level of ability you wouldn't lack money…… Ah. Right. If you have a need to go into a dungeon, please tell me."

"A dungeon?"

"Even if I'm like this, I'm the mayor of Pyongyang. All matters in the northern peninsula region great or small pa.s.s through my hands first. I can open up a dungeon if you wish for it."

Hm. That was rather tempting.

It did bother me a bit that it was China's land but it's not like there weren't hunters that went on expeditions in other countries after all. Since it wasn't all easy to go around dungeon in South Korea, it wouldn't be bad to get help from Kim Sung-hyeon on this side.

I wondered if there was no way to make use of this better.

Then, I remembered Red Holes. It might be possible to earn more from this man.

"By any chance. How are you managing the land where the dungeons disappeared?"

"Hm…… Why are you showing interest in such a place?"

He asked back as if my question was unexpected.

"It's a personal curiosity, as you know, plants grow quite well around dungeons after all."

"There is no one to manage them so they are all shutdown at the moment."

"May I purchase that land?"

"Hm. That is difficult. As you know, all land of this country belongs to the nation."

Kim Sung-hyeon shook his head as if troubled. I was going to give up thinking that it was going to be impossible as expected when he continued.

"Instead, a long term rent is possible. Since there is no one looking for it, use it as you please."

"No. I'm thinking about creating a proper contract to use it. To make it so that China's government can't come on their own."

"Hm…… If so it can't be helped that it will become expensive…… No way. You're thinking that dungeons can appear again on that land?"

"It is possible, but it might not be too."

"That is too dangerous of an investment. It's possible that they're gone forever."

"I don't think that you need to worry about such things."

"Hm. If so…… I understand. I will immediately bring a contract."

He asked for the related doc.u.ments to his secretary.

This kind of negotiation would normally have been impossible. Dungeons are key industries of a nation after all.

However, it had already been almost 5 months since the dungeons started disappearing. In that time, the dungeons only disappeared and never appeared.

Just once Red Holes had appeared but that was only for a single day and they had appeared in South Korea so they were thinking of it as something like a natural occurrence.

In that situation because the economic situation in the Korean Immigrant Autonomous Region was at its worst so in Kim Sung-hyeon the Pyongyang Mayor's perspective he had to sell it even if he had to bow down.

The rent that was decided like this was 10b for one dungeon area for 10 years.

It was an impossibly expensive price for a forest and field region of around 1,000 pyeong which isn't very large. However, if a dungeon appeared, the price would rise by over dozens of times.

After emptying my remaining fortune, I bought just 10. It was now a good situation to call me a beggar. But I wasn't really worried. Right now, I was a walking large company after all. If I wanted to earn money, I had the ability to get up to several tens of billions per day.

I just had to open Red Holes on the land I bought and use 2,000 monsters to go through them one by one the entire day after all.

It wasn't like I had to hunt myself and items will pile up as long as the monsters are caught and killed. 2,000 monsters can just be released in the Yellow Sea anyway.

If I used the Rapid Return and Automatic Collection, even I didn't know how much I would be able to get.

Since I was thinking about it and all, I immediately tried. As soon as I left Kim Sung-hyeon's house I went to the closest dungeon area I purchased from him.

The map of the Korean peninsula appeared soon once I turned on the Mystic Dungeon. It was a matter of course but it was possible to tamper with the dungeons in North Korea as well. From them, I activated the dungeon at the place I was at.

At that, red aura swayed and a dungeon entrance soon appeared in real time.

For now, I considered the level of the monsters and chose a level 3 dungeon. Since most of the level 1 and 2 monsters had died, the ratio of level 3 monsters among those left was the highest.

Sorting out only the monsters level 3 or greater, they totaled up to around 1,300.

I was going to push them all into the dungeon when an error message appeared.

– The number allowed to enter the dungeon has been filled. (30/30)


There was a limit to entering the dungeon.

I was sure that the original dungeons did not have this kind of limit. There was a time hundreds had gone in to clear a dungeon after all.

If it was like this, there would be a fiasco in the plan to quickly clear using a large number of monsters.

Since it couldn't be helped, I put 29 highest level monsters in.

The command was simple. Just go around the entire dungeon and kill at the ones that could be seen.

The monsters over level 6 with the level 8 Black Tiger as the center swept through the dungeon.

The amount of time it took purely hunting monsters was about 2 hours. It took longer than I thought.

It happened because the area of the dungeon was wide and the number of monsters was many. Seeing how it took this long even with high level monsters, it would be impossible to take the same level hunters and clear the dungeon in two hours like before.

The number of items that dropped were 7. Since they were level 3 items, I had gotten over 3b in 2 hours.

I collected the monsters for now and left the Red Hole. Edward who had been waiting outside opened his mouth.

"The profit?"

"It's somewhat okay. Should I say that we don't have to worry about money to live at the very least."

It was at the point where I could get over 10b in a day as long as I set my mind on it.

It was the same thing as getting dozens of high level hunters work for free so it would be weird if I didn't earn that much.

"Then how about we settle down here and hunt? Without a need to go so far."

"Should we……?"

It was a bit tempting. If I make up my mind and settle down here for a year the net profit would be in the trillions.

However, I soon changed my mind. It's because I thought that I was already at the point where I didn't have to cling to money anymore.

"Urg…… It's cold."

I turned on the van's heater. It had already been 3 days since we pa.s.sed Russia's border.

Around the time the road started getting rough the temperature outside became negative.

Edward was wearing a fur coat so it didn't seem to matter. As much of a shame as it was I purchased a temperature regulating mantle from the new items.

Temperature Regulation Mantle (1) : Protects the user from the cold or the heat. Cannot endure in extreme environments.

It didn't have any other special abilities but unlike the robes that magicians used it was possible to wear even while wearing metal plate type armor so it was a pretty useful item.

If one wasn't originally a magician that meant that they had to wear armor that had temperature regulation options but it seems they were made to get rid of such inconveniences.

The 'extreme environments' this was talking about was also actually temperatures under negative 100 degrees Celsius and over 100 degrees Celsius where humans couldn't possibility be able to live. At the very least, it couldn't be on Earth so there was no need to care too much.

Only after driving like that for one week were we able to reach the road that leads to New Alaska. I wore the Russian interpretation hat that I prepared ahead of time.

It was a military helmet that had a crest with the shape of a bird with two heads and was made with mice colored fabric that covered the ears as well.

The last region before heading to New Alaska was Novoskaya. It was originally a small port where shrimp catching boats traveled but after the Monster Wave it was completely shut down and became a desolate place where only the army base remained. (Kyle: Novoskaya doesn't seem to be a real place in Russia.)

However, this place was filled with many people unlike any time before.

At this place where there were only a few military use tents, dozens of buildings were being built and just the number of people walking around numbered tens of thousands.

There were already hunters gathering from all over the world so it was clear that there would be even more people as time went on.

The Yellow Sea was the same but it wasn't difficult to go into a new island within one's country's own land.

There were sentries but it was to maintain public order and there were Asian hunters within Russia so there would be no suspicion against me.

On top of that, Russian would come out fluently thanks to the interpretation hat so I was able to easily enter Novoskaya village.

"Let's rest here for today and go in tomorrow."

The sun had already fallen and the night was dark. It was currently close to winter so even at 3 or 4 pm it became dark. It would soon become November and at that point the sun wouldn't rise all day.

Fighting monsters at night was something even I would rather not do.

Leaving aside the danger, it was taxing mentally you see.

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