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28. Good Night, Husband

After this announcement, the World Channel blew up once again!

World Channel 'Ann': “Screenshot!!!!"

World Channel 'O Spring's Son O Early Summer': "One of the strongest teams in Demon G.o.d appeared again!”

World Channel '泤 泤 Summer': “What did I just see! Why is there no Flower Yiyi's name!"

World Channel 'Does Not Bounce: “Xiao Xian-Jin really is the Great G.o.d's woman…”

World Channel 'Little Fox Wand': “I don't know why, but I suddenly want to give a candle to Flower Yiyi…”

World Channel 'Smiles at the Clear Sky': “Anyone still remember that 'Xiao Xian Ah-Jing' that Fire Ruthless replied to once?”

World Channel 'Stay and be Meng' : “Remember! AW ~ ~ I think I understand now what happened back then!"

World Channel 'Lazy Meng Ji ji': “Who is Xiao Xian Ah-Jing? Is that the same person as Xiao Xian-Jin? New person here, please enlighten me in the art of gossip!"

World Channel 'The King': “No, she is someone who got a reply in the world channel by Fire Ruthless a long time ago. But she was soon killed by jealous players and abandoned the game."

World Channel 'Lazy Meng Ji ji': “So scary! QAQ “

World Channel 'Leg Pendant': "Fire Ruthless should be with Dead Water! I hate Flower Yiyi! Fire Ruthless should be with Dead Water! I hate Xiao Xian-Jin! Fire Ruthless should be with Dead Water! I hate ALL women!"

World Channel 'Warm Weather': "Comment above is rotten!”

World Channel 'Meow Big G.o.d': "I'm so bored seeing these groups of women. Every day all they are talking about is Great G.o.d Ruthless this, Great G.o.d Ruthless that, something is wrong with your brain!"

World Channel 'I Proudly Smile': “Oh Meow Big G.o.d's coordinate is 238,123, let's form a team and kill him."

World Channel 'Meow Big G.o.d': “…”


Flower Yiyi watched the world channel silently. Although she was also in the team, her name wasn't shown on the screen because she did not contribute anything in the dungeon's fight. Meanwhile, although He Jin's status was as a spiritual pet, the system still recognized him since he was a real player.

Seeing the conversations in the world channel only dug up an old pain within her, so she quickly closed it… Xiao Xian Ah-Jing, that person, Flower Yiyi also remembered. She had always been paying attention to Ruthless, and at that time she had asked him secretly, why did you reply to “Xiao Xian Ah-Jing“? But Ruthless never gave her any answer.

Now she knew the reason. It was because that player’s name was similar to his wife’s, and he thought she had come back.

Somehow, Flower Yiyi felt she could sympathize with that Xiao Xian Ah-Jing. Her situation was similar with Yiyi herself; to think of oneself as special, only for it to be proven wrong later. They were both left with this envious feeling toward the “original" …

But she was still unwilling. During these years, she had stayed by Fire Ruthless' side, she paid so much attention to him, so why couldn't Ruthless see it?

Flower Yiyi wanted to quit the team, but also felt it was too naïve to do so. This kind of behavior would only show that she wasn't happy, and she hated being seen as too emotional… But apparently, none of the team members even noticed her mood.

Yes, these great G.o.ds had long been accustomed to people talking about them. For them, playing the game was the most important thing, they couldn't be bothered to check on other players' gossips in the world channel.

He Jin also did not pay attention to it, still immersed in the joyful feeling of having won a dungeon fight with his friends. For him, this feeling seemed to be unprecedented! Although he was only a rice weevil who died countless times, no one thought of him as a bother… And during the third stage, everyone else was safe because he was the one being targeted; this fact somehow made him feel that his “death” still held some value.

At the same time, he was also very shocked when Huo Ming resurrected Fire Ruthless at the very last minute. He had thought that he was done for, but because of Huo Ming's action, he was able to be resurrected by Fire too!

It’s great to be a part of a group…

〖 Team〗 - Nine Hall His Highness: "I said it’ll be okay, haha! Anyway, don't you think Huo Ming's last dialogue is very dog blood?"

[T/N: Dog blood = Dramatic, cliché]

Team〗 - Xiao Xian-Jin: “A little, hehe … But, why did Huo Ming revive Fire?"

〖 Team〗 - Nine Hall His Highness: “That's because Huo Ming is Ruthless's brother!”

〖 Team〗 - Dead Water: “Don't tease her ah. This is the dungeon's setting, if there is more than one player alive during the boss's third stage attack, the boss will directly kill off the weakest one, and then resurrect all Demon clan players.”

…… What a cool setup! If there was only one player left, the mission to kill Huo Ming would have ended in a failure.

After the fall of the demon's boss, the surviving player within the attack range would have an opportunity to get some items. They did not need to toss dice to decide, nor did they have to wait for it to be distributed by the team's captain, because the items would be given to each player randomly. This was the reason Qin Yu hurriedly revived Ah Jin before; he wanted He Jin to also get his share…

Of course, those who got the best items would appear in the TV's announcement, and between them, there were three who did.

〖World〗: Player Fire Ruthless has killed Huo Ming and obtained 1 Huo Ming's diamond!

