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When Shen Wenhua returned, he saw his warm and gentle wife and daughter happily taking a stroll. Ruan momo carefully watched from the side, her eyes did not leave Dan Yuerong at all. Looking at such a picture, Shen Wenhua was originally anxious but now felt a lot better.

“Haha, what are you talking about, why are you so happy?”

“Laoye has returned. Liu Zhi, bring Laoye some warm water to wash!” As a caregiver, Ruan momo was indeed very thoughtful. These days, everyone could agree on this but Shen Wenhua did not need to be pampered, “No need Ruan momo“.

“Yes Laoye. Is Laoye thirsty? Do you want to drink tea?” Towards Shen Wenhua, Ruan momo was sincerely respectful of him from the bottom of her heart.

“Momo need not be this way. If there is a need, I will ask for it myself. Momo has also had a tiring day, go back and rest. I will be here.” Shen Wenhua had not seen his wife and daughter the entire day,  he did not want anyone disturbing them. Ruan momo was also a tactful person; looking at Shen Wenhua’s eyes, Ruan momo sighed in her heart.

“Then this old servant will go to the kitchen to see how the evening meal preparation is going. If Laoye has any needs, please give instructions.”

“En, it has been hard on Momo.”

“It has not been hard, this is what this old servant should do.” Turning and leaving, Ruan momo did not nag anymore. She knew very well how much to say and when to keep silent.

“Rong-er, how do you feel today? Has the child in your belly been naughty?” The further along she got, the more the child in Dan Yuerong’s belly had also started to move. When Dan Yuerong was woken up in the middle of the night because of the child’s movements, Shen Wenhua was really worried that she was suffering too much.

“Today has been very good. Even though he has been more lively lately, fortunately, he is now resting, I think he may be asleep.”

“This child, he is this small and is already disturbing you this much. In the future, I’m afraid he will be mischievous!”

“That is fine, it only shows that he is full of energy. With this, I can be at ease.”

“The doctor said that you have looked after your health well these days, there is no need to worry.”

“En, I know! Ah, that’s right, Wenhua, why are you back so early today?”

“The Yamen did not have any problems so I came back. I also wanted to see you!”

Since becoming aware of Dan Yuerong’s pregnancy, Shen Wenhua would try to come back as early as possible.

“Do not neglect your work because of me.”

“Rest a.s.sured, I won’t go overboard.” After speaking with his wife for a while, Shen Wenhua noticed that Shen Jingshu had been very silent and could not help but tease her.

“Shu-er why have you not said anything?”

“Daddy, Shu-er was thinking about things!”

“Thinking of what?”

“Thinking of little brother in mom’s belly. When will I be able to see him?”

“Shu-er wants to see little brother?”

“En, I want little brother to play with me!” Since childhood, she had been the only child; although she enjoyed being spoiled, Shen Jingshu still hoped that she could have more close relatives.

“This kid …”

“Daddy, when can I see little brother? Mom’s stomach is so big, why hasn’t little brother come out yet?” Pretending not to understand, she gave Shen Wenhua a confused look. Although Shen Jingshu knew that pregnancy lasted 10 months, for her not to know at this age was also considered normal.

“In the summer, you can see little brother. When the time comes, Shu-er can take care of little brother and be a good older sister!”

“Of course I will!” Little brother, after mother and father left in the past life she was helpless. At that time, she did not know the importance of family!

“Has Shu-er been well behaved today?”

“I was very well behaved. I read a lot of books today and also accompanied mom to walk!

“Haha, Shu-er is really a good girl!”

All three family members laughed and talked, the scene looked really enviable. When Ruan momo came back and saw this scene, a bit of frustration flashed across her eyes, “Laoye, Furen, dinner is ready, do you want to eat?”

“En, serve the meal!”

“Yes, Laoye!”

The days pa.s.sed by very quickly. The year was coming to an end soon and many New Year gifts were being delivered and sent. Shen Jingshu avoided the people from the Qi family, but when the New Year finally came, she could no longer avoid them.

Since New Year’s day was in a few days, Qi furen was fully prepared. On this day, she personally brought her two children with her to deliver the New Year’s gift. “These are just some gifts due to our Zhuang Zi’s work, it is nothing special. This fur is pretty good, you can make a lot of warm clothes with it. And there is also some food, it is also nothing special. Shen Furen must not refuse them!”

For many years, the two households had always had contact with each other and had always exchanged New Year’s gifts. Qi furen prepared well every year and was very considerate; this year she also included several small children’s toys. Although Dan Yuerong had some resentment towards Qi furen, she did not show it.

“Qi furen is very considerate. Every year there are so many gifts, it makes me feel very embarra.s.sed.”

“How can it be embarra.s.sing? The gifts you sent were very generous! I looked at some of them and felt that the ones I sent were very shameful.” Dan Yuerong’s gifts were prepared early by Ruan momo and sent. In previous years, Dan Yuerong personally delivered them. However, this year, because of the previous matter and Dan Yuerong’s pregnancy, she neither personally picked out the gifts nor delivered them herself.

“Everything was sent according to the previous year’s gift, how was it generous? Qi furen, you are too polite!” Smiling, although Dan Yuerong’s heart was dissatisfied towards Qi furen, she could not have a falling out on the spot, given that she still wanted to keep the relationship peaceful.

“Alright, we both do not need to be so polite. Come Dong-er, Yan-er, give Shen furen a New Year’s greeting!”

“h.e.l.lo Shen furen!”

“You are considerate. Shu-er, Qi furen came, haven’t you been talking about Shaodong and Xueyan these past few days? Why are you not saying anything now?”

“h.e.l.lo Qi furen!” Happily giving the greeting, Shen Jingshu looked Qi Shaodong and Qi Xueyan with a somewhat eager look. Dan Yuerong noticed it and thought that her daughter had been a little lonely these few days. Smiling, she did not stop Shen Jingshu from playing with Qi Shaodong and Qi Xueyan, “You all can go to the courtyard to play but be careful, do not fall!”

“Yes, Mom!” Smiling, she quickly let Qi Shaodong and Qi Xueyan follow her to leave. Qi furen was originally somewhat anxious that Shen Jingshu had exposed her, but after observing Shen Jingshu’s behavior, Qi furen was now at ease, “These children’s relationship is really good. Later when they grow up, they will definitely support each other.”

“Of course. In the coming year when Xueyan and Shu-er go to school, won’t they rely on each other?”

“En!” Seeing that everything was how it used to be, Qi furen relaxed her expression. Smiling, she discussed day to day life with Dan Yuerong; the Shen mother and daughter were not without grudges, but Qi furen did not know that. Because of Shen Jingshu’s matter, Dan Yuerong had long formed an opinion on Qi furen.

“Shen meimei, how are you doing these days? Why have you not tried to find me to play? Do you still blame me?” For almost a month he had not seen Shen Jingshu, Qi Shaodong had missed her very much, but Shen Jingshu had never tried to find him so he was powerless.

“No, I was very frightened last time and did not sleep well. I also do not want to go out.” Shen Jingshu said this because she wanted to make Qi Shaodong feel guilty. Sure enough, as Qi Shaodong listened, his face changed, “Shen meimei, I … …”

“Alright Shaodong gege, let’s go sit down, it’s cold here!” She interrupted Qi Shaodong. Shen Jingshu was not interested in hearing that person’s words of guilt!

That man’s guilt was not the slightest bit believable, why would she waste her time?

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