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Kyle: Not edited.

The next day.

I immediately took the van to the place the ruin was.

The location was a region at the far South side of New Alaska. It's a pillar shaped joint that's touching the ocean and it has been confirmed with the Mystic Dungeon that the ruin is between that boulder.

Also, I had to meet an impa.s.se that I couldn't even think of.

There was a white snowy field spread in front of my eyes.

On top of the ground being completely frozen over the snow was piled up to my ankles. After the road that Russia's side had made ended the van couldn't possibly pa.s.s through.

At that point, I could see the people parking their cars and continuing on foot.

"Hm…… Does that mean we have to get off and walk as well I wonder."

Edward said.

"Just go."

Even if it's this kind of vehicle the wheels wouldn't be able to roll properly though."

"Don't worry. There's a way."

"A way?"

The store got unlocked further after buying 2 more vans from the Delta Store and Additional Items for the van got unlocked as well.

Snow Chain (1) : Can drive on icy land as if driving on a plain.

Of course, that snow field was amazing. Even if it was this van that plowed through the forest region it wouldn't be able to go properly on this land.

However, what if it was the Snow Chain that has the guarantee of an item?

I opened the manual and added the chain to the van as it was. Then, without a need to personally put it on, it got applied automatically.



The van shook a bit but it went on the icy ground smoothly.

There was no feeling of the van slipping. There was the discomforting feeling of driving on an unpaved road but it seemed like it would be possible to get to a pretty significant speed if I wanted to.

"What's that. What kind of vehicle is it to go so well?"

"Hey! How did you do that?"

"It looks like you have a chain but it won't work with just that much!"

The nearby hunters that we pa.s.sed by shouted at me who was in the pa.s.senger seat.

From the perspective of those people, it would look like I was doing something rash. They were people who had a fair share of experience. There is a reason they are walking around this wide land.

As I ignored them mumbling noises could be heard. It was a small sound but as my physical abilities had been improved to the max, the sound flowed into my ear.

"He will know once he dies of starvation in the middle of the icy ground."

"Leave him alone. Looks like an Asian anyway. There's no need for us to care about it."

"What. It was a Chinese b.a.s.t.a.r.d? Why is he like that after coming to another country?"

"There's Asians in our country too. Did you not know?"

"There's no way a Russian would go in that foolishly. It's probably a Chinese b.a.s.t.a.r.d."

"That's possible. Hehe. If those guys freeze to death later let's collect the items."

"You don't even know how far they're going."

"We should find them soon if the road is made."

They're probably saying it because they think I can't hear them. I should remember the guy that called me a Chinese b.a.s.t.a.r.d and beat him up later.

"In what way do I look like a Chinese?"

"Hm? Is there something different? Korean or Chinese, they're both the same Asian though."

Edward said.

"It's different. It is a miniscule difference though."

"Is that so. Even so, I don't understand how that is something to feel angry about."

"Lay off of me. It's like that if I say it's like that."

To be honest, I couldn't retort because it was true. China was certainly one of the top economic superpowers in the world. Because of the state dominated financial system and communist system they have a somewhat underdeveloped social system but even so, it was a country that was hard to see as lacking culturally or economically.

There was no reason to be uncomfortable about looking like a Chinese in the first place.

The reason that I do feel unpleasant somehow might be because of what happened at the Yellow Sea. The number of Chungho Group members that died at my hands numbered thousands after all.

So do I regret it?

Not at all.

Entering someone else's land, settling down and attacking was most definitely an act that looked down on our country. It might be hard to see it as a sin severe enough to warrant death. It might be difficult to say that my action of cutting down thousands of Chungho Group members was justified.

I would still do the same acts even if the same situation happened. People that took others' things couldn't be sent off peacefully after all.

One should put their own lives on the line if they want to take something from others.

The van with Snow Chain on it crossed the icy ground with ease. There was the feeling of riding on an unpaved road but it was going without problem so there was no problem in particular.

Monsters that looked similar to polar bears, White Tigers, Ice Wolves were the main ones that could be found on this icy land.

Since monsters were lives as well they were just living in the place most suited for them. The White Tiger that we saw at the forest region was more like a guardian of the ruin.

Either way, I tried fighting them every time I saw them. It wasn't to get items or ores but to learn information on the monsters. I could only sp.a.w.n monsters that I fought at least once to summon them through the Pure Gold Ring so it would be a good idea to put them into the database.

Even doing so it didn't take that long to arrive at the destination.

It was fine to throw the Dancing Sword out the window after all. If it's possible to kill them by throwing the sword a few times then that's good but if it runs away I won't chase after it.

The dead monsters return to the void immediately and if items or ores dropped they would immediately be put into the item list.

