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At the very moment he was shaking hands with the G.o.d of Death, someone played the flute and its melody was as soothing as the gentle wind and the drizzling rain.

Those beasts which were attacking Long Siye stopped as though someone had issued a warning to them. They were idling on the spot and then quickly ran away.

Long Siye was stunned for a moment and quickly took a look at the direction of the flute sound.

He thought he would see Di Fuyi but only saw a white spell spinning in the mid-air and the flute sound was actually came from the spell.

When the beasts had left, the music had stopped and the spell was burning in the mid-air.

Long Siye grabbed his fist in his sleeve, was that the warning from Di Fuyi?

To warn him not to do something reckless and break the rules.

Based on the rules designed by The Lord, no one was allowed to help the fake heaven gift’s disciples after they were sent to the Dark Forest. Otherwise, the helper and the person who received help would be punished.

Long Siye thought he could secretly help Gu Xijiu to escape from the forest with his Kung Fu, but he did not know Di Fuyi had made his preparation early. The flute spell had helped him and also act as a warning to him...

His gaze was on the array and his eyes were full of mystery.

Why would she here? Was she lost?

He tried his best to observe the layout of the array as well as the footprints on the ground. A moment later, he frowned!

The mess looked new and fresh, did she just leave not long ago?

He immediately looked out to the forest in the fifth peak and tried to search for humans. Apparently, he did not see anything.

   His hand slowly slid down from the barrier and idling while he stood there.

In fact, her Kung Fu was considered good if she could arrive here safely. Perhaps, she might be able to escape from the Dark Forest by herself as her teleportation was really amazing!

When he was thinking about that, a chaotic sound came from the forest further away from the barrier. A beam of purple mist shot up into the sky...

Long Siye was shocked!

Why would the beasts from the eighth peak come to the fifth peak!!!?

Was there a leakage in the wizardry barrier?

Based on Gu Xijiu’s abilities, it was considered as a miracle that she could fight those monsters in the third peak. While Long Siye was not even confident to fight with the monsters in the eighth peak, not to mention Gu Xijiu.

Long Siye could not be bothered by his injuries, he took a leap and began to jump around the wizardry barrier so that he could find all the leakages...


There were three wizardry barriers inside the Dark Forest.

The first one was set at the border of the third and fourth peak, that was a new one for Gu Xijiu.

The second one was between the fifth and the sixth peak to prevent the powerful beasts in the sixth peak or above to bully or kill those weaker ones.

The third barrier was the seventh and eighth peak to prevent those living things in the eighth peak to escape. The eighth peak was definitely a forbidden site and no one should break in. Of course, those who go against the rule could hardly make it back.

Even Long Siye and the other heaven gift’s disciple had not entered before.

However, Long Siye came to the border between the seventh and eighth peak before. He was standing near to the barrier and saw some of the beasts in the eighth peak flashed across and heard the roars. The sound was not in high pitch but it was strong enough to cause an earthquake and that scared Long Siye very badly...

The eighth peak was an abandoned place by the fairy, a place where none of the fairies wants to stay.

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