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027. Demonic Dungeon (3)

After the game's revision, Demon G.o.d had become much more developed in term of its features. One of the new developments introduced was the custom-look feature.  When creating their characters, each player would experience a rich alter-system to set feature details and hairstyle types of their characters. The game's shop also launched a variety of fashion clothing and dyeing functions for more personalized customisation.

He Jin looked at Hao Ming; not only his clothes and hairstyle, but his hair color and facial features were also similar to Fire's! The only difference was his temperament; with his ghostly-pale skin and hostile expression, he carried himself as if he had just climbed out of endless h.e.l.l.

Moreover, the bosses in this game were generally larger than ordinary players, and this applied to Hao Ming as well. If Fire and Nine Hall's heights in the game were roughly described as 1.8-meter, then Huo Ming's actually reached almost 2-meters.

The former demon-leader used a black sword as his weapon, which shone brightly in the the depths of Yan Mountain's flames.

The moment Huo Ming came into their sights, Nine Hall His Highness immediately made a summoning action. With a golden flash, a mighty golden lion soon appeared at his side, roaring: “Ah Woo ~ ~ ~”

Another special feature of Demon G.o.d game was its rich system-pets. So far, He Jin had only seen three of them—Fire Ruthless's Blazing Soul Rosefinch, Leisure Cloud's dragon, and Nine Hall His Highness’s lion.

Because the “spirit pet” occupation was not really developed by the game's company, these kinds of “pets” had become an indispensable feature of this game.

High level pets were sometimes even more powerful than their owners. In combat, using a pet was equivalent to having another person in terms of fighting ability. That was why, when doing PK, most players usually had basic understanding of not summoning their pets, since it would feel like 2vs1 otherwise.

In addition, there was no meat tank (MT) occupation in this game, so, most players used pets to fill in this position. Leisure Cloud's dragon, and Nine Hall His Highness’s lion were used for this too, because they had the thickest blood volumes.

At this moment, His Highness suddenly shouted, "Let's go, Little Gold! Let's beat, Ruthless's brother!"

Nine Hall His Highness and Leisure Cloud began controlling their pets, and the dragon-lion duo immediately rushed to Hao Ming, completely distracting him. The former demon-lord was too busy trying to kill them, and ignored the attacks of the other players.

He Jin asked in the team channel: “Why did Nine Your Highness call Hao Ming as Ruthless's brother?”

Nine Hall His Highness: “Haha, don’t you think he looks like Fire Ruthless?”

〖 Team〗 - Xiao Xian-Jin: “Yes…”

〖 Team〗 - Xiao Xian-Jin: “Fire, your character's design is a cosplay of Hao Ming?”

〖 Team〗 - Fire Ruthless: “…”

“He is the one cosplaying me, alright.” Qin Yu said, while sending a private chat to He Jin

〖 Private Chat Fire Ruthless〗: “What did you just call me?”

He Jin: “…”

The rest of the team laughed wildly,then Dead Water explained: “Fire Ruthless used this design first, Huo Ming's character was created later on.”

〖 Team〗 - Nine Hall His Highness: “Yes, when Huo Ming's character first came out, Ruthless has been using this image for several years. The game company really doesn't have moral integrity ah, they designed the new dungeons's bosses by copying several high-profile players. In addition to Fire Ruthless, there is only the White Maple's Ice Prison's boss who looks like Dead Water! Hahaha, that's why people start calling them as official BLCP…"

While listening to Nine Hall His Highness,  He Jin was also busy watching as Fire began urging him in the private chat: “Call me husband.”

“…” He Jin was speechless, but already resigned to this. He quickly typed the word “husband” and sent it, however, he actually forgot to switch the channel!

〖 Team〗 - Xiao Xian-Jin: “Husband.”

Looking at the different color of the channel's name, He Jin was so embarra.s.sed he felt like chopping off his hand!

Qin Yu also didn't believe that He Jin would be so open about this, and was quick to figure out that he must have forgotten to switch the channel- this was a mistake commonly done by new players, who'd have thought He Jin would also do this!

In reality, Qin Yu hurriedly turned off his voice function and burst into laughter, but in the game, he only answered casually–

〖 Team〗 - Fire Ruthless: “Yes?”

〖 Team〗 -Xiao Xian-Jin: “It's nothing …”

Their chats came one after another, effectively stopping Nine Hall His Highness in his self-talk explanation:  “f.u.c.k off! Actually ignoring me! Dead Water gege~ I want to burn this pair of lovey-dovey couple! TAT"

Dead Water laughed, “Burn them! There are so many flames in here, I'm sure Ruthless's brother won't mind letting you use some of it."

Nine Hall His Highness: [mad] [mad]

〖 Team〗 - Xiao Xian-Jin: “*pats* I am listening.”

Nine Hall His Highness: [crying] [crying]

Of course, Hao Ming did not always only focus on the lion-dragon duo, otherwise this dungeon wouldn't be one of the most difficult dungeons in Demon G.o.d.