"It sure is comfortable. Very comfortable."

This was more like picking up jewels on the sidewalk than hunting. Others might die of jealousy if they looked at it. If a guy like me saw it he would lament all day saying that the world was unfair.

We kept moving like that when I could see a huge vehicle in front of us. As I saw with sight strengthening Optical Ruby Ring, I was able to know that it wasn't a normal vehicle but a 'Monster Car' over 5 meters in height alone.

A single wheel was over 2 meters in diameter so basically, it was a vehicle made to function in even the worst environments. It was a car that looked like something the Americans would make.

"Did we get to the border already?"

"Hm…… It's my first time seeing a vehicle like that."

Edward said so as he narrowed his eyes. It seems this guy could see it even without an item's help. It could only be seen as a black dot from here with the naked eye though.

By the way, this guy was currently a level 3. It's thanks to continuously drinking monster blood. He tells me to call him a Vampire Viscount or something.

"What are you going to do?"

"Do what you say. Of course we're just going to go."

"I don't think they will just let us go like that though."

"Hm…… Since we came from the Russian side they wouldn't be too friendly?"

I changed the interpretation hat first. Even if we could communicate, I didn't know if they would easily let us pa.s.s. It was no use to go to another path.

The area around the ruin was completely under the control of America and I had to cross the line the American raid teams were protecting after all.

For now, I will try meeting them and if it doesn't go well I'm planning on pa.s.sing by flying in the air.

It was a bit bothersome but this was the best method for now.

In such icy land it was difficult for the Milworm to dig the ground. They probably couldn't even move in the ice in the first place.

After preparing as much as possible we drove the van.

But I realized that something was weird the closer we got.


"There's no one alive."

Edward said. It was as he said.

The huge vehicle was half destroyed and around it, caterpillar type snowmobiles were completely destroyed and lying around.

There were private use snowmobiles too. There were also dozens of dead bodies frozen and being eaten by monsters.

"d.a.m.n it!"

I threw the Dancing Sword out the window."

The monsters scattered at the sudden attack. 10 or so Killer Bears and dozens of Ice Wolves collapsed while spraying blood.

The ones that survived let go of their greed for the corpses and began running away.

Edward looked around the disastrous scene with curious eyes.

"Did they get ambushed by monsters?"

"No, there's not many cases where monsters destroy vehicles so thoroughly."

"That's true."

I got off the van for now. It was to grasp the situation properly.

The corpses were severely damaged due to getting eaten by monsters. The ones with their limbs intact could be counted with one hand and even those were eaten here and there making it difficult to look at them with one's own eyes.

What was peculiar was that the equipment was left as it was. They were all items over level 5. In terms of money it would reach several tens of billions.

After collecting those and inspecting all over their bodies for their ident.i.ties, I turned on the returning to void mode. They would only become monster food if they were left here.

Dozens of corpses quickly disappeared and ores and items came into the manual. I scanned through them but there was nothing special.

After taking care of the corpses like that I carefully inspected the vehicles.

"This is a sword."

Edward inspected a snowmobile that was cut in half.

As he said, the destruction mostly seemed to be from that of a sword. It wasn't like there were no monsters that used swords but at the very least there weren't any that used it in this icy land.

Who could it have been?

"Looking at how there is no trace, it's likely that the enemy is only one."

"If it's like that then it's annoying. He didn't even take level 5 equipment. That means the person is a really high level as long as he's not an idiot."

In the worst case scenario it could be a level 10 hunter.

A level 10 hunter is said to be 1 in 10,000. Even I didn't get there yet.

Should I say that it was a bit lacking to call myself a level 10 with 1 armor and 1 skill at level 10.

Real battle ability is well, can be seen as sufficient for a level 10 but since I never faced one I still couldn't get a feel of what kind of level it was.

That didn't mean I wanted to fight against a level 10.

Those guys were monsters in the first place after all. It was the same in the hunter world where the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. The higher level you become, the money you earn increases exponentially and the rank of the equipment these people have changes too.

They can have dozens of skill slots and there are guys that have a full set of items that cost trillions each. It was the financial power piled up for 50 years.

"I don't know who it is but I hope that we won't meet."

Edward said.

It was at that moment.


A great explosion echoed.

"What, what is it? Did a missile fall or something?"

I got surprised as I turned my head towards the direction the sound came from. The explosion came from several kilometers away. Seeing how there was no fire or smoke it wasn't an explosive.

That was a greater problem.

Edward lightly trembled.

This guy got scared? There shouldn't be a need for him to get scared as long as it's not on the level of a Vampire Lord or something though?

"It seems like I will have to see what has happened for now."

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