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And only The Lord had been there and knew what there was exactly inside.

Di Fuyi’s subordinate (Shan Qing) was a.s.signed to remove everyone in the third peak and below. No one was allowed to stay.

While they could hardly find any sign of human life in the fourth and fifth peak, Gu Xijiu wasn't even needed to go there, hence, he did not check on it.

There was a Wizardry Barrier at the third peak and no one could break into it or help Gu Xijiu, hence they did not pay attention to it.

Di Fuyi had asked someone to keep an eye on Long Siye to prevent his break-in. Thus, Mu Feng and his peer were trying to prevent Long Siye from entering the fourth and the fifth peak.

However, Long Siye managed to skip the fourth and fifth peak and entered from the sixth peak right away...


Of course, Gu Xijiu was not aware of all that and she did not even know everything about the third peak or how anything below had been cleared. She even felt strange that there was not even a single person around when she tried to escape as the Dark Forest itself was a very dangerous place. It was rather expected to not chance upon anybody.

She b.u.mped into Si Chen at the border of the third and fourth peak and although he was a burden, he was also a companion.

She thought she would not see anyone else before she escaped from the Dark Forest, but she finally met one when she returned from the fifth peak to the fourth peak - Dao Qingyang!

His brother (Gu Tianchao)’s mentor, was also known as the old guardian of the Jiuxing clan.

There were seven people who followed him, which meant that all the eight guardians of the Jiuxing clan were there.

The beasts in the fifth peak were extraordinarily ferocious, but there were not as many as those in the third peak. Therefore, Gu Xijiu teleported them down together with Si Chen safely without seeing any beasts.

When Gu Xijiu thought she could escape from the fifth peak safely, she saw Dao Qingyang and his people from afar.

She did not make a single noise as she was teleporting; there was a long distance between her and the eight people as well, hence no one had noticed her. All of them were hunting for a golden deer.

No, it was not exactly a deer, but an animal with a deer head, a horse's body, a crane’s wings and a pair of horns which resembled swords...

Gu Xijiu was watching as she hid behind a tree. She had no idea what it was exactly.

Père David's deer[1]?

"This is the Wind Caller." Si Chen said, "It's a very rare ride as it can travel 3000 miles in the day and 2000 miles at night. Apart that, it can also a.s.sist the owner in fighting."

It was a ride.

Gu Xijiu’s eyes were blinking as she looked at the beast. She needed a majestic being as her ride...

"Do you want one? Si Chen asked as though he could read her mind thoroughly.

Gu Xijiu shook her head, "I can’t defeat it now."

She had seen the Wind Caller’s powers and she knew she could not defeat it now. The eight people would not be able to tame it as well...

Gu Xijiu had watched some taming strategies and it was not just about defeating the beast but a skill of being able to tame one. Also, the tamer must be someone with a high spiritual power. For example, if the Wind Caller was a beast with a level six spiritual power, the tamer must be someone with at least a level seven spiritual power.

The Wind Caller in front of them was the best among the level six beasts; she was afraid as even the people with a level seven spiritual power were unable to tame it...

The weakest among Dao Qingyang and his people had also possessed a level seven spiritual power - Dao Qingyang had the spiritual power of level eight. The taming skill they were using was good enough but the Wind Caller did not want to surrender and tried to escape their attack as though it would rather die than surrender itself.

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