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  • After Rebirth, the True Eldest Daughter Starts Brewing Green Tea

    Alternative : 重生后真千金开始做绿茶
  • Author(s): Wei Zhuang
  • GENRES: Fantasy - Reincarnation - Romance
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After Rebirth, the True Eldest Daughter Starts Brewing Green Tea summary:

Li Zhizhi was taken back to the capital at the age of fifteen to recognize her ancestral roots. As the true eldest daughter of the Li family, she should have been cherished. However, everyone preferred Li Suwan, who was knowledgeable, polite, and clever. As for Li Zhizhi, she grew up in a remote and impoverished village, ignorant of the ways of the world, and her name even carried a sense of disdain.
One night, Li Zhizhi had a dream in which she returned to the Li family in her previous life and desperately competed with Li Suwan for favor. She studied diligently, excelling in literature, music, painting, and etiquette, surpa.s.sing Li Suwan in every aspect. But on that day, while everyone comforted Li Suwan, Li Zhizhi was still the one who was despised.
When she woke up, Li Zhizhi went to see her father, her eyes red, and said, “Father, please send me back to the countryside. As soon as I returned to the mansion, my sister’s health deteriorated. It must be because I have an unlucky fate that has harmed her.”
Li Zhizhi’s father was taken aback and said, “Why do you say such things? Suwan is just sick. She will recover after seeing the doctor.”
Sure enough, a few days later, Li Suwan’s illness improved.
With her skill in brewing green tea, Li Zhizhi’s days in the mansion became much better. Until one day, she met the Crown Prince, Xiao Yan, who saw through her tricks at first sight. Upon their first meeting, Xiao Yan believed that Li Zhizhi had ulterior motives and refused to give her the opportunity to use him. He watched as Li Zhizhi pretended to be obedient and innocent, clinging to the thighs of various influential figures, prospering in the capital. The Empress treated her as an adopted daughter, n.o.ble ladies treated her as a sister, the favored concubines in the palace regarded her as a close friend, and she even received the t.i.tle of a county princess. Countless men who were attracted to her couldn’t be counted with just one hand. Even his own younger sister called out for Li Zhizhi to be her sister every day.
Xiao Yan waited and waited, but Li Zhizhi never sought his support. Unable to bear it any longer, he finally asked her, “Do you want to become the Crown Princess?”
Li Zhizhi didn’t want to.

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