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The old man sighed and told Zhang Yunyan that the soul-absorbing vase did not belong to Black Killer, but a national treasure of Tianyue Country. He brought it here. He was the real owner of this soul-absorbing vase. He now the spells, so he could naturally control it.

Zhang Yunyan was deeply surprised. Since this soul-absorbing vase was in Black Killer's cave, how could it turn to a national treasure of Tianyue Country? Was it stolen by the Black Bear Demon from Tianyue Country?

Yunyan did not believe that the monster had such a powerful ability. Facing this martial expert or maybe other masters, that monster could not have such great courage to fight against them.

Besides, such a treasure must be protected with plenty of mechanisms and extremely strict guardians. The outsiders would not have a chance to get close.

Yunyan could not believe this treasure did not belong to Black Killer. The soul-absorbing vase was there and that monster used it to absorb the souls of "walking dead". It also absorbed her soul, so how could be said it was not Black Bear Demon's treasure?

If it was not Black Killer's treasure, this monster could not control it and would be hurt by it. However, the Black Bear Demon did not get any hurt, but used it to absorb people's souls. How to explain it?

Although Zhang Yunyan could not solve these mysteries, but had to believe in the old man's words. Since the soul-absorbing vase was in his hands, she had no reason to doubt him.

Anyway, the soul-absorbing vase was no longer terrible, and she could be at ease.

After Yunyan's soul returned to her flesh and she heard the old man's explanation, she finally realized what had happened. She signed with emotion and felt surprised.

At the moment, she believed that the old man was not bad a person and was no longer nervous.

Zhang Yunyan was still puzzled. Since the old man acclaimed that he came from Tianyue Country, how could he come to her country and stay in this cave with Black Killer together?

She couldn't see the wall and the two holes of the Tongtian Hole, neither could the handwriting on the wall.

It was totally dark outside the dome. The sound was vaguely continuous. She did not know why.

If they had left the Tongtian Hole, it would be much stranger. Yunyan did not know why the mysterious disc would leave on its own and where it would go. She did not know where she was and where the Tongtian Hole located.

The old man told Zhang Yunyan that they were in the Tongtian Precious Carriage and were flying to Tianyue Country.

Hearing this, Zhang Yunyan was shocked. "Ah, Tongtian Precious Carriage! Tianyue Country! Wh-what the h.e.l.l is going on?"

It was totally dark outside the dome. The slightly continuous sound was vague, but ringing over her ears all the time.

Inside the dome, the blue-green light was shining constantly, and everything was clearly visible. The hemispherical transparent dome was the protective cover of the Tongtian Precious Carriage. No one could get in or out if he did not know the spells.

Zhang Yunyan heard the old man's words and felt shocked, while both nervous and scared. What was Tongtian Precious Carriage? And where was Tianyue Country?

This Tongtian Precious Carriage was very mysterious and also horrible. She felt surprised and scared. She did not know why things went on like this.

Yunyan did not know where the Tongtian Precious Carriage would take her to and how far the Tianyue Country would be. What kind of country it was? Was it horrible?

She was worried that she could never be able to return to her own country, her hometown. She had no chance to see her friends or family, so as her uncompleted vows.

Those vows were the mission of her life, so she must complete them.

Zhang Yunyan was suspicious and confused. She could only ask the old man for help.

The old man told her that this Tongtian Precious Carriage was at an extremely fast speed. Its speed was beyond one's imagination. It could pa.s.s the time and s.p.a.ce to the ancient times or to the distant future.

Hearing this, Yunyan was shocked and more fearful. As he said, Tongtian Precious Carriage was taking them to travel through the time and s.p.a.ce to the ancient times or to the distant future.

She was more anxious. It seemed that she could not come back to her hometown and could not complete her vows.

Zhang Yunyan was anxious and horrified. She had never seen or even heard of this kind of strange thing.

