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After all, the Wind Caller was besieged by eight friars with a spiritual power level seven and above. Therefore, it was badly injured and deep wounds could be seen on its legs, antlers, neck and body.

If Dao Qingyang and his people did not want it alive, it would have been killed by their weapons.

Apparently, Dao Qingyang and his people had been besieging the Wind Caller for some time now as he was seen casting taming curses frequently. Supposedly, ten Wind Callers would have already surrendered, not to mention that there was only one at the time. Once it had surrendered, a saddle of the master would be put on its back and the master would cure its wounds and feed it with a spiritual fruit.

But this Wind Caller was very stubborn; it did not care at all.

Gu Xijiu was not a nosy person and she should have teleported away quickly before she was seen by those eight people.

However, for unknown reasons, she could not leave when she saw the Wind Caller. Therefore, she simply hid behind a tree to watch and she soon felt that she could not bear looking at it any longer.

Even so, she did not fight blindly because she could certainly not fight against Dao Qingyang and his people! She could not even fight against Dao Qingyang alone, not to mention the eight of them.

"Senior Dao, this Wind Caller is indeed very stubborn. I’m afraid it doesn’t want to surrender even if it dies. What shall we do?" An elderly with a white face, who was among the eight, could not help but ask.

"Yes, logically, it should have surrendered but it did not. Are we going to kill it?"

Dao Qingyang’s face turned gloomy, "If we are seriously unable to make it surrender, we’ll just kill it!"

Obviously, he was the leader of the group as the others immediately accepted his words and showed no mercy when they were besieging the Wind Caller again.

Would she want to see the Wind Caller being killed?

Gu Xijiu was asking herself and was thinking for countermeasures simultaneously.

"Are you going to use coercive methods?" Si Chen mumbled.

Gu Xijiu glanced at him and suddenly had an idea. Rarely, she took the initiative to hold his hand, "I’d like you to help me."

Si Chen frowned, "What is it? Go out and beat them?"

Gu Xijiu shook her head, "Your little body is not strong enough to fight against them. Therefore, we can’t be tough. Anyway, I’ve got an idea to save this Wind Caller.

Si Chen was curious, "What’s your idea?"

Gu Xijiu curved her lips, "Di Fuyi…"

Si Chen was shocked and stared at her, "What?"

Gu Xijiu said, "You can act as Di Fuyi to scare them away!"

Si Chen, "…"

He took a step backwards, "I don’t think that I look like him…"

Gu Xijiu pa.s.sed him a mirror before he could say anything further, "Come, look carefully, you’re going to be like him soon."

Meanwhile, she took out her tools for disguise…

Gu Xijiu was helping him to disguise while instructing, "You don’t have to say anything later, I’ll do the rest."

Si Chen did not have any confidence, "I think we have a different demeanour. Even if we did look the same, our aura wouldn’t be the same…"

"Fake it and play along…do you know how to act like you’re cool?"

"Yes, I know." Si Chen’s eyes were glimmering.

"That's more than enough!"

Si Chen, "…" It turned out that she thought the difference between Si Chen and Di Fuyi was only to act cool…


When the Wind Caller was about to be killed by Dao Qingyang and his people, a sudden breeze was heard from the sky not far away and an indifferent voice was heard, "What are you all doing?"

The voice sounded in a pleasant tune.

The body of Dao Qingyang suddenly stiffened and he turned towards the direction of the sound and saw two people standing on a tree branch in the near distance.

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