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Kyle: Not edited.

"Go and sleep. It's late."

I pushed her into the open door. But instead of going in, she closed the door and stood with her back on the door.

"What are you doing."

"Just admiring your face."


I sighed and scratched my head. I thought she was staying quiet without saying anything but it seems that wasn't it.

"Say it if you have something to say. You're not planning on staying like this all night right?"

"I don't have much to say."

"Then go in and sleep."

"Can't I sleep with s...o...b..e oppa?"

"…… You're drunk aren't you?"

"I'll just sleep holding hands. Really. For reals. I swear to G.o.d."

"Say appropriate things. You look idiotic."

I carefully approached her.


She twitched and got surprised but then suddenly closed her eyes and held up her head.

I then reached for the doork.n.o.b behind her back and turned it.

"Go in and sleep."


I pushed her into the room and closed the door.

It was a somehow dangerous moment.

I was sighing while leaning against the wall when the door opened slightly and Soo-ah peeked out.

I didn't even have the power to scuffle though.


"Sl, sleep well. I'm not going to remember this tomorrow after all. I think it would be good if s...o...b..e oppa didn't remember this either."

"I didn't drink any alcohol."


She closed the door again and disappeared.

It was a pretty embarra.s.sing moment. If I was her I would want to die. I didn't know why I was pushing her away when she was going so far.

What should I say. I had the feeling I wasn't prepared to take in someone yet.

It was a job where I could die at any time after all.

I went into my room and spread out the blanket and lied down. It wasn't tomorrow but thinking about how I had to soon go far away exhaustion overcame me.

I could hear the sound of people repeating pour and drink outside. If they regained themselves they should have gone to sleep, were they planning on staying up.

I plugged in earphones into my ear.

With quiet music the surrounding sounds disappeared.

The moment I thought I had fallen asleep, something soft and wet could be felt on my mouth.

It was too realistic for it to be a dream.

I opened my eyes wondering what it was.

Eyes that seemed to be greatly surprised could be seen.


A person's shadow retreated as it got surprised. It was dark so I could only see the silhouette but I could know who it was immediately.


"Hah? Yes? You weren't sleeping?"

"Ah…… I think I just woke up. But what are you doing? At this time."

"It, it's nothing. I just opened the wrong door when trying to go to the bathroom."

"The bathroom is on the left at the end of the hallway."

"Yes. I'm sorry for waking you up."


She opened the door and went out with careful steps.

Then, a dashing noise could be heard. It wasn't in the direction of the bathroom.

This…… It doesn't seem like I can sleep.

Day of departure.

Team 1 finished preparations for the level 9 dungeon they reserved and team 2 to go to the Yellow Sea. In that time, I had applied for a travel visa to China and Russia which I got immediately.

Han Joon-suk opened his mouth.

"When are you planning on returning?"

"I'm not sure how long it will take. If short it should take half a month and a month at the most."

"I will report everyday."

"Yes. I will ask that of you."

Even if I was at a separate place on my own I still had to know how the team was doing so I exchanged email addresses with Han Joon-suk.

Since he said he would take responsibility for team 2's matters, he is basically the one managing our team.

It was a position with much authority but there was no one that wanted it.

In the first place, the one that would be best at such work would be Manager Kim who had experience at a large company but he backed down saying he couldn't do it due to age.


Soo-ah handed me the Necklace of Confinement.


"It doesn't really have much ability if s...o...b..e oppa isn't there anyway. Give it Edward or something."

That was true. Soo-ah's overwhelming close combat abilities had this Necklace of Confinement as the basis after all so there would be quite a bit of difference in total strength.


I nodded and accepted it. I did leave Kelby with them but it was uncertain how much Kelby would be able to do in a level 9 dungeon.

"I also have level 10 equipment so I can do it. I will have grown enough for s...o...b..e oppa to be amazed."

"Yeah. You're all grown up now."

"You don't really think that though."


"It's nothing."

Soo-ah said so and smirked.

I started thinking that she was a person that knew how to make a person feel better. It is normally a situation where it wouldn't be weird for one to get angry several times over.

Then again, I guess that's why I'm taking this girl around. I did act like she was annoying but she somehow came all the way here.

"Then let's all not get hurt and meet with healthy figures."

I said so and took out the van. By the way, I got a van each for team 1 and team 2. It belonged to Delta anyway and 100% of the share was mine so I was just taking credit for it.

Alos, I was able to unlock more things in the Delta Store thanks to that so the item list increased by quite a bit.

It became possible to buy up to level 6 items so I am planning on unlocking more once I return from the next ruin. There is no actual profit from the equipment right now but the level 0 items had a lot of utility after all.

