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Chapter 348: What Goes Around Comes Around
Because everyone sat according to their preferences, the table compositions were different. Some tables had two women and one man; others had two men and one woman or even three of the same gender.

Some people like the emperor was sitting alone. However, those arranged tables were still empty because the guest of honor had yet to arrive.

As the farewell dinner was specially organized for Gu Xijiu, so she had naturally become the focal point.

Correspondingly, Gu Xijiu's father, Gu Xietian, had also become the focal point. Gu Xietian was severely battered and troubled these two days too. Two days ago, he angrily killed Leng Xiangyu with his sword. Though he felt good at that moment, he was distraught.

Firstly, he had to settle the issue of Leng Xiangyu by publicly announcing that she died because of her sudden illness, embalmed and buried her in a simple coffin. She could not be buried in the graveyard of the Gu family but somewhere in the wild.

The status of women during this generation was meager. As long as she violated one of the seven reasons of divorce, she would be divorced if the case was not serious, else she would be executed, and n.o.body including the officials would care even if she was drowned in a pig basket immersed in water.

Furthermore, Leng Xiangyu originated from a small size family, and she usually treated her family members harshly and ungenerously. Hence, none of her family members wanted to help her even if she died an unnatural death. Therefore, they neither said nor did anything as soon as Gu Xietian gave them some money.

What a pity for Leng Xiangyu who had to live a life of plotting evil plans to secure her gain through a series of improper and crafty means. She harmed Luo Xinglan, cruelly treated Gu Tiannuo and defrauded Gu Xijiu. What goes around comes around, she finally had such an ending.

After he settled the issue of Leng Xiangyu, he found out that Gu Xijiu had indeed left when he went to look for her.

Not only had she left, but her attendants had also gone too. Meanwhile, all thing he gave her were left on the table. Apparently, she intended to renounce their relationship.

Gu Xietian was feeling angry and helpless at the same time. After all, his children with Luo Xinglan were born haughty and wanted to renounce their relationship with their father. However, according to the Feixing Kingdom’s laws, it was official if parents renounce their children but not if children renounce their parents. What they said would be considered as words to vent their anger.

As he had a vast network and also spies, he quickly got to know where Gu Xijiu had gone to. Therefore, he went to look for her yesterday evening to talk to her, but he was stopped by her four attendants by saying that they were ordered not to let anyone in.

As Gu Xietian was in hot water with his daughter, he did not want to enter by force to prevent their relationship from getting worse. Therefore, he left after he said that he would come the next evening again to pick her up for dinner.

As expected, he went to pick Gu Xijiu just now, but Gu Xijiu was not around at all. He could not even manage to ask for his daughter's whereabouts.

As the dinner was organized by the emperor, n.o.body, including Gu Xietian, dared to arrive late. Therefore, everyone got to the venue earlier.

While getting someone to look for Gu Xijiu secretly, he went to the dinner alone.

As the guests were imperial officers and their families, how would any officials not to be crafty and cunning? As they were also good in networking, the news of incidents that happened at the general’s mansion had somehow spread out no matter how Gu Xietian tried to hide them. Though they did not believe them completely, they started to inquire ambiguously when they saw him came alone and noted the subtle difference in his eyes. These annoyed Gu Xietian, and thus, he kept quiet most of the time while sitting.

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