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Chapter 1385 - Repairing the Bible of Darkness

The pitch-black ring was simple and unadorned. Even if a player picked it up, it wouldn't be surprising if they sold it to an NPC as trash.

However, when Shi Feng took out the ring, Sharlyn was stunned for a moment while Shi Feng felt the previously calm Mana in the hall rampage. Very quickly, however, peace returned to Star-Moon Hall.

This was the first time Shi Feng had seen Sharlyn lose her composure.

"Where did you get this?" Sharlyn asked, her joy and excitement lighting up her eyes as she stared at the pitch-black ring in Shi Feng's hand.

"A secret room in the Orc Palace," Shi Feng answered truthfully. Seeing Sharlyn's reaction, he could tell that she recognized the item, and he could not help his growing excitement.

If even Sharlyn hadn't known the ring's ident.i.ty, it would have likely collected dust in his Warehouse for a very long time.

After all, unless he obtained an Identification Skill that was even more powerful than Omniscient Eyes, he wouldn't learn more about the ring. Such a Skill wasn't easily obtained. However, if an NPC recognized the item, he could learn about it even if he couldn't a.n.a.lyze it.

"So, that's the case. That old b.a.s.t.a.r.d really did have it." Sharlyn smiled. With a wave of her hand, the pitch-black ring flew out of Shi Feng's palm and to Sherlyn's. Slowly, she said, "This is the Ring of Eternity. It had originally belonged to the G.o.d Slayer, but looking at it now, it seems to be damaged beyond repair."

"Damaged beyond repair?" Shi Feng's heart sank.

He had hoped that this ring was something amazing, yet it turned out to be beyond salvation. It was no wonder why Omniscient Eyes couldn't a.n.a.lyze it. After all, it was only natural that he couldn't appraise a worthless item.

"Don't be too disappointed. Although it is useless now, the ring's materials are quite special," Sharlyn said. She couldn't help but giggle when she saw the dejected expression on Shi Feng's face. "After all, this ring used to be a G.o.dly Relic. The Heart of the World had been its core material. I believe many people will be interested in this ring if you can get a Craftsman Forger to make a new one."

When Shi Feng heard the words 'Heart of the World,' his breathing quickened slightly.

The Heart of the World was the foundation of a world. Many of G.o.d's Domain's Otherworlds, for example, had evolved from a Heart of the World.

"If you don't have a use for this ring, I'd be willing to buy it. I can offer you 200 units of Seven Luminaries Crystals or the Eternium Mine that's near White River City," Sharlyn said, smiling as she toyed around with the Ring of Eternity in her hand.

Sharlyn's offer was sorely tempting.

He had never expected the woman to be so generous and wealthy.

Two hundred units of Seven Luminaries Crystal was no small amount. It would take a first-rate Guild months, if not years, to gather so much. Meanwhile, the Eternium mine close to White River City was also quite famous.

Shi Feng hadn't thought that the mine actually belonged to Sharlyn…

Eternium Ore was a very rare supportive ore. It was also used to forge Magisteel Ingots, which could increase one's success rate when forging weapons and equipment.

Many Guilds had thought of claiming the mine for themselves in the past. Unfortunately, the mine was under the kingdom's supervision. The NPCs guarding it were all Level 180 and above. It was impossible to claim.

If he could obtain the Eternium mine, the Candlelight Trading Firm's forgers would have a much easier time when crafting weapons and equipment above Level 50.

"Lady Sharlyn, if I wish to make a new ring, must I get the help of a Craftsman Forger?" Shi Feng asked.

Although Sharlyn's offer was tempting, the Heart of the World was similarly precious. Encountering the material again in the future would be nearly impossible.

"It doesn't have to be a Craftsman, but Craftsman Forgers are the only ones who can use the material to its fullest potential. If you asked a Master or Grandmaster Forger to craft the new ring, the final product will be very low quality. It might not even be worth 50 units of Seven Luminaries Crystals," Sharlyn said, smiling at Shi Feng. "You need to think this through. How about I make you another offer? The power of darkness in your body has already become considerably dense. In exchange for this ring, I'll help you partially restore the Bible of Darkness. It'll become a little easier to retrain Moloch's Ring's devouring effect."

"Help me repair the Bible of Darkness?" Shi Feng was slightly astonished. He had never imagined that Sharylyn would be so interested in the Ring of Eternity, so much so that she'd offer to help him repair the Bible of Darkness, albeit partially. Immediately, he answered, "Alright. I'll have to trouble you to help me repair the Bible of Darkness, then."

