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Chapter 1381 - 1381: The Reversal of Reversals, Yunlan Sword


Translator: Atlas Studios       Editor: Atlas Studios

For the first time in tens of thousands of years, a clear light appeared.

The aura of the Blood Demon was temporarily suppressed, and the power of the great formation seemed to dissipate.

Outside Dripping Blood Cliff, the armies of the G.o.d Clan rushed up one after another.

“Immortal Lord Tianci, the teleportation array to the divine realm’s Chuanlin Void has been destroyed by the sword cultivators who barged into this place. It won’t be able to connect for a thousand years,” the Immortal Lord leading the G.o.d Clan army shouted.

There were a total of four Immortal Lords, and behind them was an army of hundreds of thousands of G.o.ds.

The Immortal Lord’s words caused the expressions of everyone on Dripping Blood Cliff to change.

Whether it was the Moon Gathering Sect Divine Lords who came through the Golden Plate or the Immortal Lords like Tianci and the others who intruded into the Fuyu Immortal Realm, their faces all turned serious, and then they showed relief.

Fortunately, they had already killed their way up Dripping Blood Cliff; otherwise, they might have been trapped here for real.

The sword cultivators who intruded here?

Aren’t they Yunlan Sword Immortal and his group?

Zhang Guangyuan and the others had a look of regret and sorrow on their faces.

Yunlan Sword Immortal and his group had destroyed the G.o.d clan’s teleportation array. If they could hold onto Dripping Blood Cliff this time, it was likely that these G.o.ds here would all be like turtles in a jar.

But they fell short.

“What are you waiting for?” Blood River Immortal Venerable growled.

“Kill.” Immortal Lord Bai Jue and Immortal Lord Tianci raised their hands, and beams of divine light smashed towards the two battle puppets.

Without the support of the array, the two battle puppets were instantly knocked away.

Even if Zhang Guangyuan and the others tried their best to resist, they couldn’t hold on, and their defeat came in an instant.

Blood River Immortal Venerable chuckled and charged into the dome at the top of the mountain.

As soon as he rushed in, he was stunned.

“It’s you.”

In front of him, Han Muye stood unharmed within the great array.

“Senior, do you want to say that I was devoured by the Dragon Crocodile’s aura?” Han Muye spoke softly.

There was no trace of aura on him, and he appeared calm and composed.

Blood River Immortal Venerable, who was originally in a daze, swept his gaze over him and laughed.

“Haha, good. You’re a little fellow with extraordinary luck after all. You can even block an ancient demon.”

“Come, follow me from now on.

He waved his hand, and a golden spiritual light landed on Han Muye.

Then, the golden lotus flower above Han Muye’s head gathered.

The golden lotus shone brightly and flew towards Blood River Immortal Venerable.

However, after only three feet, the golden lotus spun in place and did not move forward.

Blood River Immortal Venerable’s expression changed.

“You, this Golden Lotus of Myriad Tribulations…”

The Golden Lotus of Myriad Tribulations, which was supposed to listen to his orders, no longer listened to him.

How was this possible?

The little guy in front of him had relied on the help of the golden lotus to increase his cultivation.

“Senior, you think I relied on the golden lotus to break through to the Golden Immortal realm, so this golden lotus should control my cultivation, right?”

Han Muye looked at Blood River Immortal Venerable with a trace of leisure that Blood River Immortal hated.

“Or do you think that the contingency plan you left in the golden lotus will control my soul?”

A green sword appeared above Han Muye’s head.

Primordial Spirit Sword.

Seeing the Primordial Spirit Sword, Blood River Immortal Venerable was stunned again.

“The Primordial Spirit condenses into a sword, a true sword immortal.

“There aren’t many people in the world who are as decisive as you.”

He snorted and looked at Han Muye. “Kid, I really admire you. Follow me from now on.”

Han Muye looked at him and only chuckled, but didn’t say anything.


Outside the dome, a roar sounded.

“Submit to me. I’ll help you.”

His gaze fell behind Han Muye.

That was the hub of the entire array.

As long as he controlled that place, he could control this array.

At that time, he would be able to escape the control of the array and have independent combat strength.

“Senior, there’s no need to worry.” Han Muye shook his head and raised his hand.

Golden light flashed from the array hub behind him.

Countless blood-red lights rose.

In an instant, the world was once again filled with the Blood Demon’s aura.

The Blood Demon’s aura pervaded the area, causing everyone to lose their way within it.

This Blood Demon’s aura was a thousand times denser than before!

One by one, the soldiers of the G.o.d Clan could not stabilize themselves and fell onto Dripping Blood Cliff.

It was as if a weight of a thousand catties was pressing down on their heads, shattering their bodies.

This was the power of the great array!

“Blood River Immortal Venerable, you’re tricking us!” Immortal Lord Bai Jue retreated, gritting his teeth and shouting to the sky.

They had agreed on a hundred breaths of time, but not even thirty breaths had pa.s.sed, and the great array had already been restored.

Moreover, this array was clearly a hundred times stronger than before.

Even Immortal Lords like them couldn’t discern anything, and their powers were suppressed to the limit.


A long golden arrow shot towards Immortal Lord Bai Jue.

This arrow was directed solely by sound.

The dazzling light of the arrow was actually not suppressed by the power of the great array at all.

It was even enhanced by the power of the array!


Immortal Lord Bai Jue was sent flying by this arrow!

Following this arrow was a long saber that tore through the heavens and earth.

The saber light slashed horizontally, sending countless cultivators of the G.o.d clan flying.

On Dripping Blood Cliff, which was shrouded in blood, the two battle puppets were simply slaughtering.

“You, have you taken control of the formation?” Blood River Immortal

Venerable frowned and took a step forward.

He raised his hand and patted Han Muye’s shoulder.

Han Muye’s figure flickered but couldn’t evade the blow and was solidly struck.

Pressing his palm on Han Muye’s shoulder, Blood River Immortal Venerable smiled and said, “Kid, you’ll never understand that before the rules, everything is futile.

“In this world, only rules can defeat rules.”

Blood River Immortal Venerable laughed heartily and sent a dark-green flow of light into Han Muye’s body.

In the next moment, Han Muye was completely stunned.

Han Muye, who had been struck by the palm, slowly raised his head, and black and white lights flickered in his eyes..

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