During the process of fighting this boss, the players would encounter three stages of big attacks from Hao Ming. At the first stage, Hao Ming would summon a large wave of demon soldiers to attack the players, specifically the Heavenly Beings; at the second stage, he would attract a large wave of G.o.d's will to that place, which would be most effective against Demon Clan's players. At this point, basically both the Heavenly Beings and Demon Clans were presumed dead… If he wasn't able to wipe his enemies with two attacks, how could he be worthy of his t.i.tle as leader of the demons?

When Hao Ming's blood had dropped to half, Fire reminded his friends: “Be careful, the demon soldiers are coming.”

Nine Hall His Highness: "You are really professional in figuring out you 100years-brother Ah! "

While they were talking, Leisure Cloud had flown out of the attack circle. Huo Ming roared, opened his arms, and began chanting a summoning spell. Soon, numerous demons appeared one by one, and immediately to the players in the circle!

He Jin’s ferret died in seconds, which was unsurprising. However, when he looked at the team channel, he found out that he wasn't the only one.

〖 Team〗 : Player Wild Crane丶has died.

〖 Team〗 : Player Nine Hall His Highness has died.

〖 Team〗 : Player Dead Water has died.

Both the lion and the dragon had become corpses too!

He Jin asked nervously in the team channel: “Everyone is dead?” - In this game, you can still communicate in the team channel even after you have died.

〖 Team〗 -  Dead Water: “Don’t worry.”

That cl.u.s.ter of demons no longer had targets to attack in the circle and automatically disappeared, leaving the only non-Heavenly Being players, Fire Ruthless, to confront Hao Ming alone. At the teammate's status display box, it was clear to see that Fire's blood was dropping rapidly…

At this time, Leisure Cloud, who had previously gone out of the attack's circle, quickly flew back and resurrected first Wild Crane, then Dead Water and Nine Hall His Highness. Dead Water released his pet, a red fox, while Fire rushed to Hao Ming. He used a skill, "Camouflage", to direct Hao Ming's attention elsewhere for a few seconds, then quickly resurrected He Jin.

〖 Team〗 - Dead Water: “See ~”

〖 Team〗 -  Xiao Xian-Jin: “… I thought we were finished. "

Nine Hall His Highness laughed: "Haha, your husband is the boss's younger brother, how can we be finished! "

“…” He Jin thought and asked, “Leisure Cloud is also the Heavenly Being, right? Why did he just fly out of the circle and wasn't attacked?”

〖 Team〗 - Dead Water: “His occupation has a skill called ‘ suspended animation ‘, but he must be away from the attack circle to implement it.”

〖 Team〗 - Xiao Xian-Jin: “Ah, so that's why.”

The team soon increased their attacks, and once they saw Hao Ming's blood had dropped to one-fourth, Fire said: “I'm leaving the next to you.”

〖 Team〗 - Leisure Cloud丶: “OK.”

〖 Team〗 - Fire Ruthless: "Jin Er, be ready to die."

He Jin: “…” He had died numerous times since entering this dungeon, he had long become numb! -_-#

〖 Private Chat Xiao Xian-Jin〗: “Can you stop calling me that…”

〖Private Chat Fire Ruthless〗: “You don't like it?”

〖Private Chat Xiao Xian-Jin〗: “It's a bit uncomfortable…”

〖Private Chat Fire Ruthless〗: “Then, do you prefer me calling you wife? But if I call you as wife, that stupid Nine Hall might mimic me again. On the other hand, because of your teasing before, I'm sure he won't do anything if I use Jin Er, so you just have to adapt and get used to it hehe"

〖Private Chat Xiao Xian-Jin〗: “…”

While they were chatting, Hao Ming's second stage attack had come. A large wave of G.o.d's will light spread around the place, once again killing Ah Jin in seconds, before it also hit Fire. During this time, Nine Hall His Highness suddenly said: “Ruthless, Yiyi applied to the team, you add her.”

Qin Yu: “…”

The team in Demon G.o.d could only accommodate six people, and once all the slots were filled, the system would automatically reject other players’ applications.

Including He Jin, their team currently happened to have six people. However, because He Jin's ident.i.ty right now was as Fire Ruthless's spirit pet, he wasn't really counted.

Actually, even if Nine Hall His Higness didn't tell him, as the team's captain, Qin Yu had also received the request. He felt quite troubled about it though, and had wanted to pretend he didn't see it. However, now that Nine Hall had openly asked him, Qin Yu couldn't find any excuse to refuse and had to accept it.

〖 Team〗 :  Player Flower Yiyi enters the troop.