He had rushed to complete his Tier 2 promotion precisely because he was worried about Moloch's Ring's devouring effect. Now that a solution to this problem had presented itself, he had to take advantage of it. After all, he still had other matters to deal with. He didn't have the spare time to quest and repair the Bible of Darkness.

Meanwhile, he had other methods of obtaining Seven Luminaries Crystals. As for the mine, Manat.i.te veins were far more valuable than Eternium veins. After all, Manat.i.te Ore could be used to produce the Elementium Ingot, another item that could increase forging success rates. Moreover, Manat.i.te veins produced Magic Crystals.

As for forging a new ring, there were only a few Craftsman ranked Forgers throughout G.o.d's Domain. Finding one and convincing them to help was simply impossible for a player of his level. Even if he got the chance, it wouldn't happen for a long time. Rather than letting the Heart of the World collect dust in his Warehouse, he might as well benefit from it now. It would also save him the trouble of completing a quest that was at least Epic rank.

"You've made a wise decision. Otherwise, you'd have to travel to the Broken Canyon," Sharlyn said, chuckling as she stored the Ring of Eternity. She then said, "Follow me."

Hearing Sharlyn mention the Broken Canyon, Shi Feng shuddered.

He hadn't realized that he'd have to go to such a dangerous map to repair the Bible of Darkness…

The Broken Canyon was a Rank 2 forbidden land for humans, only second to the Ruined Mountain Range. In the Ruined Mountain Range, players were guaranteed to die, while in the Broken Canyon, they might survive one out of ten visits. Moreover, they'd only have such hope after reaching Tier 3.

Countless peak experts had visited the Broken Canyon in the past. While some had grown stronger, the majority of these peak experts had returned with their characters crippled. Just being able to walk out of the Broken Canyon alive made them experts among experts. As for obtaining something from inside the Broken Canyon, only peak experts had any hope of achieving such a feat.

Under Sharlyn's lead, Shi Feng quickly arrived before a Teleportation Magic Array inside the Star-Moon Hall.

When the teleportation array activated, Shi Feng's vision blurred. In the next moment, he found himself inside a hall that resembled the night sky. The beautiful view was mesmerizing.

"This is…the Stargazing Tower?!" Shi Feng was slightly surprised. He hadn't expected White River City's library to have a teleportation array connected to the Stargazing Tower.

The Stargazing Tower was in Blackwing City. Without an entry pa.s.s, entering the city was impossible.

Under Sharlyn's lead, Shi Feng returned to the Weeping Moon Pavilion once again. He suddenly felt far more limber.

"The Weeping Moon Pavilion has a powerful suppression effect on the power of darkness. If we repair the Bible of Darkness here, the Demon Kings won't discover the change," Sharlyn explained. "Alright, take out the Bible of Darkness and place it on the magic array below the water mirror."

Nodding, Shi Feng retrieved the Bible of Darkness from his bag and set it on the carved magic array beneath the water mirror on the ceiling.

The magic array in the center of the Weeping Moon Pavilion looked ancient. Despite the being inactive, Shi Feng could feel its archaic aura.

As Sharlyn walked up to the magic array, a dazzling staff suddenly appeared in her hand. She pointed the staff at the magic array and commanded, "s.p.a.ce-time Source, activate!"

Suddenly, the Mana density in the Weeping Moon Pavilion began to grow restless. The magic array then lit up, and horrific amounts of Mana surged towards the array, stealing the strength from Shi Feng's legs as he fell on his rear.

How is this possible?! Shi Feng was stupefied as he stared up at the sevenfold magic array that formed beneath the water mirror. This magic array was many times more powerful than any Tier 6 G.o.d-ranked Spell he had seen before.

Abruptly, the Bible of Darkness started to flip around as layer upon layer of pitch-black chains appeared around the book, binding it. However, as if time had begun to rewind, the chains began to vanish.

When only five chains remained, the magic array froze as a violent surge of Mana exploded in a shockwave.

Not daring to be careless, Shi Feng activated Absolute Domain, becoming immune to all damage.

When the shockwave struck Shi Feng, although he did not receive any damage, he grew faint for a moment.

Meanwhile, in the center of the magic array, the originally tattered Bible of Darkness seemed newer as it hovered in the air. The surrounding Mana density pulled a shudder from Shi Feng.

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