I drove the van on the free road. The place that was originally North Korea was blocked by the border of China.

Even if the hunters quibbled with each other the two countries were still friendly with each other so it was possible to pa.s.s without problems as long as one had a pa.s.sport.

I pa.s.s Gaesung and continued on the highway to Pyongyang.

Driving continuously for several hours my back was creaking. It seems to be because I did it after a long time after usually leaving it to Cho Young-gu.

I hit Edward who was sleeping in the pa.s.senger seat and opened my mouth.

"You take the driving exam."

"Urg…… Why should I?"

"If you can work as a driver as well then I will raise your salary."

"You should have said so earlier. Change over."

"What, you know how to drive?"

"No, but how hard could it be."

"Nevermind. The fine for no license is no joke."

"Don't you have enough money to pay for a fine?"

"That true but…… Well, whatever. Try it once."

I nodded and changed seats with him. I made him try since he was being rather confident but he was driving in a more proficient way than I thought.

"Have you tried driving before?"

"I just learned by watching."

"Is that even possible?"

"I'll be down if you think that vampires and humans are the same. Among all races, the ones that are so slow are learning are probably only humans."

As a representative of humans it did affect my self esteem but since it was convenient I just let it slide.

I was a bit afraid about getting caught for not having a license but it was fine as there was no accident. There were not many vehicles in this place in the first place so it shouldn't be much of a problem.

If there was a problem it was that the road network was a mess so monsters appeared from time to time on the highway. This van was tough enough to crash into monsters but the problem was other vehicles.

"Oh dear……."

As expected. I could see several vehicles get damaged and entangled.

It seems a monster jumped on a pa.s.sed vehicle while the people were trapped inside. A monster that looked like a praying mantis was stabbing down on the roof of the vehicle.

It was ripping it off like taking off the lid of a can but it was quite chaotic.

Edward asked.

"What should we do?"

"What, what should we do. Just crash into it."

"Very well."

As Edward stepped on the gas pedal a tremendous amount of torq was generated as the van shot forward like a bullet. It was acceleration that overshadowed a sports car.

Even so it seemed to be too fast so I tightly held the seat belt and handle above the window.

The mantis monster Tenodera turned its head this way.


Then its body scattered into pieces into the air. A level 3 monster just gets disa.s.sembled if they're crashed into with such force I see.

Edward who crashed the van into the Tenodera stepped on the break moderately and rotated the van. He looked at me with a proud look after successfully stopping the car after weaving through the other vehicles on the way.

"Yeah. You did well."

"This much is a matter of course."

It certainly was amazing how he played around with the van like it was in a acrobatics parade.

This was something impossible to do even by learning it so I wondered if it was possible to get to this level just by watching. There was probably no choice but to accept it since he's not human.

After getting off of the van I went towards the destroyed vehicle.

The vehicles blocking the road were three. One was flipped over while the other two were tangled up.

"Sa, save me!"

I could hear a peculiar Korean accent from inside.

It wasn't the old North Korean and although close to modern Korean, quite a bit of the accent still remained.

"Please wait."

I pulled the door but it seemed like it got stuck as the car got crushed and didn't open.

Looking below fuel was leaking and sparks flew from the hood. It seemed like it would explode if I left it so I put strength into it and pulled.

With a crushing sound the door got off. Inside was a middle aged man and a young woman that seemed at least 20 years younger than him. They seemed to be father and daughter.

Either way, why aren't they getting off. I even kindly opened the door. Are they asking me to escort them on top of that?

"Please get off for now."

"Ah…… ye, yeah. You're a southerner."

As he got out first, the girl followed after him. The other people also got off their vehicles.

There was nothing weird about it since they couldn't come out because of the monster.

We moved to a place away from the vehicle in case it exploded.

"Thank you for saving me."

The middle aged man said.

Name : Kim Sung-hyeon

Equipment : None.

Skill: None.

Characteristic : Korean Immigrant Autonomous Region , Pyongyang Mayor.

It was pretty surprising that I could see a person's name who was not a hunter. On top of that, it even showed what his job was.

It didn't separately mention it but it seems this evolved with the upgrade.

Either way, Pyongyang Mayor you say. This guy was a really high ranking person.

The person that transfered to the Korean Immigrant Autonomous Region governed all of North Korea and that was the Pyongyang Mayor.

I started thinking that I would be able to get a lot off of this guy.

"It's on the way. Please get on."

"Is that okay? There's quite a few people."

The number of people that got off the vehicles numbered 10. My van probably looked too small to fit all of these people.

It couldn't be helped that it looked like that.

"Please get on from the back. The inside probably looks wider than you think."

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