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  • Di Daughter's Rebirth: Sheng Shi Wang Fei

  • Author(s): Unrivaled In The Sky
  • GENRES: Drama - Historical - Romance
  • STATUS : ongoing
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Di Daughter's Rebirth: Sheng Shi Wang Fei summary:

On her wedding day, she was humiliated; her status at the legitimate wife was instantly changed into that of a concubine. “Wh.o.r.e! Marrying you is my life’s shame!” These were the hurtful words that came from her childhood sweetheart, now husband. …. Jiejie, jiejie, thank you for your sacrifice. Jiejie, if you’re kind then go. Meimei will replace you and take good care of your husband, to help you enjoy the blessings that you are unable to enjoy!” these words spat out by her smiling cousin made her whole body feel cold. …. “You are shameless! There is no need to say anything! From now on, our Shen family will not have you as our daughter! Someone! Throw out this shameless woman!” These were her relatives? … Becoming the target of criticism and and being submerged in the small lake, she realized that all of this was the result of another person’s scheme – but it was already too late! … Instead of dying, she went back to the past, back to were alive and still loving towards each other, back to when she not yet an orphan but the doted on Di daughter of the Shen family. No matter what in this life, she would never allow anyone to hurt the people she loved. And, those people who harmed her in the previous life, she would make them pay the price!

Di Daughter's Rebirth: Sheng Shi Wang Fei Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 47-49 Nov-15-18
Chapter 46 Nov-15-18
Chapter 45 Nov-15-18
Chapter 44 Nov-14-18
Chapter 43 Nov-14-18
Chapter 42 Oct-10-18
Chapter 41 Oct-02-18
Chapter 40 Jul-02-18
Chapter 39 Jul-02-18
Chapter 38 Jul-01-18
Chapter 37 Jun-27-18
Chapter 36 Jun-24-18
Chapter 35 Jun-20-18
Chapter 34 Jun-20-18
Chapter 33 Jun-13-18
Chapter 32 Jun-10-18
Chapter 31 Jun-10-18
Chapter 30 Jun-03-18
Chapter 29 Jun-02-18
Chapter 28 Jun-02-18
Chapter 27 May-30-18
Chapter 26 May-27-18
Chapter 25 May-23-18
Chapter 24 May-20-18
Chapter 23 May-16-18
Chapter 22 May-13-18
Chapter 21 May-09-18
Chapter 20 May-06-18
Chapter 17 May-02-18
Chapter 19 May-02-18
Chapter 18 May-02-18
Chapter 16 Apr-29-18
Chapter 15 Apr-25-18
Chapter 14 Apr-25-18
Chapter 13 Apr-25-18
Chapter 12 Apr-25-18
Chapter 11 Apr-25-18
Chapter 10 Apr-25-18
Chapter 9 Apr-04-18
Chapter 8 Apr-02-18
Chapter 7 Apr-01-18
Chapter 6 Mar-28-18
Chapter 5 Mar-25-18
Chapter 4 Mar-21-18
Chapter 3 Mar-18-18
Chapter 2 Mar-18-18
Chapter 1 Mar-18-18
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