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Chapter 1382 - 1382: The Reversal of Reversals, Yunlan Sword Immortal! (2)

Translator: Atlas Studios       Editor: Atlas Studios

Han Muye slowly raised his hand, his fingertips carrying a faint greenish-gray and moon-white color.


“Is this it?”

He pressed his fingertips together.

The two auras collided, and a green halo intertwined.

Han Muye raised his hand and pointed at Blood River Immortal Venerable’s chest.


In an instant, Blood River Immortal Venerable was enveloped by the green power of laws.

Green circulated in his body, and then the power of the calamity collided with the power of the Heavenly Venerable.

Blood River Immortal looked at his arm, slowly raised his head, and stared at Han Muye. “You, you’re really, really…”

On his body, the power of the calamity collided and tore his body into pieces.

Blood River Immortal Venerable turned into an endless blood-colored color and fused into the surrounding void.

With the fusion of the blood fiend qi, the power of the array on Dripping Blood Cliff increased by a hundred times!


Countless G.o.d clan experts fell onto Dripping Blood Cliff, their divinity scattered.

The few Immortal Lords of the G.o.d clan could not stand still either and swayed in midair.

“Why is this array so powerful?”

Immortal Lord Tianci’s face was pale as he looked at the battle puppet that slowly walked out of the blood demon.

The battle puppet raised its arm and slashed down.


Between heaven and earth, everything was golden-red!

An Immortal Lord expert had died on Dripping Blood Cliff just like that.

Golden-red light flashed, and the surrounding blood demon aura seemed to be knocked away, allowing everyone to see this scene.

An Immortal Lord expert was killed in one strike just like that!

This wasn’t terrifying. What was terrifying was that after an Immortal Lord died, the divine power was actually absorbed by the array!

After absorbing the power of an Immortal Lord, the array’s strength seemed to have increased slightly.


Even if it was just a slight increase, it was enough.

The other Immortal Lords could no longer control their bodies and fell onto Dripping Blood Cliff without even having the chance to stand up.

“Blood River Immortal Venerable, what exactly do you mean!”

“Blood River Immortal Venerable, you dare to go against the agreement of the

Heavenly Venerables back then. Aren’t you afraid of the backlash of Blood Demon Heavenly Formation?”

Panic flashed in Immortal Lord Bai Jue’s eyes as he looked around.

Now, the only thing that could save his life was that Blood River Immortal Venerable would stop in fear of the Immortal Venerable’s restrictions.

Unfortunately, everything did not go as he wished.


Xiang Lingshuang’s two swords slashed down.

Immortal Lord Bai Jue, who was lying on the ground, the Sect Master of the Yunlan Dao Sect, and several other Immortal Lords were slashed into pieces, turning into immortal light and divinity.

The entire void was filled with divine light and immortal light.

Under the enhancement of this power, the remaining Immortal Lords could not resist at all. Their bodies were locked by blood-colored streams of light and dragged away.

Zhang Guangyuan and the others looked at each other with solemn expressions.

Perhaps it would be them in the next moment.

However, before they could react, Han Qi and Xiang Lingshuang had already bowed.

“Senior Brother Han, Big Brother, the mission is completed.”

Amidst the sound of metal sc.r.a.ping, Han Muye’s figure appeared from the dome.

“Yunlan Sword Immortal!” “It’s really Yunlan Sword Immortal!”

“Haha, Yunlan, you’re not dead!”

Han Muye smiled and nodded. With a wave of his hand, the surrounding blood-colored murderous aura dissipated.

When everyone saw this scene, they looked at each other in surprise.

“Seniors, as expected, Han Muye has completed the mission to rescue Dripping

Blood Cliff.

Han Muye cupped his hands and said loudly.

Everyone’s expressions were solemn as they nodded.

Who would have thought that the rescue at the Dripping Blood Cliff would be so dangerous?

It was just a step away from dragging the entire Fuyu Immortal Realm into eternal calamity.

“Junior Brother, tell me, what exactly is going on?” Zhang Guangyuan took a step forward and carefully sized up Han Muye before asking softly.

Han Muye laughed and pointed ahead. “Senior Brother, aren’t you going to clean up this battlefield?”

His words made Zhang Guangyuan and the others’ eyes light up.

It was more than cleaning up the battlefield.

The group of Immortal Lords was suppressed, and the rebel army behind the

Dripping Blood Cliff was without a leader. It was a good opportunity to attack.

Everyone quickly went to suppress the army and had no time to care about Han Muye.

Han Muye ignored them and only let Han Qi and Xiang Lingshuang come. He whispered a few instructions and walked into the dome.

Xiang Lingshuang and Han Qi followed those Immortal Lords into the army.

After returning to the dome, Han Muye used the power of the array to augment Xiang Lingshuang and the others.

At the same time, he sent the suppressed Immortal Lords to the center of the array, where the ancient primordial demon Dragon Crocodile’s body was.

There was no longer a continuous mountain range there.

Compared to the body of the Great Demon, more than 10 Immortal Lords were insignificant.

Their bodies were suppressed, and streaks of divine attributes were extracted.

This was the reverse use of the Blood Demon Heavenly Formation.

Previously, they couldn’t even activate the array properly, let alone reverse it. Now, the power of these Immortal Lords had been extracted and became the foundation of the array.

This was the correct usage of the Blood Demon Heavenly Formation.

Unfortunately, facing the dragon crocodile, not only could they not achieve this, but they also had to supply it with countless bloodthirsty energy.

Perhaps even those who suppressed the bloodthirsty aura back then didn’t expect such a result.

Suppressing and extracting the power of more than 10 Immortal Lords could strengthen the array.

In this way, the cultivators in the caves could be liberated.

“Buzz! ”

A green longsword appeared in the place where the Immortal Lords were suppressed.

Then, a whole world emerged.

The Immortal-Slaying Sword.

This time, the Immortal-Slaying Sword no longer needed to suppress, and it operated at full power to absorb all the scattered bloodthirsty aura in the entire world.

Who knew how much bloodthirsty aura had acc.u.mulated at Dripping Blood Cliff? Even if the Immortal-Slaying Sword didn’t stop for a moment, it would take many years to absorb all the bloodthirsty aura here.

At the same time, the Blood Demon Heavenly Formation required a strong individual to suppress it, so Han Muye simply left the Primordial Spirit Sword in that place..

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