〖World〗: Player Leisure Cloud丶has killed Huo Ming and obtained 1 Flame Wand!

〖World〗: Player Dead Water has killed Huo Ming and obtained 1 Amethyst!

Nine Hall His Highness cried out, “Get lost! You guys really have a blast! All are good stuff!"

Dead Water: “I have no use for Amethyst ah, it will only sell for 1000 gold coins at most. If you have a need for it, I can give it to you… Ruthless and Leisure Cloud are the ones who got good things.”

Nine Hall His Highness: “Ruthless, how did you get Huo Ming's diamond!”

Fire Ruthless: “Didn't you say he is my brother? Of course he will be good to me.”

Everyone: “…”

〖 Team〗 - Wild Crane丶: “I only picked up instantaneous shift talisman, and a spicy chicken cooking skill book! Huo Ming must really love to eat spicy chicken ah! I’ve got a couple of copies of this stuff! QAQ “

Qin Yu asked He Jin: “Ah Jin, what did you get?”

〖 Team〗 - Xiao Xian-Jin: “2 Large Grain Dan…”

Everyone: “Pffft–!"

Large Grain Dan is a low-level blood medicine, any NPC selling medicine would have it, and it was also the cheapest kind, so picking up this thing is almost the same as obtaining nothing!

Nine Hall His Highness laughed, “No way, your items are so bad, I feel much better!”

〖 Team〗 - Wild Crane丶: "I also feel much better! ~ (≧▽≦)/~ “

〖 Team〗 - Xiao Xian-Jin: “…”

He Jin: “… " Am I unlucky because I was only a rice weevil? Orz.

Qin Yu looked at the time, it was almost 11PM, and hurriedly said, “It's already late, Ah Jin and I will retreat first.”

Nine Hall His Highness: “Okay ~ Xiao Bai sister-in-law, take care! Let's play together again next time!”

Dead Water, “Goodbye ~”

〖 Team〗 - Wild Crane丶: “We should also sleep, good night.”

〖 Team〗 - Leisure Cloud丶: “Byebye.”

……We? He Jin looked at Wild Crane's message and thought curiously, do these two live together…?

He Jin also sent a farewell message on the team channel, then followed Fire out of the team.

In a blink of an eye, there were only Nine Hall His Highness and Flower Yiyi left in the team channel. Nine Hall His Highness was actually also about to leave, but stopped once he saw Flower Yiyi still there. He asked, "You are not going to sleep?”

Finally having someone noticed her, Flower Yiyi's withered mood renewed once again!

〖 Team〗 - Flower Yiyi: “Yes… I can’t sleep."

Nine Hall His Highness: “What's wrong? Acne? Or is it period pain ah!"

〖 Team〗 - Flower Yiyi: “…”

Just with those two words, the little flame in Flower Yiyi's mood was immediately died down…

It’s better not to talk to someone who has no emotional quotient ah.

〖 Team〗 - Flower Yiyi: “No, it's nothing, you sleep first.”

Nine Hall His Highness: “Okay, sister, goodnight ~o (n_n) o”


After Qin Yu and He Jin left the team, they did not immediately go offline. Instead, Qin Yu took He Jin back to Celestial, and asked on the way: “Did you have fun doing dungeon?”

Xiao Xian-Jin: “Yes, it's fun.” But his luck was just too bad…

Qin Yu: “Then I'll take you to do another dungeon next time.”

Xiao Xian-Jin: “Don't ah, let's practice my skills first. I'll also feel a little depressed if I died so many times like today, and I don't want to be a rice weevil anymore.”

“Okay, then we'll start practicing.” Qin Yu smiled, looks like He Jin is still interested in the game … To make him even more hooked, Qin You would help him to be the most powerful Spirit Pet!

He Jin then thanked Fire for taking him to do dungeon with his friends today, but Fire said, “Don’t thank me, just call me husband when we are online.”

Xiao Xian-Jin: “…”

When they arrived at the celestial, the two of them chatted some more. Fire asked him, “Will you be online the day after tomorrow?”

Xiao Xian-Jin: “No, I have something to do… I'll come again next Monday evening."

Fire Ruthless: “Okay"

Looking at that “Okay”, somehow He Jin felt that Fire's mood had dropped a little…

Unconsciously, He Jin typed in the chat box: “Good night, husband.”

After sending that sentence, He Jin's face immediately flushed red. He did not wait for Fire to reply, and hurriedly went offline!

He Jin turned off the computer, then went to wash his face and brush his teeth; all the while, his mind kept on recalling the game. He suddenly remembered the image of himself playing together with Fire from eight years ago…

Somehow, He Jin felt that Fire had changed a lot. That guy was much more pure and simple before, but now, he seemed to have become a bit bad, always teasing and making fun of him …

Hey Fire, the grown up you is really not cute ah! (=_=)

As he was getting ready to go to bed, He Jin saw a new message in his ME account. It was sent by Fire five minutes ago…

Fire: “Have a nice dream, Wife. ^^ “

Proof-read by: Eileen

T/N: Poll result: Ferret Won! Yay!

I’ve changed all weasel words in this story to ferret, but if you happen to re-read this novel and stumbled into any missed “weasel”, please do inform me >.

That being said, meet Ah Jin in prototype form ~

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