Each player could see the team status on the left corner of the screen, so when Flower Yiyi joined the team, she found that something didn't seem right; there were six people there. At the long column, on the bottom right of Fire Ruthless's status, there was another player's status hanging there: Xiao Xian-Jin - Level Seventh Spirit Pet (Weasel)

If it was only the usual team members, without Ah Jin, Flower Yiyi might still feel very happy being in the same team as Fire. However, as soon as she saw Xiao Xian-Jin's name, she was suddenly hit with an isolated feeling, as if she was being abandoned and wronged.

In the past, each time she saw Fire Ruthless, Flower Yiyi would always call out “Master” to him first, but she did not do it this time.

〖 Team〗 - Flower Yiyi: "Hi! What are you playing at? ~o (n_n) o~ ”

〖 Team〗 - Nine Hall His Highness: “We are killing Ruthless's brother with his wife's help!”

〖 Team〗 -  Flower Yiyi: “Pffft… such a twisted mouth."

She also did not call Xiao Xian-jin “master's wife” anymore, and went on to ask in the team channel-

〖 Team〗 -  Flower Yiyi: “Why did no one call me?  Which stage are you guys on? "

〖 Team〗 -  Wild Crane丶: “Almost over, we are at the boss's second attack stage.”

He Jin remembered this girl and greeted her on the channel-

〖 Team〗 -  Xiao Xian-Jin: “Yiyi, h.e.l.lo.”

Such simple words, but in the Flower Yiyi's eyes, it felt like the other player was doing a naked show-off to her. Showing off that she could so easily get into the best circle of the game, and that she could so effortlessly gain the affection of her own most favorite person…

Ah Jin was obviously a newcomer who had not been playing for so many years, but why did she get everything?

At this moment, Fire Ruthless had been attacked continuously by the G.o.d's will lights and finally died.

〖 Team〗 : Player Fire Ruthless has died

The two major races in Demon G.o.d had healer occupation available, but they could not cross-treat between races. Flower Yiyi was a demon clan's healer, and when they did this dungeon in the past, as long as she could do like what Leisure Cloud did before, to escape from the second stage's attack range, she would always be the one with the duty to revive Fire Ruthless. Before, every time she did that, she always felt that her existence was meaningful, that she was indispensable to Fire Ruthless. And no one was more suitable to be around him…

But now, Fire Ruthless's actions had plainly expressed one thing–he did not need her.

Leisure Cloud resurrected He Jin, and said in the team: “Ah Jin, during the third stage, the boss would attack the weakest member of the team, so you may have to die again.”

〖 Team〗 - Xiao Xian-Jin: “Well, it's nothing.”  He was ready to die at any moment … (* ̄^ ̄)

Finally, Hao Ming's blood was left one-tenth only!

He suddenly sprayed out some blood, fell on one knee, and said in a heart-breaking voice: "Is it you? You lied to me, cheated me, and betrayed me… And now the G.o.ds have slain me… Are you really going to kill me? I really love you… What’s wrong with me!"

Hao Ming staggered up, raised his sword, and sent it flying to He Jin in seconds!

〖 Team〗: Player Xiao Xian-Jin has died.

The demon clan's boss also sprayed another mouthful of blood, and said:  “Enough. If this is what you want, then I'll give my life to you …”

After saying this sentence, Hao Ming began to lose blood quickly!

However, before he fell down, he opened his arms and said: “I wish my people could live forever …”

〖 Team〗: Player Fire Ruthless has been resurrected.

After the Fire Ruthless got up, he rushed to the battle scene, and revived He Jin with speed as fast as lightning!

〖 Team〗: Player Xiao Xian-Jin has been resurrected.

〖World〗: Congratulations to players Fire Ruthless, Xiao Xian-Jin, Nine Hall His Highness, Dead Water, Leisure Cloud, Wild Crane, for completing the task of removing the demon in Yan Mountain's Blazing Prison!

T/N: Proof-read by 

A little crash course in gaming terms:

*) Meat Tank (MT) is an occupation/character cla.s.s commonly found in games too. In team battle, they usually have the duty to tank, in essence, focuses on soaking up damage on the frontlines, preventing the other party members from being hurt. To that end, they generally have a very high amount of health (blood), high defensive ability, some methods to Draw Aggro (enemy’s rage) and keep the aggro on them and not the squishier members of the party, or sometimes just being able to outright dodge the opponents.

*) Healers, in essence, heal, preventing the rest of the team, particularly the tank, from being wiped out. They may also have other support effects to help them — such as being able to put shields around allies, remove negative status effects or otherwise buff them, and sometimes even debuff enemies for good measure.

*) Attack circle is actually an attack range from a character. Like the blue and yellow circles in below picture.

On a side note, I may or may not have done a little mistake in the translations. He Jin’s prototype’s form is actually a ferret and not a weasel. Sorry guys, but white ferret is rare you know, while snow weasel is more common (and I find it hard to differentiate them lol) >.

So, let’s do a little vote. Do you want me to keep using the term weasel, or change everything to ferret? It won’t really affect the story, but still, I’d like to hear your opinions ~

Snow Weasel vs White Ferret

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