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Zhang Yunyan found that this old man did not show out any maliciousness. At least, he seemed to be kind. She also felt a little bit relieved.

The old man shook his head and smiled emotionally. "I didn't expect that you're a girl and even such a pretty beauty. You're right. I met you here just now. You don't know me, and I also don't know you."

Although the old man was not malicious, Yunyan was still alerted. Perhaps, he just pretended to be kind and would reveal his true side soon.

The old man was very emotional and continued to say, "I did not expect I could meet you here today. I'm so lucky. You're my savior. It's you who end my hardship. I owe you a debt of grat.i.tude which I shall never be able to repay."

Zhang Yunyan was somewhat puzzled and could not figure out his true meaning. No matter his words were true or not, she should response him. She hoped to see how the old man would do next and how he would treat her.

She immediately refused. "Mister, you must be wrong on something. I have never seen you before and done anything for you. How can I save you? There must be something misunderstood. I could not afford to be your savior. Sorry, sorry."

The old man smiled with a little bitterness, while his expression was still complex. "Miss, I can't be wrong. Just now, in the Tongtian Hole, you saved me. I'm sure."

Zhang Yunyan was a little bit of surprise and puzzled. She had not seen this old man in Tongtian Hole, so how can she save him? The old man claimed that he owed her a debt of grat.i.tude. What did that mean? What the h.e.l.l was he going to do? Was he going to attack her when she relaxed her vigilance?

The old man was very excited and emotional. "Ah, at that time, your soul has been absorbed by the vase and knew nothing about what happened. No wonder you didn't know about it."

"What? My soul is absorbed by the vase?"

Hearing this, Zhang Yunyan was more unexpected and did not believe him. How could she lose her soul? She was confused and thought his words were a little bit ridiculous and absurd. Why did he say something like this?

The old man sighed and said, "You saved my life accidentally, namely that you saved Tianyue Country. I will not only appreciate your kindness of saving my life and I will share the grat.i.tude to you standing for all the people of Tianyue Country! Ah, it must be G.o.d's will. It must be the heaven that sent you here. I appreciate you sincerely!"

The old man was serious and did not seem to be lying. But why did he say something like this? What the h.e.l.l was going on?

Zhang Yunyan did not relax her vigilance and hurriedly declined. Her face was full of shocking expression and she felt more confused about these words.

This kind of thing sounded a bit absurd. How was it possible? She did not know why he said something like that. Why did the old man speak so many pleasant words to her? Was he deliberately trying to gain her trust?

Yunyan had never heard of the Tianyue Country and did not know where it was. How could she save this old man and the Tianyue Country? What was the purpose of this old man to say something like this? Did she have something he dreamed of?

Hearing his words, Zhang Yunyan felt mysterious and weird, which was too bizarre to believe. Why did he say such vague words to her? Did he have some bad ideas on her?

She could not understand his meaning and did not believe there would be such kind of thing. She could not accept the old man's grat.i.tude but hoped to know what his real purpose was.

The old man looked at Zhang Yunyan, finding that she was confused and did not believe his words. He wore a smile without bitterness this time.

He was a little gratified and moved. He took a long sigh of relief and patiently explained the origin of the incident.

Just now, right in the Tongtian Hole, Zhang Yunyan lost her soul and unconsciously went to the small hole which was sealed by the blue light.

When Yunyan wanted to get into the hole, she was attacked by a streak of blue light. At the same time, her hands naturally gripped. Her right hand touched the wall and inadvertently picked up the magical talisman attached on the hole.

She was unable to control herself after hit by the blue light and was thrown away. The magical talisman was off with her. Therefore, the magical power also disappeared and the old man escaped out.

It was so accidental. Yunyan's right hand on the wall unconsciously placed on the magical talisman, resulting in such a good ending.

Perhaps, as the old man said, this was G.o.d's will to let a soulless body go to remove the seal and recovered the old man to be free.

Then, Zhang Yunyan unconsciously turned the control mechanism, the semi-b.u.mping ball.

At the same time, the mysterious disc was activated and started to move. The light shone, giving out a continuous rumble.

The old man was worried. He shouted at her and rushed towards her. He got into the light dome as if he was flying. He pushed Zhang Yunyan away and controlled the mechanism at the same time, which recovered the normal function of this full-pattern disc.

Zhang Yunyan was still puzzled with the old man's words. It seemed that she was listening to the Bible. How could things become so mysterious?

The old man sighed again when seeing Zhang Yunyan was still full of doubts.

He pointed at the scattered pieces of paper on the disc and told Yunyan that this was the magical talisman that she picked up unintentionally and tore it unconsciously then.

There was Yunyan alone. If she did not do this, who would be?

Zhang Yunyan was still skeptical but had to accept the old man's words. The doubts in her heart had not been solved.

From the contact and conversation, she thought this old man was not a bad person. Otherwise, if he wanted to rape her, he would already start. There was no need for him to say a lot to waste time or find a chance to numb her.

She gained some trust in the old man, but the alert had not been completely eliminated.

Zhang Yunyan remembered she was looking for a way out in the Black Killer and met the big mouse with shiny hair. Then, she was led to the hole with the mark of "Full Moon" and entered the Tongtian Hole.

She was trying to figure out the secret in the beautifully carved disc. However, she did not know why she knew nothing about what happened later.

The old man smiled with a little bitterness. Then, he continued to tell Yunyan that when she stepped into the disc, her soul was absorbed into the soul-absorbing vase. She lost her soul and was naturally ignorant of the things that followed.

Yunyan's expression was dumb and her behaviors were unpurposeful. She unconditionally picked up the magic talisman. It was accidental and extremely accidental. It was incredible to think about it.

In any case, the result was pleasant and gratifying.

During their conversation, the old man pointed at the floating light and said, "These are the souls absorbed by the vase. Your soul is back to your body, but the left could not find their bodies, so they could only wait."

Zhang Yunyan looked at those floating lights and could only believe that the old man's words were true. It seemed that this old man was saving her.

She looked at the soul-absorbing vase held on the old man's palm, but it did not attack her or absorb the old man's soul. She was confused again. It was weird. This treasure belonged to Black Killer. It was horrible, but why did it not do anything harmful to the old man?

It said that this vase would absorb everyone's soul. No matter who he was, it would attack him mercilessly if someone dared to invade its territory, so as the old man's soul.

However, the fact was not like that. It not only did not exert the horrible magic, but also obediently went to the old man's hand. How could it be so complied?

Mystery, this was another mystery. It was suspicious.

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