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Chapter 347: Dinner Crisis
Firmament Stone, "…"

Gu Xijiu seemed to have recalled something, "Has the case of Count Le Hua been closed?"

Rong Jialuo nodded, "It’s considered to be closed. Though the evidence isn't good for them, there isn’t any evidence directly proving that they did kill Count Le Hua. Furthermore, both twelfth brother and Gu Tianqing didn't confess it in prison at all. Therefore, no matter how many times the judge interrogated, they can only confirm that they wanted to plot against you. Also, General Gu has been begging my father frequently so that my father would let your sister off based on his past achievements in the army and also your status as The Lord’s disciple. Therefore, my father decided to let them off after considering the case again and again. Of course, he doesn’t want just to release them but to banish them as an exile to the wilderness of frontier fortress for three years and can only come back if they don’t make any mistakes again. However, twelfth brother cannot be made duke anymore while Gu Tianqing cannot be married to an officer but is to be a commoner forever. My father would declare it in a few days."

Gu Xijiu kept quiet but to looked down and drank a mouthful of water.

She knew that the emperor was not punishing them mildly because of Gu Xietian but rather because the emperor himself wanted to release them too. After all, Rong Yan was a prince and his son. The result was the same as what Gu Xijiu had predicted, but she still felt uncomfortable when she heard it herself.

"Little Cang, have I helped the original owner of this body to get her revenge? Or have I not done it nicely yet?" Gu Xijiu secretly asked the Firmament Stone.

The Firmament Stone was feeling rather unhappy while replying, "I think you’ve done enough! But it doesn’t matter anyway, the original soul was a very kind little girl, even if she felt that it was unfair, she’ll neither blame it on you nor hurt you."

Gu Xijiu drank another mouthful of water and said indifferently, "I feel a stronger urge to help her take her revenge the kinder she is. Frankly, after I took over this body for a longer period, I do feel empathy for her…" Could Gu Xijiu be her in her past life? Not similar! Her character was not similar! Should not be. Gu Xijiu shook her head as she wanted to shake off the impossible idea.


It was a sunny and warm March.

The spring had already dyed the tree branches green, and the water at the imperial garden had already defrosted. The stream was flowing down through the bluestones and became a fall because of the five-meter vertical distance from the bluestone to the ground. The creek was not big, but it sounded unbelievably melodious like the [1] Guqin when it was pouring down on the white stone before it bickered its way away.

Not far away from this fall, there was a palace which looked like a water pavilion. It was the most famous place in the imperial garden – the Musical Stream Hall. It was where the emperor organized the farewell dinner for Gu Xijiu. It was a grand event where almost all the officials and their families went.

Regardless of men or women, everyone was dressed up, and the dinner was bustling with joy and excitement. Unlike the usual table arrangements where each family was a.s.signed a table, it was now a layout where each table only accommodated three persons.

The officials were sitting together in a row while the madams in another. Meanwhile, those young men and young ladies of the officials were allowed to choose their seats, and thus, they sat together with whom they knew.

The tables were arranged according to what the imperial concubine empress requested so that the young people could sit together to create a lively atmosphere.

As they arrived earlier, they started getting familiar with the rest before the dinner began. Therefore, the chattering and laughing of girls heated up the atmosphere.

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