In her whole life, the fastest transportation she saw was carriages. Since Tongtian Precious Carriage had such a horrible speed, how much power it would need to make it move? What kind of horses could pull it on the way?

She could not understand how a carriage could move without horses. It seemed like a story in "Fairy Tales" for her.

The old man told her that it was extremely difficult to get this Tongtian Precious Carriage. Since his ancient master built this section, he was starting to study and refine it. After generations by generations, they had never stopped studying the methods.

The predecessors of the past generations took the spiritual aura from heaven and earth and absorbed the essence of the sun and the moon. Then, they injected all the materials into the Tongtian Precious Carriage. At the same time, they also constantly integrated their own power into it, forming the Tongtian Precious Carriage with endless energy.

In the process of refining it, the predecessors had acc.u.mulated rich experience and lessons. It was solidly and gradually improved. They made the process step by step.

Fortunately, their efforts were not in vain. On account of their innumerable acc.u.mulation of energy, it made qualitative changes.

Everything came to him who waited. When time went on his generation, they finally succeeded to refine the Tongtian Precious Carriage, realizing the unprecedentedly grand cause.

Zhang Yunyan looked at the old man with amazement in her eyes. She was full of doubts in her mind. She dared not believe or could not believe how such magical things existed in this world.

Although she was young, experienced a little, and had not seen much. However, compared with people of her age, she was much more experienced and saw quite a lot.

Since she was young, Yunyan was traveling around. She was experienced and knowledgeable. She heard and saw some magical things indeed. However, she had never heard such bizarre things, and had never seen those. She could not believe things in front of her were true.

The old man told her that he was the first person to ride the Tongtian Precious Carriage and it was the first travel for this carriage after it was successfully refined.

He had no destination for this trip, but chose a future era to go casually and flew towards there.

The old man knew nothing about that era. He only wanted to go there to explore it. He hoped that there would be some gains. As a result, he came to the era and country where Zhang Yunyan was.

The old man told Zhang Yunyan that the Tianyue Country was thousands of years ago. It was an ancient period to this era. The spatial distance was extremely distant and unimaginable.

Hearing the old man said he came from a country thousands of years ago, she was extremely shocked and could not believe this bizarre thing anymore.

If the old man came from thousands of years ago, it was too bizarre. It was incredibly bizarre. How could this kind of things happen?

She was puzzled and horrified. The things that the old man told her was much more magical than the myths and legends. These "Fairy Tales" were incredibly magical and unbelievable. Such bizarre things could not exist.

Facing this mysterious old man and hearing those magical "stories", Zhang Yunyan could not believe these incredible things, but she could not deny them, either. This old man's words were serious and true.

Although she just contacted with the old man and was not familiar with him, she could feel that he was not a normal person, but he must be a kind and trustworthy one who was not making up bizarre stories.

Besides, the old man did not know her before, but acclaimed that she was his savior. He had no need to make up a story to fool her. It was useless and deceive to lie to his savior and he was not that kind of person.

The old man deeply understood Zhang Yunyan's doubts about him. Those who did not know the details was not easy to accept such kind of magical things.

He had the same kind of feeling as her. It was his first time to ride the Tongtian Precious Carriage, whose magical power shocked him deeply. He also felt it was incredible.

The old man told Zhang Yunyan with a smile that his words were all true without any false sense. The facts would confirm everything.

The old man told her that he was the imperial master of Tianyue Country. Tianyue Country was his hometown. He knew it clearly and loved it deeply.

The purpose of his travel this time was to find treasures, to visit experts, and to learn profound skills in a future era to protect Tianyue Country.

Zhang Yunyan was still shocked by the old man's words. These were unheard things, unimaginable and unbelievable.

Did the old man really come from ancient times thousands of years ago? Could this Tongtian Precious Carriage travel through the time and s.p.a.ce to the country thousands of years ago?

If it was true, this Tongtian Precious Carriage was amazing, which was beyond people's imagination. It was a unique treasure in ancient time and modern time. There was nothing to compare with it.

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