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Chapter 1383 - 1383: The Reversal of Reversals, Yunlan Sword Immortal! (3)

Translator: Atlas Studios       Editor: Atlas Studios

In addition, the Baxia bloodline was also slowly refining the power of the dragon crocodile here.

By the time Zhang Guangyuan and the others returned to Dripping Blood Cliff, more than a month had pa.s.sed.

Millions of Daoist rebels were scattered.

To be precise, they were divided up.

All the major sects got a share.

Even the Immortal Burial City received some.

Immortal Lord Yuchen and his group made every effort to gather their forces, but they could only recover three million.

The next step, when they returned to the Fuyu Immortal Realm, was to reestablish the various factions.

Everyone’s thoughts were no longer on Dripping Blood Cliff.

With Han Muye destroying the teleportation array to the Divine Realm, this place was no longer dangerous, and giving Dripping Blood Cliff directly to Han Muye was not a big deal.

In any case, if Han Muye’s powerful subordinates were stationed at Dripping Blood Cliff, it would only dilute his strength.

Regardless of how grateful they were to Han Muye before, at this moment, all the Immortal Lords were considering the faction behind them.

Even Zhang Guangyuan had no objections to the decisions of the others.

Zhang Guangyuan and his group were in a hurry to leave, while Han Muye made all the necessary arrangements at Dripping Blood Cliff before leaving.

Han Qi and Xiang Lingshuang stayed temporarily at Dripping Blood Cliff, using the aura of the Blood Shatter to temper themselves and a.s.sisting in integrating their own combat power with the power of the grand array.

Murong Zhuo and other members of the Murong family chose to continue staying at Dripping Blood Cliff.

They were not the only ones. Many of the Immortal Cultivators who had been stationed at the Dripping Blood Cliff chose to stay. The price Han Muye offered them was really tempting.

One divine crystal a year.

This was something that could not be obtained anywhere else.

They only needed to maintain the array’s circulation.

Not only these cultivators, but even Immortal Lord Wuchen and the others who had stayed previously stayed at Dripping Blood Cliff.

The price Han Muye offered really made them reluctant to leave.

Baxia’s bloodline phantom stayed at Dripping Blood Cliff and slowly fused with the dragon crocodile’s body. The Primordial Spirit Sword, Immortal Slaying Sword, absorbed the power of the Blood Heavenly Formation.

When Han Muye left the Dripping Blood Cliff, there was no longer any murderous aura on him.

The Fuyu Immortal World had been in chaos for a hundred years.

The Yunlan Dao Sect had split up and betrayed them. Even if Immortal Lord

Yuchen supported them with all his might, he was unable to restore the Dao Sect’s glory.

Of the 36 states of the Fuyu Immortal Realm, the Yunlan Dao Sect led 13 states back then.

Now, in a hundred years, the Dao Sect had been reduced to only five states.

Of the eight states that were left vacant, the Sword Sect took three, the Heavenly Radiance Sect took one, and the Iron Armor War Sect and the Blood Battle Sect each took one.

The remaining two states bordering on the Bitter Immortal Domain were taken over by the Bitter Immortal Domain’s Golden Fire Demon King.

In fact, everyone knew that the Golden Fire Demon King was backed by Yunlan Sword Immortal.

Yunlan Sword Immortal controlled the two major restricted areas of the Fuyu

Immortal Realm, as well as Yunlan City, a large city in the Yunteng Wasteland. Moreover, he was a disciple of the Sword Sect and had not officially left the sect.

With Yunlan Sword Immortal’s power, the entire Fuyu Immortal Realm had to give him face.

It was said that when the various sects divided up the Dao Sect, it was Yunlan Sword Immortal who intervened, making the Dao Sect voluntarily withdraw and give up the eight states.

As a result, while the Dao Sect was preserved, each sect gained some benefits.

Those who were well-informed about the general situation knew that Yunlan Sword Immortal had several Dao Sect Immortal Lords under him, so they came forward to mediate.

Immortal Burial City and Dripping Blood Cliff both had Dao Sect Immortal Lords working for Yunlan Sword Immortal.

Although each faction had divided the Dao Sect’s territory, they couldn’t enjoy it to the fullest.

The top leaders of each faction wouldn’t confront each other openly, but the compet.i.tion among the younger disciples continued unabated.

Presumably, it was also a means of tempering their disciples. Most of the factions were not sending their Golden Immortals, and below that level, there were constant skirmishes.

In more than a hundred years, the Fuyu Immortal Realm had produced many elite powerhouses among the Immortals.

According to the plans of the various large sects, these people would partic.i.p.ate in the elite meeting a hundred years later.

Then, this elite meeting would select experts to partic.i.p.ate in the grand meeting of the myriad worlds.

Among the younger generation in the current Fuyu Immortal Realm, the most prominent figures were those on the Yunlan Immortal List.

Yunlan Sword Immortal, the lord of Yunlan City, had established the Yunlan Immortal List to inspire the young elites of various factions. It included both the Golden Immortal List and the Heavenly Immortal List.

Those who could make it onto the Golden Immortal Rankings were all famous figures of the various sects.

As for the Heaven Immortal Rankings, it changed frequently, with new additions every few years.

People on the Golden Immortal Rankings could obtain the qualifications to exchange for a treasure in the Immortal Burial City.

As long as one stood firm on the Heaven Immortal Rankings for 10 years, one could go to the Immortal Burial City to exchange for opportunities to fight and train outside the realm and obtain a good treasure as a reward.

As the wealthiest man in the Fuyu Immortal Realm, Yunlan Sword Immortal had always been generous.

It was said that the first-ranked on the Golden Immortal List, Zhao Yu of the Blood Battle Sect, exchanged for an Immortal treasure spear at the Immortal Burial City, and his combat strength had doubled.

On the Heaven Immortal Rankings, the most famous was a disciple of the Sword Sect, and many people had a close relationship with the Immortal Burial


Among them, Yunlan Sword Immortal’s adopted daughter, Huang Zhihu, the elder sister of the Golden Fire Demon King, sat firmly in the first place on the Heaven Immortal Rankings.

According to the Golden Fire Demon King, anyone who challenged Huang Zhihu was challenging him.

Sixty years ago, Huang Zhihu had just entered the Void Refinement Realm when someone challenged her and nearly defeated her.

After that, the second-ranked on the Heavenly Immortal Rankings, Han Qi, who guarded Dripping Blood Cliff, and the third-ranked, Xiang Lingshuang, returned to the Fuyu Immortal Realm and swept through the Golden Immortal and Heaven Immortal Rankings.

From then on, anyone who wanted to challenge Huang Zhihu would have to challenge Han Qi and Xiang Lingshuang, who had even defeated experts on the Golden Immortal Rankings.

Who had the ability to do so?

According to the grapevine, Han Seven and Xiang Lingshuang had once killed many Immortal Lords and powerful beings when they were on Dripping Blood Cliff back then.

The top three of the Heaven Immortal Rankings could not be shaken, but the top 10 positions were up for grabs.

Zeng Yuanji of the Sword Sect’s Zhantian Hall was known as the Sword of Myriad Mountains and was ranked 10th on the Heaven Immortal Rankings.

The two elites of the Blood Battle Sect were ranked ahead of him.

Among the Dao Sect’s top 10, the only one was Immortal Lord Wanjiang’s disciple, Daoist Changhe, who wielded the Myriad Immortal Banner and possessed formidable strength..

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