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The rumbling sound continued and got louder and louder, faster and faster. Finally, it was impossible to distinguish, and the sound became small and slight.

The cave seemed to be flying. It was dark outside the doom and nothing could be seen.

In the bright doom, there were the mysterious full-pattern disc, the strange and beautiful flower, and the soul-absorbing vase sitting on the stamen... Everything was clear as the original.

The soul-absorbing vase sparkled with blue and green light, which covered the entire doom and isolated the inside and outside. Except this, everything kept the same.

Zhang Yunyan had no awareness of great changes. Her expression on her face was numb, even facing the terrible monsters. She was not afraid of it.

She ignored the terrible monster, and turned her head to look at the shining vase. The, she was about to try again.

At this moment, it seemed that only her soul was attractive to her and could make her numb body react a little.

What was this huge creature suddenly showing up and looked so ugly and horrible? It hid in this small hole, coming out not early and not late. Why did it come out at this moment? Did it come for Yunyan? What the h.e.l.l was this creature planning to do?

It turned out a huge frog, whose body was as big as a little cow. It was horrible.

Did not mention that this creature was a fierce monster. With such a huge body, it could scare people to death.

It was strange that this frog demon was so nervous and shocked by Zhang Yunyan's unconscious behavior. Why? This monster was so fierce to Yunyan and tried to kill her as soon as possible, but why?

For this, Zhang Yunyan had no consciousness and n.o.body would know.

At this time, the frog demon whispered and its body immediately changed, and turned into an old man.

The old man's hair was a little grey. He had a beard and his face was red without wrinkles. Though he looked a little bit old, but had a childish face. It was amazing.

The old man had a pair of fiery eyes, while his voice was like a bell and his body was tough. His movement was quick. He must be an extraordinary person.

He was wearing a blue cedar and carrying a sword on his back. He must be a master in all the corners of the country or a monster with extraordinary skills.

The old man could change his body shape, which showed how deep his skills were. It was afraid that few people in this world could compare with it.

What was puzzling was how such a capable person could hide in this small cave of Black Killer to cultivate? Was he the accomplice of the Black Killer, a murderous monster?

As the saying went, "Birds of a feather flock together and people flock together." Since he lived together with Black Killer in this cave, he must be a harmful monster. Otherwise, they could not stay together.

Where did the old man come from? And How would he deal with this interrupter, Zhang Yunyan? n.o.body would know.

Though Yunyan had lost her soul and her expression was somewhat sluggish, her appearance was still very beautiful and her figure was still charming.

Facing this absorbing girl, this old man could not stay still and could not help possessing her. It seemed that Yunyan was going to have a big disaster.

At this moment, the old man looked kind and eye-catching. It seemed that he had no malice, and he did not continue to do something to Yunyan.

However, it was just superficial and temporary. One's superficial kindness could cover his sinful soul. It would show out his evil side soon.

Just now, his expression had exposed his fierce nature. His screaming was horrible and the attack was fierce... His resentment to Yunyan was deep and he even tried to kill her immediately. It was scaring.

Thanks for Zhang Yunyan without a soul, she knew nothing about the old man's actions. Otherwise, she would be very nervous and afraid. She might also fight for death and would never let him do anything to her.

Yunyan was already a dead body with no soul. She unconsciously broke into this monster's territory. Her consequences would be terrible, while her ending would be miserable. It was really sad and pitiful.

She was unconsciously facing the astonishing changes and the horrible monster, but she was unaware of her tragic results. She might end her young life in ignorance.

Perhaps, it was a good thing for her, because she could face the monster, the abuse, and the death without consciousness, and left this world without pain.

Otherwise, Yunyan would be terrified, painful, and desperate.

She would hate that big mouse, who handed her over to his master—this old monster.

At this moment, if Yunyan still had her soul, things would be different and she would not wait for death. Although the monster was horrible and the results might be sad, by her persistent characteristic, she would not hesitate to fight at the end, even though she might be raped to death.

The old man did not take any action. He had a pair of bright piercing eyes and looked at Yunyan with incredible beauty. He looked thoughtfully.

He shook his head gently and then sighed. It seemed that he was a bit helpless but emotional, appreciated and pitiful to her.

The old man turned back and looked at the soul-absorbing vase on the stamen tray and wore a bitter smile. There was a piece of gratification and movement in his smile.

At this moment, the old man's mood was complicated. n.o.body knew what he was thinking, which was hard to figure out.

He stood up and picked up the soul-absorbing vase from the tray.

It was strange. This horrible vase was friendly to the old man. It did not attack him with the shining light and did not absorb his soul in.

The old man whispered and the flame-like red cover opened itself. Streaks of light flashed out of the vase and wandered in the tight dome.

A streak of light rushed towards Zhang Yunyan and got inside her body immediately.

She had an amazing change at once and recovered to her original state.

Zhang Yunyan was awakened as if she was in a dream. Then, she looked around with doubts in her eyes.

She found that the outside was dark, but the inside was bright. The sound was as light as a feather, lingering on for a long time, while there was an unfamiliar old man.

She was deeply confused and did not know why it was dark outside of the disc. The whole Tongtian Hole could not be seen and there was a strange slight noise.

She did not know why this magical disc had such a horrible change and did not know why this old man was there and when he came in.

Zhang Yunyan looked through this old man. There was a sword on his back, which told that he was a martial expert. It was more alarmed and fearful.

Her eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. She was a little bit nervous and puzzled. "What's going on? Why is there such a big change? And how could I feel nothing?"

Yunyan came up with a horrible idea. She had been controlled by this old man. She did not know how he would deal with her. She was afraid that she would not have a good result.

She was facing a man alone. Though he was an old man, she was also nervous and did not know what kind of danger and disaster would happen.

Although Yunyan was not bound, she dared not to move casually. She knew he must be a tough guy. She could not match with him and had nowhere to hide but to face this horrible man and any crisis.

Yunyan was worried. If the old man tried to kill her, it would be a big disaster. She had no ability to resist and had no way to escape. The results would be terrible.

She made up her mind that since she was a dying person, she would not be abused anymore. Before death, keeping chast.i.ty was the most important thing. Except that, she had nothing to do and nothing to care about.

Zhang Yunyan found that the old man had not tried to do something yet, but she dared not start attack first to this horrible person, so she had to keep still and observe the situation.

She thought for a while and asked, "Mister, what happened over there? It seems that we're flying and what's sound? Why does the Tongtian Hole turn dark? And nothing could be seen. Who are you, sir? When I came here, you were not here. When did you come in?"

The old man smiled with a piece of bitterness inside. His expression was a little relieved, a little emotional, a little pitiful, but no one knew whether he had pa.s.sions for her.

It seemed that his expression was still complicated and his thoughts were difficult to guess. He seemed to be very appreciative of such a stunning beauty, or perhaps his desire to possess her was flipping in his mind.

It was strange. Why this old man did not attack Yunyan when her soul was lost and released her soul back to her body? Should it be better for him to have fun with a beauty when she had emotions?

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